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Prior Changelogs

Discussion in 'Rise from Erebus Modmod' started by Valkrionn, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    This thread will provide old changelogs; Please do NOT post here! Never know when I may need to expand it, and that will be impossible if early posts are taken.

    These old changelogs use the older numbering system... Transitioned to the new x.xx system when the name changed.

    Version 020 Changelog (minor changes may not be listed):

    • New Technology: Alchemy.
      • For now, this technology is required for the Silver Circle wonder. The Wandering Sage unit it allows is now the Alchemist, and is able to transmute metals into gold.
      • For the Mechanos(see below), this tech allows their Berserker UU and improves the yields of their Refinery improvement.
    • The Rise of the Mechanos!
      • A steam-punk civilization created for Orbis by Ahwaric, the Mechanos are blocked from all mana use, and instead gain a Refinery improvement to be built on Mana. The Refined Mana this grants is used by a UB to grant power to their buildings, and grants extra strength to all Siege Weapons.
      • They are a Siege-heavy civ as with the Khazad, but have gone a different route. Rather than refine their craftmanship, they have gone for bigger and faster. Their Siege machines do not have a city attack bonus, unlike all other siege units, but have a higher combat strength as a result, and are functional in the field as well as at Siege.
      • The majority of their units use guns/machinery of some kind. For example, their Berserker UU is the Grenadier, available at Alchemy.
      • The Mechanos possess 3 heroes: Feris, a longbow(wo)man, Lenora, a zeppelin-pilot Pirate, and Goliath, an end-game unit on par with Eurabatres and the other dragons. They are, however, blocked entirely from the Machinarum hero, Boris.
      • A few details:
        Spoiler Goliath :

        • Goliath:
          1. Melee Unit
          2. 300 Hammers
          3. Requires Alchemy and Mithril Working
          4. 28 :strength:
          5. 9 Ranged :strength:, 50% ranged damage limit
          6. 4 Movement
          7. 1 Range
          8. 2 First Strikes
          9. No Defense Bonus
          10. Ignores Terrain Movement Cost
          11. Starts with :
            • Hero
            • Magic Immune
            • Mechanical
              • Refined Mana Affinity
            • Resident Machine Spirit
              • 20% chance to grant Machine Spirit each turn.
                • 50% chance of wearing off.
                • +1 Movement
                • +1 Range
                • +20% Collateral
                • +1 :strength:
                • Suffers 25% less Collateral

            • Monstrous Creature (From Warkirby's Monstrous Creatures Module)
              • Flat terrain movement cost (can't use roads, but isn't slowed by forests/hills either)
              • Ignores terrain defence on attack
              • Doesn't recieve defensive bonuses
              • Causes Collateral Damage. Up to 6 targets, with no damage limit. Can kill!
              • +25% vs Melee
              • -25% vs Archery units
              • -50% vs Siege Weapons
              • +25% City defence
              • Immune to collateral damage
              • +1 visibility range
              • 50% poison resistance

          12. Can use the Siege Configuration ability.
            • 3 turn delay
            • Grants the Siege Configuration promotion.
              • Changes UnitCombat to Siege
              • -14 Attack :strength:, -7 Defense :strength:
              • +7 Ranged :strength:
              • +50% Ranged Damage Limit, to a total of 100%
              • +90% Collateral Damage
              • +5 Collateral Targets
              • -1 Movement
              • +1 Range
              • +50% City Bombard
              • -2 First Strikes
              • +5 City Defense when stationed in a city.
              • Allows Melee Configuration ability.
                • 3 turn delay.
                • Removes the Siege Configuration promotion.
        Spoiler Vulture :

        • Vulture (Immortal UU):
          1. Melee Unit
          2. 280 Hammers
          3. Requires Divine Essence
          4. 6 Attack :strength:, 9 Defensive :strength:
          5. 5 Ranged :strength:, 50% limit
          6. Refined Mana Affinity
          7. 2 Movement
          8. 1 Range
          9. Starts with Fear, Magic Immune
          10. Not Immortal, directly buildable.
        Spoiler Zeppelin :

