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Our completed political map for the Western Empire (and some areas near it under the Empire's sway). -

All this is missing is troops, gold and food locations, as well as overlays for provincial borders and banners to indicate player or NPC faction control.
A Letter

Wisest Master,

All is made ready; all is prepared. I recall to you many winters ago when we gazed upon the delicate sands of the monks of Sohay, how finely wrought and artful, prepared over days in utmost silence. And yet one grain wrongly placed, and all was wiped away to begin anew. I recall that we killed them for this, and for their heresy. Blood red stains on half-swept swirls. And Ahtan was pleased.

Yet I dwell on this. If even a single grain is strewn wrongly upon our own design, so too would fate bind us to begin anew. And it would be we who are slaughtered by God's fury. The Son of the Sun will not long abide without us.

We are closer now, almost close enough. For a true and great seeing I will do what must be done. I walk the Eye of Ahtan, that I might be blessed with His power and see for one single moment as our Lord sees. You have counseled me against this, but time slips away from us all too quickly. My scryers have spied an ominous cloud in the west, low and purple and circled by a flock of many starlings. I move as the Celestial Authority desires, and as I have been placed. But the prophecy cannot be denied, and so I will do what is necessary.

With Esteem and Grace, you will hear of my success.

- - -

The kindling was stacked artfully, twenty piles on trampled flowers led each a trail to a great arch of timber, coals strewn beneath it. The hilltop was small and alone upon the plain, and few were there to see. Twenty gentle fatted white heifers were led up the slope, led by twenty adepts in brilliant robes of white slashed with crimson bands. They bore long knives both beautiful and wicked upon their belts. The heifers did not object as they were laid down upon the kindling, and they calmly raised their throats as bidden, supple flesh parting to the sudden cut of golden-handled blades, thrashing now as life’s blood soaked the fine white coats of man and beast alike.

Abbisdiun knelt before Ahtan upon a small and simple rug, the sumptuous silken sleeves of a magi’s robes sullied upon the ground. Only humility would please Ahtan. Only utter devotion. It had taken many lessons to learn this, and many years; he would not allow himself to forget a single one. He praised Ahtan in the holy speech as the adepts chanted, now pouring oil. He rose as they struck sparks with glass and the Sun’s fire blossomed upon the earth, the heifers thrashed half-dead as they burned, their flesh and bones consumed, adepts cowering from the sudden inferno. The smoke rose pure and white, and a slow zephyr began to bear it westwards. He imbibed a goblet of the holy nectar as he stepped forward, a peculiar warmth spreading near-instantly through his limbs. The flames leapt upon the arch, and it creaked and groaned. “It is as He wills,” the magus said, passing barefoot upon the deep red coals. He walked, and a crown of flames roared above him.
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I have organized the player list and all the relevant previews for each player. I hope you find this useful to identify each other and review each other's starting situations!

Governor/Praeses of Aetheria Paraves Anchiornis (Kyzarc Fotjage/Sean Chevalier) - an intermarried family governing their frontier province of Aetheria with strategic local alliances.

“Delegate” Cordius Surinus (Danwar) - a small business owner who added a mercenary army to his portfolio on the Altenland frontier.

Governor of Taria Titus Valerius Ahenobarbus (Jehoshua) - an ambitious regional governor of Taria with a long noble pedigree.

Legionary Albus Cencutrius “Ken Cutrius” Fabani, (Thomas) - a part-barbarian commander of the dead Emperor’s personal guard. He has retired to the Fabian Islands in the Western Civil Sea.

Delegate Gnaeus Rufinius (Lord_Iggy/Iggy) is a retired conservative magnate living out his olive and wine growing dreams pursuing la dolce vita. They own land across the Empire, but his villa is in Magna Evvia.

Legionary Democles Braccus (Luckymoose) - A career soldier posted in Aetacia, known for his stoic nature and his competence in command.

Legionary Caelinus Mancinus (Shadowbound) - the dead imperial heir’s adjutant who brought his relics back for burial in the east, posting his Legion just outside of Titanomuria for the ceremonies.

Governor/”Praefectus Evviacus” Septimius Agrippanus Theocritus (Zappericus), a sadistic noble governor who has nominally completed the merger of the Evvic provinces into his own.

Legionary Varinius Stubo (Shirogane) - Commander of the Naval Legion of Elaton, and pledged to support Governor Theocritus

Governor of Hateph Tiberius Varus Lucius (Perry the Platypus/Nuka) is a decadent rebellious noble’s son who has three wives and believes himself to be a god. He managed to gain control of the province of Hateph after his father’s disloyalty.

Barbarian Adennakar "Starchild" (LordArgon) - A barbarian warlord bringing a splinter horde from the East.

Barbarian Scaius Rota (Angst) - A barbarian warlord rising up in Taglarika, blessed or cursed with religious visions.

Grand Magus of Ashrai, Abbisdiun v. Bastian (TheMeanestGuest)- Some say his strategem won the victory at Sataraphon and brought low the imperial heir, Carantius. Now he brings his genius across the Myrmyris.

Mystagos of Ashrai, Bhaltarash v. Baltarus (Ork/green_tea) - appointed by the moon cult as the Chief Lieutenant to Abbisdiun
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