Potluck #1 - Emperor, Standard, Continents


Jul 12, 2007
Québec, QC

The principle of a Potluck (R)-(Realms Beyond) is really simple - and I'm amazed no one has started a thread to host one.

Potluck means the same map for everyone, same Civs on the map, same starting locations for each Civ. One thing - you get a start with one of them at random.
The goal of this game is to compare our moves given the same environment and different starting position. I think it's a nice, educational way to get to know the newest Firaxis child.

It's not a Succession Game, as every one plays his own hand.
Reporting is encouraged, at least at some pre-defined moments in time - 0AD, 1500AD, 1800AD if still on, and at the end.

Random civ of course, you won't know who you play until you start the save...

Emperor difficulty, however I may change it to King or Immortal if people are more interested in those difficulties.

So, who is interested ?
Sounds like fun! But could you explain in a bit more detail how this works? Is this a MP game, or do we all play the same map against the AI?

Basically, it's a single player game we play on a random map with a random civ.

The point is that the map is the same for everyone - same civilizations start on the same starting locations - and each player wanting to join is having a civ assigned randomly (well, I roll a dice and send him/her the starting save - if you wish to jump in, you're welcome).

Afterward, everyone is welcome to share his experience with others in this thread, which allows to compare our moves and find out some new strategies in the same environment.

For a better explanation, here is the link to the original Expansion Potluck on Realms Beyond, which started on BtS release in 2007 :

Realms Beyond Expansion Potluck

Hope the idea seduces you :)
It looks like I'll have to put this on hold - it seems that the new worldbuilder allows to prepare a scenario but the game doesn't allow to play it...

Sounds great. I was thinking about something similar. I would like to participate, once you get it working right. Good luck.
I just read the description in that link and it sounds like a great idea. Count me in when you get it working :) I subscribed to this thread.
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