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[POSSIBLE BUG] OCC => No Liberation of City States


May 26, 2007
In a One City Challenge game, any city you conquer is automatically razed. This includes city states conquered by another Civ.

This doesn't feel right. You can't have more than one city, obviously, but I cannot see why the choice to Liberate a city would be taken away from you in a OCC.

I do not have a savegame, but this is rather easy to reproduce.
If you toggle OCC in the advanced options, you auto-raze everything, which means you can no longer liberate cities. I'm not sure if this is intended, but it would be nice if you could liberate city states taken by the AI.

Save attached, use longswordsman in the north to take Hanoi.

Link to save attached in another post, because I can't figure out how to post the attachment here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=265318&d=1285555880
Just try an OCC game, in which you HAVE TO raze every single city you capture. Even those city states annexed by AI players you WANT to liberate.

This is just sick... Dipomatic victory is impossible.:confused::confused:
No it isn't. You could ally with city states to get enough votes.
No it isn't. You could ally with city states to get enough votes.

Yes, this could be the best situation. But on higher difficulties,(I've been trying several deity games recently) the AI expands so quickly that they declare wars against city states early on and city states are simply NO MATCH for those deity armies and fall to AI very very easily.
I can barely defend myself at those early stages, not even protect the city states. But when I do have to power to liberate them, I find myself among dusts and ashes.
There is NO option to liberate city states! They burn to ashes as soon as you have the cities.
Hi guys,
I'm having this problem too and I agree it sucks. OCC is a nice challenge and this definitely not feels right.
It would have been a great way to get a diplo victory, or even just to get some food from those maritime states, but I was really disappointed to see that it's not possible.

I really get the feeling that the game isn't finished or properly tested. A shame, really.
I posted this in another thread in here (moderator, feel free to merge).

This has actually been a big since Civ4. I reported it there long ago - in an OCC, if you and another Civ are at war with a third Civ, and you liberate your allies city, RAZE. That should not be then, and should not be now.

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