Poll: Shall we change government?

Shall we change our government

  • Switch to Republic at the next 1-turn anarchy year

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Remain in our Monarchy

    Votes: 15 93.8%
  • Switch to Despotism (Well, it IS a choice)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other (please specify)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Feb 23, 2001
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OK, this is my first attempt at doing a poll, so forgive me if I mess it up and it does not post correctly.

I tried to pm Hippo about doing this poll, and (as OhWell points out) his pm box is full. As deputy of internal affairs, I felt it my duty to put this out there for voting and discussion.

With the discovery of Republic, we have the opportunity to implement this new government on United Fanatica. With Mike's Chapel, many markets, several temples, and decent trade we could make the transition with relatively minimal happiness issues.

I hope that this thread will serve as a discussion as well as a voting poll. Here are some of the pros and cons I see:

Changing to Republic:

- Better commerce and likely better/quicker science
- Less corruption and waste - especially in outlying cities that could benefit.
- Can grow right away with WLTC days right after the switch

- Happiness issues with triremes and units outside of cities (past the first one)
- Shield support for units will eat into production
- Settlers now will need extra food and shield for support

I'm sure that I'm missing some things, but you all get the gist.

So let's hope I did this right and I post an actual poll. Again, please don't just give a 3-word answer - discuss your choice.
I think it's premature to switch to Republic at this time, at least 4 cities lack temples, all are far from the capital, and near the direction the Zulus are most likely in.

I would build Bach's first (we were researching this when I handed the game to Corn), Republic requires very careful micro-management, and we can forget about Military campaigns in the Fuedal era and will have to wait till the Industrial era (that pesky senate will interfere)
Monarchy, then republic(but not now, later) than communism

The republic period should be very small, just to catch up in techs if your behind
Given that we're on an island, will Bach's really help that much in the long run? I'm a bit out of the loop at the moment concerning the condition of our empire, so I am refraining from voting on this matter for the moment. I would need to carefully review our diplomatic situation, production, # of units outside of cities, etc. More informed opinions should prevail.
Leo, despite what the discription says, Bach's effect is universal.

This was discovered by several different scenario designers and heavily tested.

It seems the wording was a never corrected holdover from civ-1
As far as my own opinions, I'm pretty sure the Monarchy is still best for the short term. Some temples, aqueducts, possibly a few harbors, and Bach's would probably allow some great WLTC days once we do think to switch. It could be just a huge boost to our civ.

Keep in mind as well that there is a city number over which our Monarcy will find greater unhappiness. I can never remember the numbers, but after that point it may be EASIER to control happiness in a republic.

I'm curious that there are so many of you who have already brought up communism. Boy, I've been doing Civ2 for a long time and I've never seen this as the best choice (for my style at least :)). I understand the pros, but what on earth can compete with a well-established Democracy? I would have thought for sure that a Democracy would win out over something like communism, but this is a "majority rules" deal here.

During the times that I played those Civ2 Games of the Month, I studied the games of people like Starlifter, Smash, Shadowdale, and Andu Indorin very closely. Seeing how they went right from Monarchy to Republic and then right to Democracy, and to see how well trade was integraded, I began to try the emulate them. The effect was huge on all my games, and I encourage others to give it a try with this one if possible.

Since I'd like this to be a discussion thread for future government directions as well as a general poll, I encourage all responders to discuss where they would like to see Fanatica end up as far as future governments.

Again, for me it's a Democracy that has great trade throughout. With some well-placed freight, it could lead to 1 and 2 turn tech discoveries. But for now, I still vote to keep the Monarchy up for a little while longer.

Leowind: Despite the Civ2 manual saying Bach only affects cities on the same continent, this wonder actually DOES affect EVERY city in the civilization. Well worth the effort to get it and will help immensely if/when we switch to a Republic.
I think we should wait a while before switching to Republic. First we should get Bach's, tie up any loose ends diplomatically so we don't have to worry too much about war, finish some temples and aqueducts, and also set up our controlling system here in the forum. Republic will take more careful micromanagement, and right now I'm not sure we're capable of that with so many problems with our different Advisors missing.

In the future, we should go from Republic into Democracy, and stay there. It's the best form of government if you know how to run it, even in wartime.
Well, with a unanimous vote to stay in Monarchy thus far, I think that this poll is pretty much a done deal.

I'll inform our acting president.

Either myself or Hippo will then post another poll on this later in the game.

Thanks to all who voted, and if others wish to carry on the discussion they should feel free.

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