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Procylon's Call to Power Project

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Modpacks' started by Decimatus, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Current Live Version: V8

    Ready for Alpha Test. You should see it on the ModHub, just put Proc into the search bar.

    The below link is an alternate download to the in game modhub. Put this file in your Documents/MyGames/CIV5/MODS folder and then click the install button in game.

    If that doesn't work, you may need to try an alternate install method:

    Current goal for Alpha Testers is balancing and bug finding.

    Content is being added at a high rate.

    Special Thanks:
    FiresForever for the multiple tech pages mod.
    FiresForever for the multiple social pages mod.
    DeepBlue for the resource generator mod.
    DrBalthar for the wonder splash images.
    Feuteupool for 250+ icons and unit flags.
    knatte_Anka for unit flags.
    Sneaks for the graphical fix for the base 5 tile yields, as well as the graphical fix for the Fishing Boats.
    Kael, Dale, and other community members who have provided insight and knowledge into Civ 5 Modding.

    Current Test Version: V9
    V9 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?bnfzmr607jkxtjq

    DLC Fix: http://www.mediafire.com/?nkfvda8u8at8fo4 (Only for Inca/Polynesia DLC's. Enable AFTER CtP Mod.)

    Possible Crash Wall Fixes:
    1 http://forums.2kgames.com/showthread.php?104004-Dirt-Farmer-s-save-crash-please-try-something
    2 http://forums.2kgames.com/showthread.php?104027-Possible-hotfixes-for-crashing-slow-games-READ-HERE
    3 Zoom in close on the map before the Crash Wall is experienced.

    V9 Change Log:
    1 New Resource System! All resources, including the 27 Vanilla resources, now spawn on the map using Deep Blue's Resource Generator Mod. As far as gameplay and balance goes, placement is completely randomized. Also, all resources are now strategic and come in quantity. For normal resources this is 1 or 2. For classically strategic resources such as Iron/Copper/etc, they come in their standard 3-6 quantities.
    2 You now have more control over resource abundance! Replaced the old advanced setup resource options with: Low, Standard, High, Very High, and Legendary. If you choose low, you will see very few resources. If you choose Legendary, it will be wall to wall(Warning: graphics hog).
    3 13 New resources: Crab, Rice, Corn, Soybean, Cocoa, Tea, Copper, Alligator, Poppy, Tobacco, Coffee, Titanium, and Rare Earths.
    4 New Trade Monopoly System! With the addition of 17 technologies(Economic Page) and 200 buildings(5 per resource), resources will be more important than ever!
    -Each resource now has a line of buildings: Small, Medium, Large, Huge, and Monopoly.
    -Each building requires the smaller version that came before it in the city.
    -Each building requires 1 of it's resource, and provides 1-2 bonuses to it's city of origin(10% to a Yield or 1 happiness and 5%).
    -Each Building provides a 10% increase in trade income. Each Monopoly provides 20%.
    -Monopoly buildings require 2 Huge buildings somewhere in the empire, and provide global bonuses(20% to a Global Yield, or 10% and +2 Happiness per city).
    5 Removed several beelines from the Social Page.
    6 Generally reduced Happiness from buildings.
    As of February 24
    7 Updated Resource Generator Mod with Deep Blue's save load fix. Resources should no longer generate every time you load.
    7 Fixed the Prereq lopp, which caused crashes around renaissance, as well as the 10 minute map creation time. Thanks to those who helped narrow it down.
    8 Fixed some issues with the Pearl and Crab buildings.
    As of February 27
    9 Updated the mod to be compatible with the latest patch.
    10 Due to recent luxury resource removal, Unhappiness from population has been returned to 1 per pop(from 1.25).
    11 Added flavors to the new monopoly buildings. Please keep an eye out for clues as to the AI's use of these buildings.
    12 Golden Ages no longer provide tile yield changes. They now provides a 10% bonus to Science, Food, Production, and Gold. Let me know how this feels when you get them.
    13 Changed Aristocracy's bonus to +1 Culture per Monument, and +3 Culture per Castle.
    14 Various tweaks and bug fixes.
    As of March 2
    15 Numerous text/yield/etc fixes that were leftover from the latest patch changes.
    16 Changed Aristocracy/Imperial Cult to Happiness bonuses due to the +Culture to building schema not working.
    17 Numerous tweaks made to the AI resource valuation. I found that luxuries had a plot valuation of 50000, while strategics only had like 20. Other things were changed as well, but this is probably the big one. Let me know if you see a difference.
    18 Changed the resource graphics for rice/corn/soybean to wheat. Changed alligator to deer. This was done so that the improvement graphics match the resource graphic. As soon as we can gain the ability to add unique improvement/resource graphics, this will be changed to something more suitable.
    19 Fixed various improved resource yield valuations.
    20 Thank Feuteupool for the newest tech/building icons!
    As of March 6
    21 Minor tweaks and bug fixes.
    22 Increased happiness in some early ancient buildings.
    23 Changed the AI's valuation of gold in diplomacy. The idea is for a 10x increase in gold costs in diplomacy. Let me know if you see this.
    24 Updated Inca's Terrace farm to be compatible with the mod.
    25 Increased Bazaar's Gold bonus compared to the Market.
    As of March 8
    26 Minor tweaks and Bug Fixes
    27 Separated the DLC tech related fixes into a separate mod file. Download and install the file only if you have downloaded the Inca and Polynesian DLC's(or your game will break). Enable the DLC fix mod AFTER you enable the CtP Project.
    28 Fixed some other DLC unit and building costs.
    As of March 9

