Portugal Bug/Problems


Aug 22, 2007
Playing as Portugal. Got the first UHV (most map by 1500).

Next UHV is have open borders with 7 or more civs by 1650. I had open borders with 10, but I did not get the goal. At 1655 it still said "not yet", then at 1660 it said "NO".

At first I thought it might be cause I lost contact with some civs I had open borders with, so I reloaded 1640, and sent a couple boats to regain contact. In 1650 and 1655 and 1660 I had on the screen 10 open borders, but I missed it.

Is this an error, or am I once again missing something on the UHV?

I dont know, never had any problems with Portugal my self but if i remember correctly theres been other people with this problem. I guess Rhye will answer this when he sees it.
I've finished their uhv without problems
Thanks guys.... *** why me? ***

Anyone have this same problem?

Yeah, I can confirm that. Just got the 2nd UHV without 7 euro civs open borders. I had 6 euros, +Mali, +Aztec, +Mongols.

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