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Jun 14, 2003
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Been having trouble fitting everything into my signature. Thought I would just post an index with some small descriptions. I think I have most of them. :)

Just click on the blue link to go to the thread.

Roads and Railroads

Pounder's Completely Redone Railroads
Alternate railroads made from scratch. Has rails interlaced with paved roads.

Gravel Roads
Gray roads broken roads. I use them so I don’t have the same roads in every scenario.

Stone Roads
Three versions of stones roads. I use them in ancient and middle ages scenarios. Including I set that could be used as ancient railroads (larger fiile by 16 tiles)

Broken Brown Dirt Roads
I use them in scenarios like Mesoamerican where there are plenty of jungles.

Gray Version of Kuratko's Hwys
I have just made a gray version of Kuratko’s highways, they are an alternate to railroads.

re-done roads
These are a broken version of the regular brown roads, they look a little different on each terrain, eg. In the desert it looks a bit like there is sand on parts of the roads and on the tundra looks like snow on the roads.

Wagon Wheel Roads
Undeveloped roads wheel tracks only. There is a second version as well that is a mix of dirt roads and wheel tracks.

Cobblestone Roads
Cobblestone Roads, four versions: 2 brown roads, 1 grey roads and 1 set of grey rails.

Bone Roads
Bone Roads.

Pounder's Railroads TNG
Larger Railroads from scratch.

Water for Rails
Water for rails.

Wonder and Era Splashes

New Format Wonder Splashes by Pounder
Wonder Splashes with additional info like: benefit of wonder, expiration of wonder, culture, will be it a tourist attraction and civ traits that will trigger a golden age. The Picture is totally un-obstructed due to the fact that the information has been move outside the original splash. There new splashes for the epic games and for several of the Conquests scenarios. There are new widescreen and regular backgrounds as well.

New Wonder Background Can Display Larger Splashes
Demonstration of using larger wonder splashes.

Pounder's Conquests Wonder Splashes
An early attempt at making wonder splashes with additional info.

Era Splashes
Alternate set of Era Splashes.


Five versions of reef added to the coast.

Adding a little variety to Grassland
Added heavy grass to portions of the grassland that blend nicely with hills and irrigation. Version for Snoopy’s, Rhye’s terrain and Firaxis' European Terrain.

Death in the Desert
Added animal and human skeletons to show up very randomly in the desert. Five versions including Firaxis, Snoopy's and Rhye's.

Modified Snoopy's floodplains to add Escarpment
Two versions of escarpment added to the floodplains, give a bit of a ravine look.

Fitted Irrigation
Irrigation that doesn’t jut out into the water. This irrigation follows the pattern that Firaxis set out. 6 different versions.

Three waterfalls, one by myself and one by Vuldacon for Snoopy's Terrain. One by myself for Rhye's Terrain.

Added Fjords and Cliffs to Snoopy's Coastal Terrain
As the title says.

Terrain Bonus with Minerals and Variety of Animals
Marks terrain with the number of shields and food, using animals to mark food and minerals to mark shields. Only valid at the being of the game. I don’t use any version of this file as I disable it in the options, makes the terrain too busy.

Alternate Landmark Terrain Markers
If you play with food and shield markers on, this will mark your landmark terrain with something other than diamonds.

Wider River Mouths
Many versions of deltas with wider river mouths. They cover up the problem where some deltas are too far out to sea and others are too recessed. Have also added a couple sets of Wider Rivers on this thread.

Any Era Ruins
Three sets that could be used in any era.

Modern Ruins
Three sets that are intended for use in modern scenarios.

Ancient to Medieval Ruins
Intended for ancient to medieval scenarios.

Vanilla Firaxis Roman Ruins
Ruins of the Vanilla Firaxis Roman cities.

Ancient Roman-Greco Ruins
Ancient Roman-Greco Ruins.

Grayer Craters
A grayer version of Firaxis’ craters.

Craters with Debris
Here are some new craters I made to compliment my highrise ruins, they could probably be used elsewhere.

Village Goodyhuts
Various different villages I made as goodyhuts.

Alternate mine/Terrain Buildings
Alternate versions of mines, barbarian camps, fortresses, etc.

