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Feb 10, 2002
Post any short tips you have on MultiPlayer strategies here.

Will Chieftess like that :crazyeye:

I love those jokes with words.
Work with your friends on really high levels when playing against many computers if you don't have too much experience in the game.

If you do, then might I suggest giving them the ole' "stab-in-the-back" for old times sake.
Spoken truely like your namesake Bendererino. :thumbsup:

Personally, I play ethically against human opponents in my PBEM games (since I play them again and again, and rep counts). The AI on the other had deserve everything they can get.

So, my tip: Play dirty against any AI, forget ethics. Exploits like RoP rape and false MA's are the name of the game - if you don't use them on the AI your human opponent will!

Playing PBEM's has amde me a very nasty and dirty player, it's amazing how you can scew the AI with no eithcs to consider! :evil:
My personal (and usually followed) rules for MP.

Rule #1 - Never trust anyone (unless you REALLY know them). This is especially true in elimination only get one mistake then you get to go to bed early.

Rule #2 - Take the AI for everything they are worth. Look at them as fodder. Rape them, extort them and/or use them as a proxy to attack other civs (human and AI). Best of all let them do the research, build the cities and develope the land for you, then kill them and take it.

Rule #3 - Don't be a weany and quit just because you don't like your start or you are doing poorly. Stick in there and avoid ruining the game for others. (Of course, sometimes you just gotta go and it can't be helped)
My tip is to not be afraid of an eary ga. MP games are fast and a early ga often helps out alot, even if Despotism, just need to have some lands improved. Use your ga to take out your closest neighbour. and you´ll have the upper hand for the rest of the game.
Originally posted by puwen
My tip is to not be afraid of an eary ga. MP games are fast and a early ga often helps out alot, even if Despotism, just need to have some lands improved. Use your ga to take out your closest neighbour. and you´ll have the upper hand for the rest of the game.

It can also pay off to "help" each other get to a golden age in games where you have a partner or ally. I will often have my partner attack one of my warriors (preferably a conscript obtained from a goody hut as they are weak) to give them their golden age. Of course reciprocity is greatly appreciated. This is especially helpful in the fast paced elimination ladder games where the 20 turn production boost can really make a difference.
ah, one more lesson learned by hard experience.

In elimination games never pop a goody hut near an opponent if you are an expansionist civ. You will occasionally get a free city, not a settler, and it will be an undefended sitting duck. I lost two ladder games this way over the course of 2 is tough when you don't learn from your mistakes.

By extension, some clever players, in elimination games, will leave a goody hut on their border untouched. Sooner or later a scout from an expansionist civ comes along and pops it. If it is a settler they kill 'em and have two free workers and if it is a city the unlucky expansionist player gets to watch as his opponent walks into the town unopposed and boots him from the game. (Zerza, to his credit, nailed me with this trap once)
A good way to pop out settlers fast is to start out researching pottery(if you start with it, makes it was easier). Build a warrior for exploring then start building the thing that takes most turns(BTW turn up tech bar to 100%) hopefully you get pottery before the building is built so your granary will take shorter to build. After granary is built, just build settlers. If you have a cattle square in your cultural area, it makes it a lot faster. This way you should be able to throw out a settler every 6 or 7 turns, if you have a good capitol area(wheat and cattle) you will probably be able to make setllers every 4 or 5 turns
that’s a general tip echodude010, not a multiplayer one.
Here’s my tips:
- do the unexpected,
- expect the unexpected.
Waging war in multiplayer (simultanous moves).

This is based on my experience with only four games so far.

1) Build many, many, many units, you might have to go into anarchy in order to get the free upkeep.

2)Defence is much stronger in multiplayer, due to the general confusion, so don't attack with the bulk of your army and waste it in hopeless attacks. 3 to 1 is the magic number.

3)Build walls.

4)Conduct probes and pillaging in order to get a sense of the opponents strength, luring the opponent to move his units close to your border. Then...

5)Surprise your enemy by launching attacks from the sea.

6)Never have units with different movement points in the same stack. Too confusing.
Be the Aztecs and add the worker to your city. Your city is a size 2 producing jag warriors.

That means...

No one has mentioned tight city placement (isn't that called ICS?) yet. Tight city placement means that city areas may overlap, instead of optimal city placement, where each city can use the full 20 squares.
Multiplayer games are often decided in the Ancient and Medieval Period, when you won't have size 20 cities.
The Roman Empire, is Supperior. Commercial = More Money, and LESS Corruption.

Becuse I would ONLY be a Scientific Civ, if it was a RACE for The Wonders. If even then. That is why The Roman Empire, is Supperior!! Becuse all that Extra money, goes into The Science :lol:. Not only that, but with Leigon, I get a Defence of 3, two Techs into the game :lol:, and Leigons :lol: :lol:, may I remind you, Remain up to date :lol:, until
The Industrial Age :lol:, I can make 2 + 1/3 Leigons per every Knight!! :lol:

I have a Multiplayer game going right now, On 2 BIG Sepperate Continents, and I just triggered my Golden Age with Leigons, 3 Techs before Industrial Age.:lol: He got The Art of War, but I have, (Smith's Trading Company), J.S. Bachs Catheldral, Sistine Chapel, Pyrimids, Magellans Voyage, and Copernicus Observatory Located in Rome with Newtons University. Im doing OVER 200 Science in Rome at 50%:lol: He thinks he's gonna Win.:lol:
The Magellans Voyage is Not in Rome.
My tip is, don't use too many smileys in MP, although I don't know how that works... ^^
Build loads and loads of quick and easy to build warriors as these can hold up the advancing armies troops giving you time to construct a reasonable defence or build loads of shock troops to go for a quick shock attack,

try to get units that can move more than one turn at a time as these can attack a stack and retreat.

build your cities on the top of luxuries and resources, that way your opponent will not be able to destroy the roads towards them.

build a city on the other side of the continent that way if the main part of your civ does get destroyed you still have them cities to fall back on and attack from later on.
When doing PBEM always use the same filename for the same game. That way everybody knows what's going on.

If you're playing lots of games keep a 'sent' directory under the Civ Saves directory and move games into there when you've dealt with them. That way you know which games you've done already and which you still have to do.

Don't keep single player games in the same directory, or use a different naming style so they're easy to spot.

If you're playing games with people you don't know then always CC a copy of each move to the administrator (the person who set the game up) so that they can chase anybody who's sitting on games.

If there are many players then name the game with the player's names in the order that they play. For example 'KayEss, Jove, John, Sam - game 2.SAV'. Especially useful if you have many active games with the same group of people.
if you are playing with an ally, build lots of bombard units. start with catapult/trebuchet, you can always upgrade later. let your ally capture them as you build them, they will have no upkeep. later in the game you can use guerillla to trade artillery, so that you wont have to declare war/renegotiate treaties.
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