Possible seccesions?


Feb 9, 2002
I was wondering... would it be possible to program in a secession option? It would work like this;

Let's use the example of the British colonies in America. As taxes rose (symbolized by "Corruption" in Civ3), riots began and eventually the Colonies "seceded" and attempted started a war with Britian. The mechanics would work like this;

There must be at least 60% unhappy cits to secede.
"High" corruption levels (not sure about what it would be, exactly).
The city must be in a riot for the city to secede.

If one city secede's, the cities close to it are more likely to secede too, i.e. there may be at least 40% unhappy citizens and a lower corruption rate for cities close to one that just seceded for them to secede. (For example, if New York seceded, then New Jersey would likely secede, too.) This can start a chain reaction upon unhappy colonies.

If a city seceded, all units native to that city will secede also, unless they are within 1 square of a loyal unit. All units within 2 squares of the seceding city secede automaticially.

I may have missed some things... oh well, I'll check back later. Some problems I see are:
1) How do you form a new civilization? I don't think that the civ3 engine allows this.
Possible Answer: Have them join the Barbarian civ?

Hmm... that's it for now.
thats just what i need, my cities to leave me while im already under attack. Cool idea anyways though
Good idea RPZip (and your first post a well....welcome :) )

Unfortunately, this is not possible with Civ3 as it would require far too many coding changes, so will never happen (maybe in Civ4 perhaps.....).

Personally, I'd like to see each civilization in the game have a built in 'breakaway' civ, which would be triggered by certain conditions, or even purely random would do.
Something like this:-
England civ ---> United States 'breaks away'
Spanish civ ---> Latin America 'breaks away'
French civ ----> French Quebec 'breaks away'
Indian civ ----> Pakistan 'breaks away'
Roman civ ---> East Rome/Byzantium 'breaks away'
Persian civ --> Ottoman Turks 'break away'
....and so on.
(You could even make the United States a special case; a 'break away' of a 'break away':-
United States ---> Confederate States 'break away' ;) )

Alternatively, instead of cities culture-flipping and joining a neighbour, I'd like to see dead civilizations 'flipping' back into existance!
The problem with all the civ series is that empires are 'eternal'; apart from outside invasion, they never decline and fall (and in reality, ALL empires decline and fall; none lasts forever).

Look at the world today. Why is it covered by a patchwork of seperate nations and not just two or three vast empires....which is what ALWAYS happens in a game of civ? Just about every nation in the world has been conquered at one time or another (with the exception of the USA), some of them several times....yet here in the 21st century nations like England/France/Italy/India/China/Greece/etc still exist as independant states.

Suppose you wanted to make a 'world history' scenario. Naturally you would include the Romans. But if Rome conquers France/Spain/England/Greece/Egypt, as they did in reality, then thats it....they are out of the game for good....history for them ceases....and Rome becomes a typical Civ3 'eternal' empire that is still around in the 21st century!
Wouldn't it be nice if these conquered cities/nations 'flipped' back into existance, thus simulating the frequent Roman civil wars and the eventual decline and fall of Rome.
(That is the real skill in "building an empire to stand the test of time"....the ability to hold one together!)
All this is pipe-dreaming of course, and will never be possible with Civ3.

So I agree wholeheartedly with RPZip's suggestion. :goodjob:
But we will all have to wait for Civ4 (or even Civ5!) before we see it happen.
Shame. :(
If you play emporer with 16 civs, there can still be all 16 civs left at the end of the game..... all though I think I have only finished with 12 at the most.
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