Problem with title images!


Aug 31, 2001
This where you all get a chance to laugh at Enemy Ace!

I have a hassle with getting title.gifs to work right.

When I save my gif as a title for my scenario, it appears when
the scenario loads the image, but in a horrid inverse mode!

I am obviously missing something here...

I know gifs are 256 colours etc, and that I use Paint shop 5....


Probably a palette problem. To fix it, open an existing scn title gif.
Open the new pic (which you will have as the new title.gif) and paste it into the previously opened existing title.gif (if neccessary, adjust its size to the dimensions of the new image before, but don´t touch the palette or the color depth).
This should be all. Bear in mind that there may be some loss of quality when you paste a Truecolor image into a 256 color gif (depends on the picture)

If all fails, post here, I can fix it for you...;)
Sure, send them over... :)

(If a couple means not: hundreds) :D ;)
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