Prepared Settlers, or buy equipment, or build?


Jun 6, 2011
Hello all,
I am a new Civ4Col player and a very new WTP player. One thing I notice is that on higher difficulties I expand far slower than the AI.
Early game I focus on setting up a profitable business chain, eg, sugar to rum.
So I spend my money on things like master distillers, colonists and so on.
Then I find that I have expanded a lot slower than the AI.
Should I be buying prepared settlers? They're very expensive and most colonies won't pay themselves back.
Or should I buy the tools (and if needed horses)? Most of the time I will have the lumber and food available, but want to import tools and horses. This seems best to me but I have a hard time since it feels like I'm wasting resources.
Or finally should I try and spec for building tools and horses. This isn't really an option if I'm settling hot fertile regions though rather than temperate/drier areas.

Thank you!


Sep 4, 2020
if you right click on a colonist(profession is not relevant but best not a unit with equipment like Scout soldier or Pioneer) on the docks in Europe than you can equip him to be a settler .
you should never buy prepared settler most of the time they a more expensive than to equip a other unit .


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Jan 24, 2011
Stuttgart, Germany
Please next time use [WTP] Quick Questions for everything that is a player questions that can be answered by a few posts. :)
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Otherwise @Arkona is right. :thumbsup:

Buying Prepared Settlers in Europe is normally too expensive - especially in the long run.
Producing the Yields in the Colonies and equiping them in one of your Cities is usually the best solution.

If you do not have the Yields in the Colonies in most cases it is cheaper to equip them.
(But I have seen exceptions to this as well, when e.g. Lumber, Horses an Tools where really expensive.)

Compare prices if you are not sure.
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