Poll: Conquest or Culture Flip--More Satisfaction?

Which is more satisfying: culture flipping or conquering a city?

  • Culture flipping

    Votes: 29 70.7%
  • Conquering

    Votes: 10 24.4%
  • Option #3

    Votes: 2 4.9%

  • Total voters


Jun 25, 2003
Phoenix, AZ
Which do you think is more satisfying--conquering a city or culture flipping a city?

Personally, I would have to say that culture flipping a city is WAY more satisfying, as it occurs with much less regularity. I am currently playing a game where I am going almost solely for growth and culture, and I have already gotten three flips (just barely in medieval age, too)--it already is one of my more satisfying games I have played, including my first emperor victory.
While I am a war-mongerer, I find culture flips much more satisfying. I am always capturing a city, so it is no big deal, but it becomes really special when a city flips through culture(as long as it isn't mine ;) )
I'm a lot like Beaver. Culture flipping feels like you are getting something for free. :D
both. although i prefer watching enemies die at the hands of my units, so capturing feels somewhat more satisfying.
Culture by far. In my current game, the Celts had 6 cities. Half a dozen turns before I was going to declare war on them, 2 of them flipped to me, so it made it easy to use my swordsmen to take the two I wanted, and the Celts are now left with a pair of size 1 jungle cities. The flips made that war from a slog to a breeze, and now I control both luxes that the Celt previously were master of :).
Flipping is very satisfying, but I really like capturing a city with a pile of undefended workers/settlers/artillery/boats in it. I especially enjoying scuttling multiple boats, and that parade of workers dropping their shovels and averting their eyes really brings out my inner slave dealer.
i voted for culture flipping, but i find it intriguing that conquering has less votes... :confused:
I get almost all of my cities by conquering them. So, if I get a culture flip that is really pretty satisfying to me. Although if I take a capital that has been a big pain, that's pretty satisfying also.
I never play with cultureflipping and think it's no fun when suddenly one of my favourite cities get turned over to the enemy. Then I MUST take it back with conquest anyway. But I always play agressiv civ. I look at it as a wargame (not a building game as I used to)
IMO, although culture-flipping doesn't occur very often, I think conquering a city is much more satisfying and a lot more fun -- especially when you're advancing a wall of Modern Armours through your enemy's territory.
i usually play a prety cultural game, so when i see a city flip to me i feel more mad at the fact that it took so long, but when i conquer a city, i know the turns i spent building units, and building aliances for war was not spent in vain
I look at it this way. Conquering a city is a lot like making a sundae and cuture flipping is like finding out someone added extra sprinkles while you were getting the spoon.

I usually build up the force needed to take the city and deploy my killer strategy (move my stack towards their city chanting "Your gonna get it sucka!"). Culture flipping is nice when it happens, but I don't depend on it.
I think I could only flip four or five cities my entire life playing civ3 !

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