        • Zeppelin (Man-o-War UU):
          1. Requires Astronomy and Alchemy
          2. 300 Hammers
          3. 8 :strength:
          4. 9 Ranged :strength:
          5. 5 Movement
          6. 2 Range
          7. 2 Cargo
          8. Move Impassable
          9. Explore Rival Territory
          10. Flat Movement Costs
          11. 30% chance to Withdraw
          12. 10% Bombardment
          13. Refined Mana Affinity
        Spoiler Lenora :

        • Lenora:
          1. Requires Astronomy
          2. 375 Hammers
          3. 13 :strength:
          4. 9 Ranged :strength:
          5. 6 Movement
          6. 2 Range
          7. Move Impassable
          8. Explore Rival Territory
          9. Flat Movement Costs
          10. 40% chance to Withdraw
          11. 10% Bombardment
          12. Refined Mana Affinity
          13. Has the "Letter of Marque" ability.
            1. Grants Hidden Nationality to all Naval units. Have fun with your pirate fleet of Blimps and Zeppelins.

    • New Religion - The Ordo Machinarum.
      • Automatically founded by the Mechanos, this religion does not spread on it's own, and will generally only be adopted by the Mechanos and the Dwarves. Same improvement art as RoK.
      • Hero: Boris. 6 strength, can use weapons. Lacks hero, but is immortal. Requires Writing.
      • Religious Units:
        • Mortar - Requires Mathematics. Strong Siege unit.
        • Steam Tank - Requires Blasting Powder.
        • Adeptus - Priest. Requires Writing/Clock Tower. No other disciple unit, except for Mechanos.
      • Temple - Clock Tower.
      • Shrine - Steamworks.
    • Grigori Adventurer Spawning system!
      • The Adventurer GP points have been removed completely. Instead, they now rely on a Scion-esque spawning sytem, with bonuses for all buildings that originally granted gp points and a bonus for the Apprenticeship civic.
      • With the new system, all adventurers spawn in the capital. This allows me to show a spawn chance, as with the Scions, and it also conveniently drops them off in the city most likely to have training buildings.
    • Master Siegesmith! Available with Construction, but most of the promotions require a more advanced tech or resource.
      • Spoiler :

        These are almost entirely by Milaga, with a few by Vermicious Knid thrown in.

        Only one shot promotion may be selected at a time.
        1. Grapeshot
          • UnitClass Cannon-only
          • 2 extra Collateral Targets.
          • +15% vs Mounted and Melee
          • -50% Bombard rate.
          • Requires Gunpowder
          • 60 Gold
        2. Canister Shot
          • UnitClass Cannon-only
          • +40% Collateral Damage.
          • +1 Strength
          • Requires Gunpowder
          • 60 Gold
        3. Sighted Shot
          • +1 Range
          • -25% Strength
          • 100 Gold
        4. Plague Infested Shot
          • UnitClass Catapult-only
          • Requires Evil
          • Requires Sheaim or Infernal or Balseraphs or Legion of D'Tesh civilization
          • 0.50 Unhealth in enemy cities within 1 tile
          • +10% ranged damage limit
          • +10% collateral damage limit
          • Passes the Diseased promotion to enemy combatants
          • 30 Gold
        5. Blackblood Shot
          • UnitClass Catapult-only
          • Requires Scions of Patria civilization
          • Requires a Spirit Mill in the city
          • +1 ranged attack
          • +5% ranged damage limit
          • +10% collateral damage limit
          • Passes the Blackblood promotion to enemy combatants
          • 50 Gold
        6. Flaming Shot
          • +5% bombard per turn
          • +1 Fire Strength
          • +50% forest attack
          • +50% naval units
          • Requires Smelting
          • 50 Gold
        7. Explosive Shot (designed for civs that can't build cannons)
          • UnitClass Catapult-only
          • +15% bombard per turn
          • +2 Strength
          • +25% city attack
          • +1 ranged attack
          • +5% ranged damage limit
          • Requires Blasting Powder
          • 120 Gold

        General promotions. If they can't be used by cannons/catapults they'll be listed.:

