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Feb 22, 2001
Casa de Non Compos Mentis
Well here are some excellent ways to get back at your enemies.

1. Phone pranks
if a female picks up at a number that is under a mans name say that u are from rick's video and ask when you will be receiving the 3 gay porn videos that where rented by MR. (insert mans name

2This one works best if you're a girl or can disguise your voice as a girl's. Call someone's number you know (an ememy, preferably male.)and if their mother or father answers the phone say- "Hi. It's Kirsten(or some other false name), and tell(insert vivtim's name here) that he doesn't have to worry. I got the abortion. Funny as hell!!!

3. What you do is get the persons phone number. Then you call a singles line. And when the people on the singles line ask for your number give them your enemies number. Do it in the middle of the night. Remember to give their number out to alot of people. It works like a charm on an exboyfriend or exgirlfriend

OTher Pranks
1. First get super glue and go to your worst enemy in the whole school(must be a school with lockers)if ur not popular than do it on the most popular kid in school to make it a killer prank!! but anyway,put the glue carfully in the cracks of the dial... be sure to check and make sure it doesnt move... than u RUN LIKE HELL OUTTA THE SCHOOL(tomorrow itll be a scream watching yer victim trying to open their locker!) be creative! put a note that says loser in the little crack in to the locker!

2. Break a red felt tip pen. Inside the is a sponge which has red ink in it. Push it up a tap. Then when people go to use the tap it will not be clear water but red water ,which looks like blood. HA HA HA HA HA :satan:

And the last one
steal a picture of your victim,then call the local tv station and report a mentally ******ed relative missing,then ask them if they can show his picture on the news for a couple of days.make up a fake name for the victim and a funny a.k.a. so when the news guy reports him on tv it will sound a little bit like this. "we want to report a missing person, his name is Ben Dover a.k.a. "the rosie" he is mentally ******ed but not considered dangerous. then call up people from school or work that know the guy and tell them to watch the news that night. believe me its really funny :flamedevi


If you know any excellent pranks that you have tried out or some one has tried it out on you post it


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Originally posted by civ1-addict
When you open a new thread in the Humor and jokes forum it's supposed to be funny.....:rolleyes:

Exactly! Some of your suggestions were very stupid and if someone carried them out they could get into alot of trouble...
i thought they were pretty fun, especiallly the last one.....

Originally posted by ME in the Peanut Gallery

Once when i had a friend over he wanted to chat in a chat room, and since we have two computers online, i granted his wish. I was playing civ2 and he was getting tired of it, so he sat down at the other computer, then i got the idea to pretend to be a girl in the chatroom and see how i could manipulate his poor underdeveloped mind. I went in to the living room (where he was) and peeked over his shoulder to see wich chatroom he was in, then i entered with the name "sexiga_sofia_16", and asked to chat with him (at this point i put on some loud musik to drown the sound of my own laughter) . It was rather boring so i decided to spice it up a little bit, so i asked him if he wanted to have cybersex. He then called me in and i told him to do it, it never appeared strange that he only got answeres while i was in my room, and that i was running back and forth. After the cybersex was over (its a wonder i didnt fall out of my chair laughing) i asked him to ask what my real name was, he did and i answered with the name of this girl he really really hates. So he screamed after me to have a look, and i did. I went back in to my room and told him to ask what my real name was again, and he did. I then answered with the name Jonathan wich is my real name, but also the name of another guy in our class. He then called me in (again) and i acted surprised. He then asked the last name, and he told me that if he would have answered my last name, he would know its that other guy. I did answer with my last name and he called me in and showed me. I then said that i was gonna beat him up tomorrow to keep up appearances. He wrote: i know u r not him, he is sitting right next to me! i then wrote: go and have a look in his room. And then he finally knew that it was me all along. I laughed so hard i still have a stumach ache.
well, you can do a lot with sms...
People in Bangalore apear to be easily amused. I could make a killing there as a comic.
Keep up the effort, however, and do not let carping old farts like me inhibit your humor, you will get better.
Heckelers do abound. My son, then 5 years old, shut down my after dinner speaking aspirations. I was practicing my ice breakers at home. After listen to them, and with the most angelic look on his face, he said
"My!, what a very tiny joke." :slay:
They are a tough crowd, huh, allhailIndia? I thought they were pretty funny but I hope everyone knows not to do some of them since they are very illegal and can get you into a lot of trouble.
I got one: Go over to a friend's house, get on their computer, take a screenshot of the desktop as it is, and paste it as their wallpaper. Make sure the real icons and start menu are hidden and then just wait. They'll never know what hit them!! I watched as my friend almost broke the computer apart trying to click on the start menu:lol:
Now that is a good one Globber. Another good computer prank is to take the mouse wheel out of the mouse, or to tape it down with clear tape. That will drive them mad, if not as bad as yours.
Another good one is to take the cover off a push-button phone, and swap the 1,2 & 3 buttons around with the 7, 8 and 9 ones.

People won't notice, as it then looks like a calculator / computer keypad.

Bit of a bummer if they want to call emergency services though....
Originally posted by Globber
I got one: Go over to a friend's house, get on their computer, take a screenshot of the desktop as it is, and paste it as their wallpaper. Make sure the real icons and start menu are hidden and then just wait. They'll never know what hit them!! I watched as my friend almost broke the computer apart trying to click on the start menu:lol:

I heard this before in a Pc magazine but it would be quite hard to implement the plan since your "friend" would have to be out the room for quite awhile. Although you could do it in stages...

Of course, the wallpaper thing only works with computer illiterates. The clock doesn´t change, you can see a small line of the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, and all buttons (most importantly the Win button) on the keyboard work perfectly well.

Still, I actually laughed at this one (unlike allhail´s pranks). Most of them don´t work with people with mobile phones.
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