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Power of Iron,SE,CE,GA for Aztecs&Japan


Sep 17, 2006
I just started playing the 18 player (world) scenario in BTS. Also planning with the patch to try the 1000AD Earth. Normally I play Monarch/Emperor.

Looking at both of these two civilizations with the "fixed known terrain" and the possible victory conditions I am trying to decide on a thoughtful beginning midgame strategy for both.

The Aztec is clear – Take out Roosevelt and expand, taking out Incan civ etc..

Japan- Establish continent presence along coast, either attack inland or expand to islands.

The area I am really looking for thoughtful comments on is the type of economy that I should run for these two leaders.

With the Alter, the Aztec is a building powerhouse with plenty of happiness resources with no real competition, other than “time”.

Besides the standard GP Farm and Science city, I am torn on the economy to run. My first attempt was a mixed economy combination of cottages, workshops, etc.. However I am beginning to feel I am not improving my game skills. “IF” a single minded economy approach is better (synergy with State Property/Caste System with “Power of Iron Workshops/watermills, no cottages “Build Research”” for example), Power of Iron seems to fit the situation better ; for massive expansion and the ability to shift from research, wealth, units, as needed; combined with the Sacrificial Alter.

Japan is almost in the same boat. When I tried this before and choose a mixed economy I seemed to languish near the bottom of everything and a turn to late in all my attempts at expansion. I am less certain of the best economic approach to the “tactical” situation Japan finds itself in.

Any thoughts or feedback on the economic choices for these two civilizations would be appreciated.
When playing the scenario, Japan and Aztec are over-powered. Aztec can conquer all of North America, and South America is pretty easy once you grab Galleons.

Japan can build The Oracle in 12 turns, beating Elizabeth to it. You can use The Oracle's tech to be Liberalism; Liberalism grants another free tech, plus FR and FS. Convert to those and choose the highest-beaker tech, Astronomy (I think). Then tech Gunpowder, fill up a couple Galleons with Muskets, and conquer the southern Barb Kingdom. India is quite backwards, so you can grab it as well as Lhasa, and if you're utterly focused on expansion, Australia, China, Mongolia, and INdonesia.
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