        • Well-Trained
          • Blitz
          • 100 Gold
        • Fine Craftsmanship
          • +10% Strength
          • 0-1 extra first strike
          • Requires Construction
          • Removed if Excellent Craftsmanship or Superior Craftsmanship or Artisan Crafted promotion is taken
          • 30 Gold
        • Excellent Craftsmanship
          • +20% Strength
          • 1 extra first strike
          • Requires Engineering
          • Removed if Fine Craftsmanship or Superior Craftsmanship or Artisan Crafted promotion is taken
          • 40 Gold
        • Superior Craftsmanship
          • +30% Strength
          • 1-2 extra first strikes
          • +20% city attack
          • Requires Mithril Working
          • Removed if Fine Craftsmanship or Excellent Craftsmanship or Artisan Crafted promotion is taken
          • 80 Gold
        • Artisan Crafted
          • Requires Khazad or Luchuirp or Mechanos civilization
          • +40% Strength
          • 2-3 extra first strikes
          • +30% city attack
          • +20% defense
          • Requires Machinery
          • Removed if Fine Craftsmanship or Excellent Craftsmanship or Superior Craftsmanship promotion is taken
          • 120 Gold
        • Improved Machinery
          • Requires Khazad civilization
          • +1 range
          • Requires Optics
          • Requires Trebuchet
          • 50 Gold
        • Artillery
          • Requires Khazad civilization
          • +1 range
          • Requires Astronomy
          • Requires Dwarven Cannon
          • 100 Gold
        • Improved Accuracy
          • +1 ranged attack
          • +10% ranged attack limit
          • Requires Optics
          • 80 Gold
        • Deadeye Crew
          • Requires Khazad or Mechanos civilization
          • +1 ranged attack
          • +10% ranged attack limit
          • 1 first strike
          • Requires Guilds
          • 180 Gold
        • Point Defense System
          • Requires Khazad or Mechanos civilization
          • +100% defensive strength
          • +25% hill defense
          • Requires Iron Working
          • 40 Gold
        • Doubletime Team
          • Requires Khazad or Mechanos or Austrin or Hippus civilization
          • +1Movement
          • +1 terrain cost
          • -50%Strength
          • Requires Horseback Riding
          • 40 Gold
        • Resident Machine Spirit
          • Requires Mechanos civilization
          • Randomly grants the Machine Spirit promotion (20% turn)
          • Requires Arcane Lore
          • 200 Gold
    • Theocracy has been significantly reworked, after an idea by Shatner.
      • +3 :) with the state religion, +1 :mad: per non-state. +10% :gold:, -25% :science:, as well as applying the Zealotry promotion to all Disciple units.
      • Zealotry: 1 :gold: extra support cost, heal while moving, 50% upgrade discount, 20% city attack, and allows a 1-turn Inquisition and the Incite Fervor ability.
      • Incite Fervor - 3 turn casting time, requires the state religion in the city. Reduces pop by 3, causes unhappiness like whipping, and spawns three low-level religious units, depending on your religion. Thinking of allowing the Scions to spawn their Legate UU, and the Mechanos to spawn their Adeptus UU.
    Patch E:
    1. Compatible with FF 051
    2. Vermicious' Jotnar changes (Following list is far from complete, from one of his posts in our group forum)
      Spoiler :

