Prince Ghandi playthrough (game #1)


Aug 11, 2007
I played just two games of demo and this is my first try in full release. Also I noticed the another 2/3 articles about the same try. I am also heading to win a cultural victory. So I am here a bit later than they are but I hope the others does not feel offended by the same try. I am kinda curious if we all manage to win it thought.

Here is my game setup:

Everything mostly standard. Except the sea level, I don't lie seas. Also I picked up the Random personalities, I think, I will not do it later.


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So to start off, I placed my capital just where the settler was created. First thing to build of course is scout to scout quickly. Meanwhile I created second city, but kind of barbarian invasion has come.

The one warrior must take them all :-D So next turn.

Ouch, even more of them coming. And, anyone can tell me how I made this screen shot? I am missing there something.

I love that cites can defend themselves, even they do little to no damage while bombarding. So the one warrior at home managed to secure both of the cities. Also my scout got a bit trapped in his way.

Damnit! 0 loses till now. Don't make it worse.


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I saved the scout for sure, and build some military to take nearby barbarian encampments.

:-O 1 encampment made me 3 friends. All of them cultural, that's just nice!

On the top, that's also great.


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I have loads of ongoing screen shots, as I am trying to post them for three days and only this day seems successful.

So, Darius settled right next to my third city. So my three man army is going to raze it. :) Problem is, when I was placing an archer, next to him appeared a new barbarian encampment. Oh please don't take my archer, he's too young.

The encampment is gone and I am preparing for a war for only one purpose, raze that damn city. Seems like Darius is knowing something.

The war was quick, I took 2 his workers and make a siege of city for 2 turn, then take it and raze it immediately (sure, I must wait one turn). His forces were also strong and took down almost all my units. But the city were gone! Now make a quick peace and prosper!

Also I seems to have biggest production after all, nice!



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Meanwhile my west neighbor seemed to be busy with a Chinese. He wiped them out of the game.

Also Darius was not sitting duck there. He prepared a army and launched it at me.

So irritating that I have only 2 units and one is building. I should build more of them when I could. Siege took only couple of turns. Damn! :-( My third city, was supposed to be last.



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I noticed that the big screen shots are just not good at posting, so I will no further post them. Even for myself it look bad.

Well, what now. My third city is taken, which is sending me back. I must gather it somehow. So I decided to trade a war with my west japan "friend". He managed it well.

But hey, I want that city after all. My one and only military unit is not capable of defeating a city now. Sad. And Darius does not want to trade me the city for a peace. So 1 turn. The city is like at 1 hp. But then Darius offered me the city for threat, finally!

I think I pissed a Japanese guy with this, but I don't really care, I have my city back! I waited a bit and made some army to raze more of the Darius cities. Also I must wait for the threat to expire. The Japan was on siege of another city, which I do not want there. For the record, I razed it once and it is back!

Fortunately I managed to get the city and razed it. I moved down to raze another city, and I found out, that demographics show, that Darius have 0,00 power in soldiers. Time to raze more of his cities and I hope even Capitalize some city-states he captured.

I moved my soldiers down, and healed them, also prepared for a siege, but that city wont bombard my units. The city before took 2 turn to take, that is exactly my plan again. But here is a problem!

The city-state in the south is allied with Darius so at war with me also. They assaulted my mounted unit with two pikemans. That's huge problem as my units are placed to siege the city, not defend from the side.

I wanted to stop the war as one swordsman appeared next to those pikemans. The city-state must gave him those! I wanted to make a peace, but he did not want to.

So I came to the Oda (the Japanese), and just from the "interview" he was angry at me. Oh my, I entered trade and something looked wrong for me.

I lost there 3 units, 2 mounted and one archer, and war with Darius is over.


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So the war with Darius is over for me. But I noticed not a nice thing. The Oda settled next to me on the east. And Augustus took the place on the west.

So this is time to make a plans to raze them the cities. If possible fast so my city borders can flip most of the land. But next turn here goes the trouble.

What an army. I am worried. So I think, it would be wise to send him to war with Augustus. But.

Its not friendly greetings. Sure its not possible to make the deal so I want a August to make a war towards Oda, but he is upset with me also. The siege of my city took like 3 turns.

So I lost my third city again, thus my while (2 man) army. I feel crippled. My civilization is not on a good path to stand a test of time.


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Seems like Japan is going to conquer whole world.

Oda offers me a peace treaty, but he want a city for that. I have two cities nad he wants one. That's half of my empire! No way!

Here is my current progress towards cultural victory. I think I am crippled and not able to win this, but I don't resign!

By the time, Oda finishes Darius. Rest in Peace.

I payed England to go war with Oda. Also I met Ramses who is extreme friendly. Finally someone! But as I was watching my crippled culture I searched for city-states which are not allied with anyone and are cultural. I found one on Egyptian continent. So I "bought" the cultural ally.

Oops. The only real friend and I made him upset about me as everyone else. That just suck.

Ouch, my most friendly city in the world. I think I should help them! Sure I was unable since I have not build any army! And Oda continues to conquer.

Not good, 2 units and one more is going to be made. Plus the ship, which I am bombarding everything. This is just first wave, on my borders, there are another few troops and I believe that loads more are behind them. But something great happen to me.

Wow. City-state just give me a great general. That rocks! So I am moving him over the sea to my land. But I notice, there are numerous august units roaming my land! And turn later.

Oh noes, look like I will never have a peace time. I am trying for a cultural victory, not conquering the world! After first wave of Romes army gone. There goes another one. I think I survived like 3 waves of Japan. Just with the 2 units, later a canon, one ship and a great general.

