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Possible bug with Nubian Civilization Pack

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Technical Support' started by Eddie Verdde, Dec 4, 2021.

  1. Eddie Verdde

    Eddie Verdde Chieftain

    Jan 10, 2020
    I bought an edition of Civ6 that included the Nubian Civilization Pack. I've been playing with all the DLCs enabled and everything has been fine.

    A few days ago I subscribed the mod "Take your time Ultimate - slower research trees" and played a few games without any problem. But yesterday I was playing a game that included Nubia, saved the game and today I wasn't able to load the game. When I go to the mods section, now it says that I can't enable the "Take your time Ultimate" mod because the Nubian Civilization Pack is missing.

    Does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong?
  2. jprc

    jprc My dog is smarter than me

    Sep 22, 2006
    Mozambique and far-far East
    You have the same problem I had with my "advanced configurations".
    I prepare the setting for some games, and record them for later.
    As I play again, I tried to used my "old" advanced settings, and could not load them: a warning told me that a subscribed mod was missing.
    This mod was deleted from the official library, and could not be downloaded again, the subsription also having been automatically cancelled.

    Moders, or even Firaxis if they think that the mod is unstable, can withdraw their mod from Firaxis' data base. Any time.

    It means that, when you want to use an old configurations file, or saved game, it tries to load all mods registered with it (the full list is embedded in the file, and can not be modified).
    And if a mod can not be retrieved, then your saved game or config file is dead.
    It is also true if a DLC is modified (ex.: patch), but not the mod : the old mod can not understand the new signature for the DLC... hence your issue.

    It is why, using mods not done by the devs, is always risky. The DLCs will always work as they are part of the official game, but any file created with any DLC + external mods, can fail if 1 external file is missing.

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