      1. Civ-Wide Changes:
        1. No city size cap.
        2. Jotnar Staedding added by palace rather than python code.
        3. No link to AC for spawn rate. Too limiting for evil Jotnar.
        4. Kindred Promotions (Woodkin, Seakin, Firekin, Frostkin, Stonekin, and Stormkin)
        5. Palace mana Mind, Creation, and Law. Spirit is pretty useless for them. Life is also a possibility to replace Mind.
        6. Unique monument. Gives +1 gold and +1 culture. Spawns a Jot Adult when built.
        7. Unique barracks. Gives +1 happy, 10% commerce bonus. Requires code of laws. Allows them to build Thrall Axeman (replacing orc conscripts)
        8. Staeding gives +1 food to water tiles. Encourages coastal starts.
        9. Changed flavourstart to weight coastal start, riverside, hills.
        10. Changed starting techs to seafaring and crafting. Allowing them to use water techs immediately is very important, as I changed the flavourmod settings to drop them in coastal starts. They don't have any DOMAIN_WATER units, so essentially all seafaring is doing is letting them work the tiles and use pearls. Crafting lets Hephaustus or Father beeline the metal techs.
        11. Traditions civic loses number of cities maintenance bonus entirely. Gives 25% enslave chance.
        12. Archery techs, Poisons unblocked. Mounted line techs blocked.
        13. Eliminated distance maintenance entirely, +50% number of cities maintenance. The Jots can wander all over the map and settle the nicest spots they find...but if they try to spam cities their economy will tank.
        14. 2.25 food per population. Not a huge nerf, but it does noticeably slow early growth.
        15. +100% trade route income. Might dial that back some...but it seems a better solution than adding gold to buildings. Encourages playing them as intended.
        16. Civ bonuses to improvements....gone. +1 :food: on water tiles, improved fishing boat(sea farm). That's it.
      2. Leader Changes:
        1. Mother Enningas:
          • Spiritual/Financial
        2. Father Kasghenal:
          • Conqueror/Slaver
        3. Uxol the Half-Breed:
          • Arcane/Treacherous/Raiders/Pretender
            • Pretender: Grants Estranged to all Melee and Disciple units.
          • Egrass becomes an Arcane unit for Uxol, is able to take Channeling 2 at KotE.
        4. Hephaestus:
          • Blacksmith/Veinhunter/Emergent
      3. Unit Changes:
        1. Thalls:
          • Slaves receive an effect promo. Changes the name to thrall. Thralls can be used a couple of new ways. "Long Pork" is a heal spell that sacrifices a thrall. "Conscript Thrall" converts a thrall to a Warrior. "Recruit Thrall Guide" converts a thrall to a scout.
          • Unit_Warrior receives an effect promo that changes their name to Thrall Conscript. More likely to defend the stack, defense only (preventing them from having spirit guide XP land on them), free unit.
          • Unit_Scout and Unit_Hunter receive an effect promo "Thrall Guide". Defense only, free unit. They can't pop lairs, but they can explore.
          • At Deception a promo becomes available for Hunters: "Thrall Cultist". Overwrites Thrall Guide, -1 Combat, Invisible_Animal, can pillage, extra first strikes and withdraw, infects culture, can explore rival territory, some other minor stuff. Expendable terrorist units, essentially.
          • At Code of Laws + Bronze Working barracks can be built, which allows Axemen. Effect promo renames them "Thrall Militia". They can attack. Considering giving them some penalty. Combat % penalty outside borders? Abandon % outside borders?
        2. Jot Citizen:
          • No big changes here. They can only upgrade directly to bottom-tier units (Cyklops, Wild Troll, Huscarl, Worker, Settler, Jot Adept, Reaver). When in a city they gain a promotion that adds 2 hammers to the city production, "Artisan".
        3. Worker:
          • Made them eligible for the Age upgrade promotions. Also eligible for "Artisan"
        4. Melee Line
          1. Huscarl:
            • Available at Mining. 4/6, can use bronze weapons. Eligible for "Artisan". Huscarls were historically laborers when they weren't fighting.
          2. Hill Giant:
            • Cartography, Bronze. Can use bronze, iron weapons. No building requirement.
          3. Wielder:
            • No change other than tier from 2 to 3.
          4. Berzerker:
