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PolyCast April Fool's... 2012!

Discussion in 'Other Civ-Related Sites' started by DanQ, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. DanQ

    DanQ Chieftain

    Oct 24, 2000
    Ontario, Canada
    Back in 2012, Civilization strategy podcast PolyCast (PC) had an April Fool's production ready to go. Its release was stopped when its website host at the time went offline for the day. Five years later, April 1st happens to fall on a Saturday -- the day that the show has published its works for more than a decade. Now, this all-but-forgotten feature makes its public debut.

    Featuring Stephanie "Makahlua", Philip "TheMeInTeam" Bellew and then fourth regular co-host Lisa "qnl" Bang, what is now being titled "April Fool's 2012" was to have been released as Episode 144 announcing a significant change to PC's format. It was also scripted, written by Quick.

    Eleven years young, the bi-weekly PolyCast has amassed an archive weighing in at over three hundred hours of material. Its two-hundred-and-seventy-eighth episode is to be released on April 8th, 2017. Sibling show ModCast focuses on Civ modding and TurnCast on Civ multiplay.

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