PolyCast Episode 313: "Appreciate the Gumption"


Owner, Civilized Communication
Oct 24, 2000
Ontario, Canada
A go-getter. The three hundred-and-thirteenth episode of PolyCast, "CAppreciate the Gumption", features regular co-hosts Daniel "DanQ" Quick, Stephanie "Makahlua" and Jason "MegaBearsFan" Grade with returning guests "CanusAlbinus" and Brian "Drusain". It carries a runtime of 59m59s.

The summary of topics is as follows:

- 03m03s | Senate
The 'Governors', 'Espionage' and 'Units' in the second look of multiplay for Civilization VI.
- 30m56s | Forum Talk
A change to Catapult unit classification towards improving the Artificial Intelligence's efforts to capture cities, a hypothetical approach to not chop wood makes way for practical measures to lessen its overabundance, leaving tribal villages untouched (48m53s; recorded for Episode 305) and delaying era progress (54m54s; recorded for Episode 306).

- Intro/Outro | Assorted
Peace objection and plan fencing.

PolyCast is a bi-weekly audio production recording live every other Saturday throughout the year, in an ongoing effort to give the Civilization community an interactive voice; sibling show http://t
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