            • 13/8. Fire theme stripped. Randomly go enraged. Immune to and cause fear. Heal after combat, blitz, pillage on move. No national limit.
          5. Jotun:
            • 16/16. Can cast Warsong. Buffs stack w/blitz, pillage on move, march, +1 move. Horribly powerful...but an end-of-line super-expensive unit should be.
          6. Titan:
            • Currently unchanged.
        5. Archery Line: This is mostly accomplished through promotions rather than unique units...
          1. Hurler:
            • Requires Archery. -2/+2 Combat/Defense. 3 Ranged Strength, 1 range, 15% limit. Bonus to city and hill defense. +1 first strike. Costs 50 gold, requires archery range, available to melee. Changes unitcombat to archer (which is needed for the subsequent promotions)
          2. Strong Arm:
            • Requires Bowyers, Fletcher, 50 gold. +3 ranged combat, +15% limit, +1 first strike.
          3. Deadeye:
            • Requires Bowyers, Age 100, Bowyer, 50 gold. +3 ranged combat, +15% limit, increases range to 2, +1 first strike.
          4. Tryggvi.
            • Actual unique unit, upgrades from Wielder. With all the archery promos (it only comes with the first one...but buying the rest is a no-brainer) it is a 10/18, ranged strength 12 (70% limit, range 3), collateral damage, marksman, 6-9 first strikes engine of shooty death. Of course, by the time you have it you've sunk about 600 gold into the thing + the cost of all the buildings and tech. National limit 4.
        6. Recon Line:
          1. Wild Troll:
            • I added Hidden Nationality back...but will probably remove it again. Too big a nerf for Uxol. At Hunting they get an effect promo that allows defensive bonuses, +1 move, +1 defense.
          2. Troll Hunter:
            • Not available until Tracking. Otherwise similar.
          3. Troll Ranger:
            • 9/8 (9/9 with effect promo), available at Animal Handling. 3 First strikes.
          4. Troll Elder:
            • No major changes.
        7. Disciple Line:(Need Cyklops art for all disciples, or need to drop the Cyklops entirely.)
          1. Cyklops:
            • Requires Mysticism, pagan temple, Education. 4/4, starts w/channeling 1, creation 1, medic 1, divine. All jot disciples can use the spread state religion spells.
          2. Mouth:
            • Requires Priesthood. 6/6. Starts w/channeling 2, medic 2, jot spellcaster, mind 1, law 1. Can only be upgraded from Cyklop.
          3. Voice:
            • Equivalent of High Priest. Requires Theology. 8/8. Add channeling 3, mind 2, law 2. National limit 4.
        8. Adept Line:
          1. Sloegrrekkr:
            • Basic adept. Requires KOTE, no building. 4/4. Jot spellcaster, channeling 1, spirit guide.
          2. Speaker:
            • Unchanged
          3. High Speaker:
            • Boosted to 8/8.
        9. Naval/Mounted Line: No actual unitcombat Naval units.
          1. Reaver:
            • 5/5, 2 move, unitcombat mounted. Requires Bronze Working and Sailing. Upgrades from Jot Adult. No bad goodies, access to Bronze and Iron weapons, can cast escape (sneak away and return to port).
          2. Freebooter:
            • 10/10, 3 move, air combat 8/range 1/60% cap, collateral 100/60/7, Blitz. Expensive tier 4, upgrades from Reaver.
          3. Reaver(Promotion):
            • Promotion that Reavers start with. 5 gold earned per successful combat, amphibious/waterwalking/boarding, +50% pillage
          4. Longship(Promotion):
            • Autoacquire promo, requires reaver. When the unit steps onto a water tile their art changes to lOngship art, +1 visibility, +2 moves, +2 power/defense, +15 withdraw, +3 cargo.
          5. Pirate(Promotion):
            • Promotion available at Optics. 100 gold cost. Can gain hidden nationality, +2 Combat, +1 move, +100% pillage, pillage on move.
          6. Longship2(Promotion) (needs new name):
            • Autoacquire effect promo. Requires Astronomy, Pirate. +2 move, +2 combat, +1 visibility, +15% withdraw.
      4. Kindreds:
        1. Woodkin (Troll only):
          1. Available to recon only through spell, requires Hunting, 100 gold. +25 attack/defense% in forest&jungle. Forest stealth (added as prereqOr along w/Forest Stalker).
          2. Woodfather: Requires Woodkin, Age 100. Doubles attack bonus in forest&jungle, Nature affinity 1.
          3. Woodkin spells/prereqs
            • Bloom: Woodkin
            • Poison blade : Woodkin + age 50
            • Mesmerize: Woodkin + age 100