Looks sad. I don't think I will survive continuous attack from two empires.


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I defended all the enemies with my 5 units (naval, civilian, siege, 2 military). Wow. They acquired promotions making them even more fearless. And now I am pushing towards Geneva, my friend.

Few turns of siege and killing both, Rome and Japan incoming soldiers. And here we go!

Geneva is restored and they are grateful. Nice small victory!

Oh, time to end war with Oda. As he seems to be upset at my other friendly city. They defended kinda a lot a east border of my lands, so I should help them. At least, Oda is interested in the peace.

Another great person from Florence. Wow, the city is worth the friendship.

Look at that situation. Monaco, my ally, managed to capture city. Hey, city-state captured city, just before England managed to. Wow. But the game is buggy in this. It is showing as Rio is cultural, but I have no bonus from them at all. I think developers didn't counted on this, that is is possible. Although, England declared war on Monaco, trying to retake Rio. Hey, I have from Rio the furs, and for free. Just for the friendship with the Monaco. But I forget to tell Elizabeth to end war against Monaco, and she managed to retake Rio. Damn, my furs!

Meanwhile in my homeland, I managed to raze Romes city and capture this one. Its just next to ruins of mine. I decided to raze it, as its just slowing me down now.


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Just off the Gandhi play through. What SP stands for this? Hopefully anyone even reading this thread :rolleyes:

Another cities retaken and going further to damage japan.

Nice I got a Great Artist, I will use him to give me control over the intense. This is the only source in the map i revealed. It might be hidden somewhere thought.

As I continue to take down japan with my 4 units I found interesting opportunity.

Take Darius back to the game? Hmm, why not, lets try the option. Meanwhile I completed another important wonder for me.

Also I gathered another powerful promotion for my artillery.

It can fire twice a move. And 4! tiles away over any number of objects. Also I liberated another city-state from Japan.

Now I discovered, that I have 8 diplomatic votes so far. And I am going to save another 2 cultural city-states. Damn, I must declare war on one of them or something, or I might win way I don't want to. Also I should not bring Darius back to the game. Hes voting for me also.


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I am back here, to close this dead ( :-( ) thread as I finished the game.

First off, everything after I made peace with Japan worked well, except the culture. I had like +250/turn and I was missing 6 politics so far. 100 turns remain. I traded what I could. Sold all strategic resources if anyone wanted them. And bought luxuries or traded luxury for another. Also I started to build every single building with culture to speed up, I should really do that before.

In about 30 turns, cultural output was made bigger thus 3 more policies adopted. By now my cultural output was around 410 and I had like 75-80 excess happiness. By this time Egyptians built a UN and triggered votes.

Och, just 9 votes. Nice! I was satisfied with my progress so far, but is seemed that I would finish my 5 trees about 460th turn, which is kinda late. So I began to build some production building in my second city, to prepare for the Utopian project.

One DOW is missing, from england.

Wow. 3 DOWs just next move, I was curious if they will really manage to make an attack at me, or it is just a "warning". I continued to buy luxuries, took policies that would even make my happiness higher and prepared with my 4 units to be attacked. With my destroyer I was roaming around and bombarding stuff. He even got one more level, 9th. But nothing really interesting happened. Just the thingy, Siam, which I thought, he is angry at me, declared war at England and whipped them expect one Island city on the other side of the world.

The moments is here. My 5 trees are fulfilled and the Utopian project can begin.

The only bad feeling was doing Oda of Japan. I think he wanted to DOW me but, there was a BUG. Every single turn, for the last few, I got a message, that my peace treaty with Oda expired. But next turn again. I think he could not DOW me.

If you take a look, there are my 1/2 defences. The other city had stationed Infantry and One artillery nearby. But the fact is, that the artillery on the picture is on 8th level. And the Infantry stationed on the hill is on the 6th level. So I think, they are tough.

Woohoooo! The victory awaits.

No movie? No charts? No statistics? :mad::cry:

Pretty damn low score, but I did the job.

I hope that at least one user read it thus, this is just not a spam thread of mine.


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Congrats on a job well done. What was the fifth policy tree you unlocked? One of the first policies in the order tree disturbs the relationships with citizens.

I'm normally a lurker, but wouldn't want you to get discouraged because nobody posted here, and miss out on possible future stories. Thanks for following through, I'm sure there are lots of lurkers like me who don't post normally.
Nice story, thank you! It was in the exact format I like as well, and it was an interesting read. There were some times your situation looked grim, but eventually you won :) thank you for a great read!
Thanks for the replies.

WTRT, you get it exactly. As you can see, from my join date, I don't post very often also.

And I unlocked my policies in this order: Tradition, Patronage, Freedom, Piety, Order. I tried to focus on Wonders, but Ramses stole like all of them. When I finished the tech for Stonehenge, someone just built that. On Oracle, I was missing one turn. So I focused more on the city-states as my Wonder effort was just wrong. I got the "Seriously?!?" in like first quarter of my first game :-D

Dropping even a single line comment can make a topic owners day all way better. :)
Good read. Next time, play Ghandi again and go for a domination victory :)
Oh yeah I forgot to ask, but what level was that artillary?? Range of 4 and 2 attacks is in incredibly powerful!
Using Gandhi for a domination is just ... freak. But I might actually try that, but as I move up with the difficulty, I might use smaller maps. We'll see.

Rik Meleet, exactly. After I lost my 3. city to japan, I thought that I just lost my game.

... that the artillery on the picture is on 8th level.
Wow that's high! I've only ever got mine up to level 5 before...
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