Marsh with Heron and Keep Out
I have added a Heron (bird) that Colonel Kraken had made and a Keep Out sign I made to Snoopy's marsh (Snoopy's standard terrain). They show up quite randomly, you may not see them at all in some games.

Volcano Sacrifice
Volcano Sacrifice. It will show up very rarely because there must be a single volcano with jungle on three sides of the volcano.

For those who want a large landmark.

Get Rid of Those Useless Polar Caps
This is probably the easiest mod I've done. Those polar caps never connect to anything and you can't walk on them.

Mount Fuji
For those who want a large landmark.

Bayou Genre Marshes
I have modified Snoopy's Marshes adding to make it look more like a Bayou.

No More Bonus Markers
Even when you disable them in the preferences they still have a marker show up to mark the bonus grassland tiles, these markers are not always accurate, depending where you are in the game (government et al), plus they show up and disturb other graphics (what's that white glob on the side of that resource).

Here is my first attempt at making new airfields for the industrial and modern ages. Goes in the PTW or Conquests terrain folder, not for vanilla.

Futuristic Mines
Futuristic Mine.

Walled Cities
So far it is just the Eurowalls, I have changed the ancient and medieval walled cities adding a ditch with wooden barriers to the ancient city and a moat with drawbridge and gatehouse to the medieval city.

Hanging Gardens Landmark
Here is my first large landmark intended for use in capture the flag and scenarios with victory points markers. (Maybe someone has some other use for them).

Landmark Hills with Ploughed Farms
Here is my first posting of LMHills, they are jungle hills with farms.

Landmark Mountains with Terrace Farms
Here is the initial posting of my LMMountains with Terrace Farms, I have added a stone structure/path on one of them.

A couple of variants on mrtn's pollution file.
There is a flood pollution.
A more fiery one, my intent was to make it visible, but not as glowing as Firaxis's version. I thought that the colours might work around the volcanos.

Depression Landmark
This was a requested desert depression.

MesoAmerican Cities
MesoAmerican Cities

Middle Eastern Cities
Middle Eastern Cities

Old English Towns
Old English Towns

Roman Towns
Roman Towns

Mountain Monasteries
Mountain Monasteries, three versions.

European Towns
European Towns

Western Frontier Towns
Western Frontier Towns

Pre-Islam Middle Eastern Towns
Pre-Islam Middle Eastern Towns

Celtic Towns
Celtic Towns, Huayna Capac357 did the original work on these.

Troglodyte Towns
Troglodyte Towns, There was a request to make these into working sets. I am posting MaisseArsouye's work with a couple of recoloured sets. Three sets: Original Restored, Re-Coloured (v1), Re-Coloured (with vegetation etc..)

Bulrush Marsh
Marshes with Bulrushes, a couple Lilypads, etc...

Bulrush Marshes with Fog
Adding some fog to marshes. I actually added fog to half the marsh tiles.

Jungle and Forests with Fog
Adding some fog to Jungle and Forests.

Mountains with Clouds
Adding some clouds to jungle mountains and snow capped mountains.

Sand and Dust
Concept is blowing sand and dust.
I figured that trying to make sand dunes is a lost cause because the floodplains share the same graphics as the desert.
My thinking is maybe stick to the coastal desert/floodplain tiles and have the sand blowing mostly out over the water.

Sea or Landmark Sea
I've decided to combine the birds, whales/dolphins, contrails and clouds (a few of each) into this one wSSS file
I've done 18 of the 81 sea tiles: 11 birds, 2 dolphins, 1 whale, 2 contrails, and 2 fog/cloud.

Toejam and Earl Type Islands
Space separating two worlds. Terrain impassible to all but space transport. I've modded the ocean files wOOO and wCSO to space. I know others have done space, this is a space combined with regular terrestrial.

Cities with No Overlap by Irrigation
I finally decided to move all my cities over to a larger file so they could be adjusted not to be overlapped by Irrigation and so they would not cover rivers that flow to the south of them.

Mayan Ruins with Fog
A request by RickFGS, Mayan Ruins with fog, base ruins made by Traianus

Combo: Stico Mideast Cities with Pounders Mideast Cities
A 4 era that I am using in my game.