            • Entangle: Woodfather
            • Summon Treant: Woodfather
        2. Seakin (Troll only):
          1. Promotion requires 100 gold, Fishing. Must be adjacent to water when transformation spell cast. -25% combat and -1 move on land. +50% combat on water, + 5 move.
          2. Triton: Requires Astronomy and age 100. Gives Water affinity 1, some other stuff.
          3. Seakin spells
            • Sea farm: Build Order, rather than a spell. Creates an improvement that is essentially a slightly improved fishign boat. Considering a gold cost. Represents Seakin actually herding/farming the sealife. Might disallow workboats for Jots...as sacrificing units doesn't feel right.
            • Submerge: Spell gives stealth on water. Have it available with just seakin right now...open to increased prereq if needed.
            • Capsize: 1 turn bonus to first strikes and withdraw, + 50% vs. unitcombat naval. Requires age 50.
            • Summon Water Elemental: Requires Triton
            • Tsunami: Requires Triton. Same effect as OO spell.
        3. Frostkin:
          1. Requires Philosophy, 100 gold. -1 Combat, -25% on desert. +2 cold damage, +25% on tundra and snow.
          2. Mulcarn's chosen: Requires Theology, age 100. Ice affinity 1.
          3. Frostkin spells
            • Freeze: Turns tile to tundra or snow. 2 turn delay.
            • White Out: Snow Stealth. Requires tracking.
            • Frozen lands: Same as old version, does a small amount of damage.
            • Summon Ice Elemental: Yup. Requires Mulcarns Chosen.
            • Snowfall: Requires Mulcarns chosen.
        4. Firekin:
          1. Requires Warfare, 100 gold. Reverse terrain bonuses of frostkin. -1 Combat, +2 fire damage.
          2. Efreet: Requires Rage, age 100. Fire Affinity 1.
          3. Firekin spells
            • Scorch: Considering a delay...otherwise the same.
            • Fireball: Requires age 50.
            • Ring of flame. Like the AV spell. Requires age 100.
            • Summon Fire Elemental: Requires Efreet.
            • Pillar of Flame: Requires Efreet.
        5. Stonekin:
          1. Requires Construction, 100 gold. +2 defense. +25% on hills and peaks, -25% in marsh. Immune to first strikes, +25% workrate.
          2. Juggernaut: Age 100, Blasting powder. Immune to magic, ignore building defense, Earth affinity 1.
          3. Spelunker(Promotion): Hills invisibility. Autoacquire, requires sanitation.
          4. Stonekin Spells
            • Earth's Boosom: Turns tile into a hill. 2 turn delay.
            • Earthquake: Requires age 50.
            • Stoneskin (affects whole stack): Requires age 100
            • Summon Earth Elemental: Requires Juggernaut
            • Crush: Requires Juggernaut.
        6. Stormkin:
          1. Requires Trade, 100 gold. Aircombat 2/range 1/15%, +1 first strike, +15% withdraw, Defensive strike 10/5, -3 Strength, +2 Lightning, Immune to Lightning. Allows Hurler, Flying.
          2. Thunder: Requires mercantilism. +3 air combat, +2 moves, +15% withdraw, +10/5 defensive strike, Air affinity 1.
          3. Stormkin spells
            • Windtalker: Create building in city that gives +1 research/+1 gold, disappears if the caster leaves.
            • Lightning Bolt: Summon lightning elemental. Requires age 50.
            • Bellow: Same as Dragon's Roar. Age 100
            • Summon Air Elemental: requires Tempest
            • Maelstorm: requires Tempest.
    3. Bug fixes
    4. Tya Kiri's Reckless trait changed. Correctly applies Unready, but now grants Twincast to Mage level units.
    5. Varulv moved to new Werewolf mechanic, gains Pack Leader and 4 minion slots. Maintains status as an improved Duin.
    6. Crusade moved to the Membership category.
    7. Scorch's Floodplains delay reduced back to 5 turns.
    8. Council of the Wilds boosts GC emergence 20%.
    9. Wasteland art switched to Shallows for now.
    10. Corrupted Pasture is guaranteed Hell terrain... Only way to force Nightmares to stay around.
    11. Angels can now take Flying after combat 5.
    12. Scions now start with 3 creepers rather than a scout. Can be used for exploration, or an early seeding of Haunted Lands around your capital.
    13. Game Option tweaks.
      1. Unrestricted Leaders - Invisible
      2. Religious Options - Invisible
      3. No Duin/Acheron/Orthus - Invisible
      4. No Worldspell - Invisible
      5. No UFs - Invisible
      6. FlavourStart - Always Enabled