    Known Issues
    1 Natural wonder popup says +1 happiness but you get +2.
    2 You can trade strategic resources with an AI/city state, build resource buildings, loose the resource(making you negative that resource), and then still produce units using your resource requiring buildings. I don't think the AI knows how to exploit this, so it isn't a huge deal(but one I intend to fix when I can). Up to you whether you want to exploit it.
    3 Various vanilla techs as well as new techs have incorrect or outdated help text strings. This will be polished up once buildings, units, and techs are no longer added to the mod.
    4 Currently working on broad based balance issues, particularly Gold.

    New Units, Buildings, and changes:

    Project Needs:
    Graphics for wonders, units, and improvements.
    Tech audio.

    To Come

    Short term:

    Bug smashing.
    Completion of the tech tree.
    Addition of new map resources.
    Addition of buildable resources.

    Mid term:

    Religios Social Policy Pages
    Civilization specific tech trees.
    New improvements once we have unique graphics for them.

    Long Term:

    Sea cities, mining, etc.
    Space cities.
    Trade monopoly system.
    Subversive Units.

    (List CtP features moved 2 posts down)

    If anyone would like to help with any of these features, especially in the art/graphics department, I think we can make something great. Where possible, I will probably try to compile as much quality work as I can from other sources.
  2. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Archived V9 Changes:

