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Policies Data file

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Project & Mod Development' started by Stormer100, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. Stormer100

    Stormer100 Chieftain

    Jul 21, 2020

    I am making a simple xml mod for myself, changing the characteristics of several buildings. When I worked on the buildings, I used the Modiki website as a reference to see all of the different functions that I have at my disposal before deciding on what changes I wanted to make. However as I was looking stuff online (this is also my very first mod ever.), I came across someone who posted a folder that had the xml for every single building, and each building had its own xml file; but the part that caught my attention was that it shows every single function that can be used for buildings, even if they’re not being used, and at least one function that the modiki is missing (ExtraSpies).And so I used this instead of Modiki as a reference, not only because all of the functions, but the examples on how to use them all since every building had its own file.

    Now I have moved on to changing some social policies, the poster of the buildings folder unfortunately did not have one for social policies, and what worried me is that the very first function that I looked up in Modiki, “HappinessPerXPopulation” as used in Aristocracy, is not present at all in the Policies page. Now I’m wondering what else may be missing. I could maybe brute force look for, and create a (hopefully) small list of all Policies functions used in the Civ V files, that aren’t present in Modiki, but first I wanted to know if anyone has a list of all of the methods.

    Below is the rar file of what I used as a guide for tweaking several buildings/wonders.

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