Combo: Goldfool's Asian Cities with Kyriakos' Asian Cities
A 4 era that I am using in my game.

Combo: Kyriakos-Kyriakos for a Mediterranean Cities
A 4 era that I am using in my game.

Combo: Goldfool-Pounder for a Mesoamerican Cities
A 4 era that I am using in my game.

Cleaned up Tundra with Extras
Cleaned up Tundra with Extras

Larger Snow-Capped Mountains
Larger Snow-Capped Mountains


Stockade Borders
Four versions of stockade borders, these don’t look like any previous borders, I like the version in post #48 the best. There are towers in the hills, undulating heights, borders are not straight I the hills. I originally made these for scenarios, but now I use them in the epic game as well.
The Civ colours are marked on top of the fence and on the towers.

Razor Wire Borders with Towers and Flags In Hills
Borders that are meant for modern scenarios. Like the stockade borders, these are not like any previous borders.

Borders with Flags in the Hills and Mountains
Looks good in any game, not scenario specific.

Territory With Tunnel/Cave
Was just playing around with added tunnels at border crossings the roads and railroads get built into. Look like a cave or mine until the road gets there.

Hedgehog Borders
Yet another version of territory markers. These are the Czech Hedgehogs with towers in hills, these may be more acceptable in the water to some people.

Ranch Style Borders
These look like a fence.

Chain Link Fence Borders
These look like a chain link fence.

Corroded Sheet Metal (tin) Fence
These look like a Corroded Sheet Metal (tin) Fence.

Walls for Borders
These look like aaglo's walls.


Ambient Sounds: Owl and Loon
Sounds that can replace any ambient sound.

UFO Overseer of Palace
Modified palace background.

Krayzeenbk's Popheads with Specialist Nationality Marked
Added civ colours markers to the specialty citizens so you know their nationality as well. I like Krayzzeenbnk’s popheads the best as you can see the nationality and happy of your citizens at a glance.

Global Warming with Thermometer
Three versions of the global warming with a thermometer added. There are two with the sun and the thermometer (original by me and a second variation by Rufus T. Firefly) and one with thermometer only (no sun). Finally, another version with a planet going from smog to flames.

Air and Harbor Markers
Alternate markers for cities for airport and harbor. Less obstruction and they look better.

Turns Left Display Alternate
Alternate window for the number of turns left in the game. Not as wide with clocks on the sides.

Fixed Transport Window Leftovers
Fixed the bug with where there were bits of the transport window left behind after you closed it.
Moved the window over so it clears properly.

Miscellaneous Graphics
They could be used for goodyhuts, resources, pollution, ....whatever.
Includes some city templates.

Disorder Animation
It is a disorder animation on a larger scale, multiple fires and an explosion. I like to have my cities in disorder easily seen.

Plague Animation with No Skull
Took the skull out of the Plague Animation.

Flak and Sam Animation
Here is a mixed of sam and flak.

Hot Air Balloons to replace Fireworks
Hot Air Balloons to replace Fireworks.

Campfire Animation
I was planning on using this to accompany the victory point location, make a unit that would be preplaced.
Maybe someone could find some other use for it.

Widescreen Histograph and Victory Conditions
1280x768 Screens

City Screen with More Luxuries Displayed
1280x768 16:9 Widescreen and 1024x768 4:3 screen

Pounder's Resource File
I have been put some resources on my miscellaneous graphics thread, I figure I would just start a Resources thread and update it here as I don't have my miscellaneous graphics thread indexed.

Title Screens
Will put all Title Screens I make here.
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Good work, Pounder. Terrific collection of graphics. I particularly like your stockade borders.
Thanks for making this library Pounder! :) Your sig was getting a little crowded...
Bonza :goodjob:
Pounder, just do an entire modpack.
@alpha infantry

Thanks for the interest and the suggestion.

I couldn't make a single mod pack for a couple reasons: I have made alot of my mods to work on top of several different existing mods and also it would be a waste of disk space to load everything on this site a second time (there is between 20 and 30 meg of files).

BTW, Recently added to the library Rhye version of Waterfall and some miscellaneous graphics.
oh oh.. a worker.. with an elephant!
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