Problems with audio/animations of unit

Ardan Arianis

Aug 1, 2021
Hi, everyone! I'm trying to create a unique unit for a new civ. This unique unit is a witch worker, that is, a female worker that uses magic to improve tiles. I've been having some problems due to my lack of expertise.

For the graphics, I'm using the Earth Mage from saibotlieh (see here), and I'm intending for the tile improvement animations to be the ranged attack. The idea is that when this wich casts magic the improvements will be made. I tried editing the kfm file (with the help of this converter) and assigning the workers animations to those made by saibotlieth for the mage. It doesn't work; the unit just stays idle. How can I resolve this?

For the audio, I'm using the female audios from saibotlieh's post. My goal is for this unique unit (the witch worker) to speak with a female voice when selected, but according to this thread that's been very helpful one can only edit audio by civilization, not for a specific unit. Is there a way for a unique unit to have a specific audio? Even if it's only one audio, I've no problem.

Thanks in advance!
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