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Sep 24, 2002
Zürich, Switzerland
For some reasons, I can't find each civilizations government preferences in the civilopedia, so I thought I might as well ask here. I see in the conquests manual that every new civilization has one preferred and one shunned government, but I can't remember seeing this in the original manual (which I don't have any more, admittedly) and it definately is not in the civilopedia. So my first question is this: What are the preferred and shunned governments for the original civilizations?

Secondly, I was wondering excactly what are the advantages of running your preferred government, and what may happen if you run on your shunned one? I believe the positive sides of your preferred government will be enhanced and vice versa for your shunned one, but I'm not sure of the specifics. Please enlighten. =)
It only affect A.I's attitude toward other player.

Ex. lets say German prefer republic and shunt communism, so it mean if another civilisation is under republic, german will have a better attitude toward them, but if the other civ is communis, then german will have a lower attitude.

Attitude=furious,annoyed,gracious,...ect and slighly influence trading. You will have a little better deal if a civ is gracious toward you.

I realy dont bother with that when i am playing, it give nothing to switch to communism to get a slighty better deal with the chinese, for exemple.
first, in the editor it will say the civs preferred and shunned government.

second, i dont know if this is correct or not but i say it in a post similar to this a while back. its something like if your a democracy and another civs preferred government is democracy they'll like you better. its something like that i dont quite remember.

edit: tassadar you beat me there
You can find out what each civ's preferred and shunned governments are by consulting your editor. Go to the Civilizations tab of the Rules dialog (be sure to enable Custom Rules in the Scenario Properties menu first, though).
Oh... it's not more complicated than that? Phew. ;)
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