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Post-GS All Civs AI Only TSL Tournament

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by DWilson, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. DWilson

    DWilson Where am I? What turn is it?

    Jun 7, 2012
    Milwaukee, WI, USA
    I've never recorded a video of an AI only game before, but I have let some play out on my PC. I was thinking about recording a series, ultimately to be put on YouTube and here, when the Better Spectator Mod gets updated for Gathering Storm.

    I want to keep things fairly mod-free, so l will be doing 6 TSL Earth games (7 civs each) on the Firaxis map, with essentially only 1 region filled per game to pick a final contender for each region. The winner of each earns a spot in the final game.

    I'll also do a game 0 with all alt leaders on a fractal map, in which the better performance for each leader respective to their civ earns the official slot in their regional game.

    I was hoping you all could offer insight into which victories should be available (score, domination, science, religion, etc.), game speed (I'm inclined towards normal, but open to arguments), the balance of my regional games, whether I should post the whole series or an edited down summary, and how to handle the Eleanors.

    Here are my planned games at this time:

    Game 0 - Leader Selection

    • Eleanor - England
    • Victoria - England
    • Eleanor - France
    • Catherine de' Medici - France
    • Gorgo - Greece
    • Pericles - Greece
    • Gandhi - India
    • Chandragupta - India
    (In which at game end, the leaders are compared by civ, rather than in general, to pick leaders. My question here is should it be possible for both Eleanors to win, or should it be such that only one Eleanor can win- thus for the second civ, the other leader essentially gets a bye?)

    Game 1 - The Americas

    • Wilfred Laurier
    • Teddy Roosevelt
    • Poundmaker
    • Montezuma
    • Pedro
    • Pachacuti
    • Lautaro
    Game 2 - Oceania, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia

    • Kupe
    • John Curtin
    • Gitarja
    • Jayavarman
    • (Indian Leader)
    • Hojo Tokimune
    • Seondeok
    Game 3 - Non-South Eurasia

    • Qin Shi Huang
    • Ghengis Khan
    • Cyrus
    • Tomyris
    • Tamar
    • Peter
    • Gilgamesh
    Game 4 - Africa (Basically)

    • Shaka
    • Mvemba Nzinga
    • Mansa Musa
    • Amanitore
    • Cleopatra
    • Saladin
    • Did
    Game 5 - Europe 1

    • Harald Hardrada
    • Robert the Bruce
    • Frederick Barbarossa
    • (French Leader)
    • (Greek Leader)
    • Matthias Corvinus
    • Philip
    Game 6 - Europe 2

    • Kristina
    • (English Leader)
    • Wilhelmina
    • Jadwiga
    • Alexander
    • Suleiman
    • Trajan
    Game 7 - The World (Finals)

    • Winner Game 1
    • Winner Game 2
    • Winner Game 3
    • Winner Game 4
    • Winner Game 5
    • Winner Game 6
    My hope is that the early crowding will be mostly balanced by ability to expand outwards into the otherwise empty world, while also promoting some early conflict. Some civs will clearly be at a disadvantage (e.g., Indonesia, Egypt/Arabia, and the Netherlands), but I think it seems like it would mostly be fair enough.


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