    Patch D:

    1. Wasteland is no longer Hell Terrain, and is removed by Spring.
    2. Dwarven Commanders gain Ranged Attack as with normal commanders. The Khazad are all around better with forts. :lol:
    3. Undead promotion now blocks all disease.
    4. Hallowing of the Elohim fixed.
    5. Malakim Archer art fixed.
    6. Defender and Protective traits merged.
    7. Expert Miner renamed Veinhunter.
    8. Thanatos (leader) gains Agnostic.
    9. Thanatos (hero) gains Angel.

    Patch C:

    1. Fort Commanders
      • Forts, and all fort replacements/upgrades, can now be 'claimed'. This creates a Fort Commander, a unit that gains in power over time, and is able to spread your borders first to the fort itself, then to the ring of tiles immediately surrounding it, and then, for the Kuriotates and Khazad, the ring beyond that.
    2. Pioneer unit -
      • Kuriotates Only
      • 60 :hammers:
      • Can 'found' Castles, settling as a Fort Commander with Expanded Influence (first ring of culture).
    3. Adventurer Spawning tweaked again... Should be good now. 4 spawns in 120 turns on normal... Seems reasonable.
    4. Art Fixes -
      • Soldier of Kilmorph art reverted.
      • Warkirby's Austrin Champion brought in.
      • Warkirby's buttons brought in for the Siegesmith and Dwarven Mines.
      • Graveyards now visible.
    5. Blue Marble option removed... Kael removed the art, no point in keeping it.
    6. Hawks temporarily blocked, until I can get a new DLL.
    7. Civilizations put in Alphebetical Order in the Civ Select screen.
      • Only affects the Jotnar, Mechanos, and D'tesh.
    8. Minor Leader Changes -
      • Gimil gains Craftmaster
        • Grants Mobility 1 to all Golem units.
    9. Jotnar Changes -
      • Father Kasghenal loses Financial, gains Conqueror. Have fun being able to build units. :p
      • Uxol the Half-Breed loses Raiders, gains Treacherous. Treacherous now blocks Estranged... Trolls will never revolt.
      • New Leader: Hephaestus - Blacksmith/Minor.
        • Blacksmith - grants 1 :hammers: on tiles with 3 or more, and allows Worker/Melee/Adept/Disciple/Recon units access to all weapon promotions.
      • Barbarians gain Wild Trolls as hunter UUs, rather than Lizardmen. No longer quite as obvious who's attacking you.
    10. Mechanos Changes -
      • Factory yields changed. +15% :hammers:, +15% with Power, +5% with each Refined Mana.
      • Pillar of Creation requires Machinery, up from Construction.
      • Dirigible Fleet:
        • Queen of the Line UU
        • 4 :strength:
        • 5 :move:
        • 450 :hammers:
        • 10 Cargo
        • Can Explore Rival Territory
        • -25% vs Archery Units
        • Refined Mana Affinity
      • All Aircraft gain a -25% vs Archery modifier.
    11. The Legion of D'tesh Changes -
      • New Minor Hero: Thanatos -
        • Angel of Death artwork
        • 5 :strength:
        • 2 :move:
        • 80 :hammers:
        • Hunter stats
        • Starts with Battle-Hardened, as with Lucian.
      • The D'tesh now spread Wastelands, rather than Desert.
        • Still uses scorch, simply creates Wastelands rather than desert based on civ.
        • This will prevent your empire from suddenly becoming Burning Sands.
        • Wastelands are technically Hell Terrain, and increase the plot counter. D'tesh are able to scorch desert and all hell terrains down to Wastelands. This has the side effect of spreading hell out around D'teshi lands once the AC gets high enough... Which I'm fine with.
        • Can be removed with Sanctify, becomes Desert. Removes a 3x3 square of Wastelands... Which is why I'm fine with spreading hell terrain.
      • Gain the Crypt improvement, rather than the graveyard. Pillageable, and new art. Can be told apart from normal graveyards.
      • Now immune to the River of Blood spell.
      • Unique option for the Sickness event... Rather than lose population, you gain a Warrior.
      • The Arawn event now causes 3 turns of Anarchy.
      • New Worldspell: Death's Dominion -
        • Grants the 'Death's Dominion' promotion to all units.
          • 15 turn duration.
          • 100% chance to generate slaves from combat
  2. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
  3. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
  4. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL

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