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Poland MP strategy?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Multiplayer' started by maxozabojca, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. maxozabojca

    maxozabojca Chieftain

    Feb 12, 2017
    How to play as this civ. I played my 1st multiplayer game lately and I did this more or less:
    Got 5 cities, in a corner of a map, safe position, I had advantage at this point I think cuz other didnt have as many cities at that time and some were at war.
    Prioritized Holy Sites and Commercial Hubs, some in one cities some in others, eventually I wanted to get all Holy Sites.
    I didnt really care about techs because my strategy was to push with Hussars and Theocracy which are civics, not techs. So I really teched whatever.
    I tried to attack a city state but it was stupid and otherplayers didnt like it and defended it, I brang too little army.
    I wanted to have at least 10 cities but I realised its really hard to do without conquering players.
    So I got 100 faith per turn, 10x times more than second player, and started producing Hussars slowly while waiting for Theocracy.
    I got Theocracy, and I purchased Hussars, and I had around 15+ hussars. I dont remember exactly.
    I thought it was enough, I destroyed city state and 1 city of my neighbour, Arabia. He called gg when he saw my army, but he had a city next that had 1 way to get to, through 2 tile chokepoint. He put Mamluks there and whenever I would attack his Mamluk, he would cycle it with another Mamluk and heal all the time. I wasted 30 turns like this and I realized I lost. He essentially beat me with 4 Mamluks and a Cannon.
    I think whoever is first to attack gets big advantage? If he is first to cycle Mamluks, he will save it, if I am first to attack it, it will die. So it became a reflex/luck/who has better computer and internet game instead of strategy?
    I conceded, because I had 40 science and 40 culture versus 180 science and 100 culture from Germany and Greece also had much more.
    Anyways, I know im a noob, I played 60 hours of Civ in my life. Any tips?

    Edit: I found Hussars pushback ability as a drawback more than anything, because it often didnt let me attack a unit with two Hussars. What are use of this? I found Hussars underwhelming to be honest, they are strong against knights, but soon opponents have Cannons, Musketmen, and then your Hussars start losing quickly.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2017
  2. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Pô Chi Min

    Sep 17, 2010
    You should counsider army size vs speed. A 4-5 knights rush on turn 55 is kinda strong but if you wait like 15-20 turns more it's really average, for example. So the idea is to combine commercial hubs with another district(science or prod) and get enough money to upgrade units in approriate time. So, in another word, prioritize commercial hubs with maybe an encampment in cap so you gonna have 3-4 trade routes early on feeding your sattellite cities with +3 or +4 prod and some food from each internal routes. With some mines and apprenticeship you can leverage many things at some point.

    I usually delay science in favor of production. Once you have production and education you can build a campus, library and university in less than 10 turns in your core cities making science double or triple in a short amount of time. The science delay isn't a big thing since that you can boost science from eurekas. Getting too much science too soon isn't going to help you.

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