Problem with the combat log in another language.


Apr 23, 2023
Hello everyone.

I start by apologizing for my English, it is not my first language. I'll try to do my best, in case someone could help me.

I'm playing GOG Beyond the Sword on version 3.19 (most current). Vanilla, has no mods installed except for some graphical changes made by me. I have also tried a clean version and the same thing happens.

My problem is that I have verified that the combat tab, within the event log window, is not displayed correctly in Spanish. I have not tested if it works with other languages. I've been digging and looking through the XML files, in the Assets folder, because I sense that some of them are linked to this in an attempt to fix it, but no luck. It seems that there is a bug in the script and that is what could be causing it, but I don't understand too much either.

Can someone tell me which files are involved or tell me what I should do?

Thank you so much.

EDIT: Just as I thought, it's an XML file: "CIV4GameText_Misc1.xml".

EDIT 2: For some reason editing this file only has an effect on the base game, and in the Beyond the Sword folder, there is nothing that appears to be replacing it.

EDIT 3: Problem solved. I have translated and corrected the script so that it displays as it should. In case someone came here looking for a solution and was interested, unzip this file in location "Civilization IV Complete\Civ4\Beyond the Sword\Assets\XML\Text".

-Espero que ayude.


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Thanks for sharing your bugfix; I'll integrate it into my own mod. Apparently, this was already broken in version 1.0 of the game. (I've checked the old files.) Strange that editing the base game file didn't affect BtS; all the game text files of the base game should get loaded by BtS (unless a file of the same name exists in the BtS text folder).
It surprises me that no one in the Hispanic community noticed this error before. I don't know how popular Civ IV would be in its heyday, but I guess it got played a lot. They wouldn't check the combat log...? Who knows.

Feel free to use it however you want.
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