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[NFP] Portugal Developer Livestream Discussion

Laurana Kanan

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Apr 10, 2014
Near the Greatest Snow on Earth
It starts.

Checking Casa Da India, now. It is a great bonus, but I noticed you will be prevented reaching some of the other player's capitols / major cities, so the +50% opportunity might be a bit less.
so much breathing
ooo the zombies can attack and raise cities
There is a chance that if a Zombie attacks a City Center another Zombie Units spawns and that City loses -1 Population.

Traps can affect non-Zombie Enemy Units as well.
great wall effects zombies
In zombie mode, Roman Forts, maori Pas, and Alcazars function as traps, and the great wall functions as a barricade
At least there's some depth in this Mode.
Portuguese architecture is still showing up as an awkward combo of European and Brazilian styles. No comment so far on if its a bug or intentional. I'll ask again

Mogadishu replaced Lisbon
oooo it is Mogadishu
So... R.I.P. to all Macau thinkers. :p
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