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Dec 10, 2001
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Post your tips that are so simple, they shouldn't even need to be said (but no-one thinks to ask about...):

The old Short Tips thread can be found here. Be forewarned that some of the tips in the earlier thread have been deprecated. That is, changes made in later patches have rendered some tips ineffective.

Also, if you post a tip, please post if it's for Civ[civ3], [ptw], or both, as both versions may have some changes themselves.

[civ3] = Civ3 (type [.civ3] - without the .)
[ptw] = Civ3 PTW (type [.ptw] - without the .)

Mines are you friends. Under despotism, any tile that produces 3 or more food is reduced by 1. (i.e., irragated grasslands produce 3 food, but under despotism, it's 2). This is why you should mine grasslands instead.

A general rule of thumb:

Mine: grasslands, hills
Irragate: plains

Leave for later (unless absolutely needed - i.e., no good land for miles, or it's a 5 billion year old world - scattered mountains)

Irragate: deserts
Mine: mountains and turndra.

Bonus grassland tiles (blue or white dot) will take a prioity to non-bonus grassland.

1) Trade, trade, trade.

2) Especially in the beginning of the game, don't waste time producing "wealth" in cities - make workers instead - get that land cultivated. In fact, automating your workers is great for newer players.

3) Don't break trades or raze cities, your rivals will never let you forget it.

4) Read these boards...get for patches.

5) Have fun.

In an late industrial/modern age war, always try and take out your opponent's rubber first. Then, if you're fighting an AI, be prepared for a horde of rilfemen and longbowmen.

Sorry, couldn't figure out how to post those cool little icons, but this ought to work in both games...

Edit @ Padma

Look at the first post to see how. I just edited it.

Don't trade a tech to the AI when they come to you on THEIR turn.
They will trade it to the others before you get a chance to.

  1. Do not use the Governer!
  2. Do not automate workers!
  3. In anarchy, micromanage your cities for food i.e. pop growth!
  4. Reduce science on the last 1 or 2 turns while not increasing turns needed to complete research!
  5. Install a mod pack putting tiny mood badges on citizens in city view!

6. Never let a town/city sit at it's population limit! build a worker and join it to another town or build a settler and found a new town.



When you begin a game, always remember to consult your science and domestic advisors before advancing to your second turn.... Give the SA a project to research and have your DA increase science funding to 100%, then when you go to 3950 BC,you've already got one turn of research at 100% under your belt... If not the SA won't ask you for a research project until 3950 BC......and still at 50% if you forget to visit the domestic advisor...

Whoops...lets make another tip.

The turn before your gonna try to win by UN, bribe everyone in the game to get them gracious or polite to have a bigger chance of winning by the UN.
@WildFire: This is what I listed as 4.

@Moderator: If you amend my posts with version indicators, please include [civ3mac], because that is what I'm using. :)
1. Read and re-read the war academy articles.
2. Read & study the timelines for the Game of the Month "Quick Start Challenge" to see the early game moves of the very good players. This should dramtically improve your opening moves which compound power exponentially over the course of the game.
3. Well this should go without saying, but I had to teach my nephew the importance of doing it... BUILD ROADS to connect your cities with (a) each other; (b) with luxuries (c) with strategic resources.

[civ3] [ptw]
Originally posted by handy900
3. Well this should go without saying, but I had to teach my nephew the importance of doing it... BUILD ROADS to connect your cities with (a) each other; (b) with luxuries (c) with strategic resources.

Workers are THE most underrated unit.


If your civ is weak and some bully declares war on you - bribe
his nearest neighbours , give them everything they want just
to draw them to war against your enemy .

When i play, i build lotsa nukes, but i never use any of them, theyre mostly for deterrent, and they look cool.

Anyway, i always try to advance as fast as possible, keeping the tax rate at a bare minimum. After i get to mass production i cut research to a minimum, and make a huge army to murder the obselete enemy defenders with an army of infantry,tanks, and artillery, WWII style.

In the beginning of the game, food and growth matters a lot. A granary is good to build relatively early (unless the food supply is more than ample).

Build the cities relatively close to the capital in order to reduce corruption (= more cash). Ring city placement can be used (see great article about it in the war Academy).

Don't mine mountains early on, nor should you do any over-lengthy building projects with your starting workers. Go for the best tiles (see Cracker's section about Opening play in the War Academy) and improve them, preferably for food.
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