    1 Yield System transformed. A yield of +1 is now +5, +2 is +10, and so on. Policies and civ traits have not been changed.
    2 Building % yield(gold/production/food/science) system also transformed. To make way for governments, all % yield modifiers have been changed to per pop or flat rate modifiers. Once governments have been implemented, % modifiers may or may not return in some form.
    3 Work boats can now improve non-resource coast and ocean tiles. No graphics yet, so you have to mouse over for the time being.
    4 Multiple Tech Page Mod implemented. Techs are now spread across 13 categories of tech trees, allowing for vast future improvements to the tech tree. Better and more realistic paths, more dead-end techs, and loads more. Many of the pages may feel rather empty right now, but I will be adding more techs between now and V9's publication to the modhub.
    As of December 28
    5 Updated GlobalDefines with Unit Maintenance, Gold, and Settler updates to bring it more in line with recent changes.
    6 Increased Growth exponent and multiplier. Should take slightly more to grow for each additional population.
    As of December 29
    7 Terrain/feature yield fixes.
    8 Growth exponent increased.
    9 Balance tweaks.
    10 Government system partly implemented. You may only have 1 government activated at a time. Sub Policies currently do not have bonuses attributed. See chart below for further details.
    11 Anarchy length is now 4 turns.
    12 Initial tweaks made to account for governments.
    13 Tech pages streamlined to 5 from 13 categories. Planning and choosing tech progression should be much better, while allowing for future tech expansion.
    As of January 2
    14 Some tweaks and balance adjustments to certain buildings.
    15 Removed Docks, due to the new fishing boats.
    16 Due to a bug that causes high cost, end level techs to be researched in 1 turn, science costs and generation has been greatly reduced. Science per pop is now 1 science per 2 citizens. Science from buildings has been roughly returned to pre-yield change levels. Science costs have been divided by about 9. More adjustments may be needed in the future if people are still experiencing the 1 turn tech bug on the end level techs at marathon speed.
    As of January 6
    17 Fixed Science per pop. It didn't register a .5 value, so 1 per pop is the minimum.
    18 Lowered upgrade costs substantially.
    19 Somewhat lowered unit maintenance.
    20 Modified lighthouse, harbor, and seaports. Coastal cities should be slightly less powerful.
    21 Lowered cost of civil engineer.
    22 Fixed some inaccurate help text strings.
    23 Modified the production cost of certain renaissance units to smooth out the cost curve between units.
    As of January 7
    23 Government Sub-Policies Implemented.
    As of January 8
    24 Fixed DLC units. They now reflect correct costs.
    25 Slightly increased unit costs.
    26 Smoothed out and slightly lowered building cost curve.
    27 Fixed Great Scientist yield.
    28 Lowered GP points per specialist from 2 to 1. This should give more incentive for some of the peaceful governments as well as slow down GP rates in general.
    29 Fixed Plot Gold costs to reflect new yield system.
    30 Decreased minimum Barb Camp distance from 7 spaces to 5.
    31 Increased max xp from barbarians to 200.
    32 Increased frequency and length of rivers on the world map.
    As of January 8
    33 Fixed issue where republic still reveals barb camps.
    34 Fixed medieval-renaissance wonders that were grossly overpriced. Costs cut roughly in half.
    35 Set barb xp cap to 2k, effectively removing it.
    36 Fixed Tribal Kingship, should give 50% more xp not 150%.
    37 Handicapped the AI 10% to growth on all difficulty levels. Now 90% on Prince, dropping 10% a level to 50% at diety.
    As of January 9
    38 Broad balance changes to medieval-modern buildings. Increased gold, production, and science outputs.
    39 Slightly lowered building maintenance.
    As of January 9
    40 Hopefully fixed ~Renaissance CtD Wall. If it isn't fixed with this version, I at least know it is somewhere in the global defines xml.
    41 New Unit Flags for Civil Engineer, Missile Squad, Combat Controller, Micro UAV Team, Cybernetic Marauder, and Unmanned Aircraft. Thank knatte_Anka!
    42 Made changes to tech trees, migrating military units to the military tech page. Added 1 tech(Siege Engines for Trebuchets), and created Archimedes Lab wonder for Physics. More tech tree optimizing in the future.
    As of January 14
    43 More tech tree optimization
    44 New Military Techs. Shipbuilding, Rudder, Naval Armor, Shells, Tracked Vehicles, Torpedoes, Submersibles, and Big Guns Doctrine.
    45 New Units. Cog and Galleon.
    46 Added Machine Gunner Unit Flag.
    As of January 14
    47 Implemented 30mb+ of icon art courtesy of Feuteupool. Thank him if you see him!
    48 New Military Techs. Shoulder Launched Weapons, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Cruise Missiles, Combined Arms Doctrine.
    As of January 15
    49 Initial completion of Military Tech Page Optimization. All military units are(should be) found on the techs within the Military Tech Page.
    50 New Military Techs. Composite Armor, Space Weaponization, and Free Space Saturation.
    As of January 15
    51 Updated the multiple tech pages mod. It has several improvements, one of which seems to be a smoother, sleeker interface experience. I also hope this smoother experience results in less button related CtD's, so let me know how it goes. Also, the new update adds "Required" techs in each help text, so you can get a quick tooltip detailing not only what it leads to, but also where it came from.
    52 Implemented latest ICONS and Flags from Feuteupool. Everyone thank him. :)
    53 Tweaked a few building/unit values here and there, and fixed a text string.
    As of January 16
    54 Fixed various small bugs.
    55 Updated City State Gold Gifts and Food rewards to match the new yield system. Militant CS's also give units more often. Let me know if you see any issues or if influence degrades too quickly..
    56 Changed the AI's diplomatic perception of the weight of gold gifts to match the yield system.
    57 Largely modified the building yield system. Many of the yield per pop modifiers didn't really feel right, so while many still have these modifiers, most were changed to % modifiers, flat rate yields, or resource improving.
    58 Changed the core government yields system. Dropped the % mods for food/prod/gold, and increased the base yield increases for improvements. Also, the gold and production yields now apply to the specialists.
    59 Specialist slots greatly reduced, especially in the early eras.
    60 3 New Techs; Fermentation(ECO), Sports(SOC), Economy of Scale(ECO)
    61 3 New Buildings; Brewery, Winery, and Olympics.
    62 Wine no longer grows on vines. Grapes do.
    63 Added Wonder Splash Images for Dinosaur Park and Virtual Securities Exchange. Thank DrBalthar.
    64 Removed(finally) the agriculture audio from all the new techs.
    As of January 19
    65 Fixed Barb Camp gold. Should now be in the range of 150-300 gold per camp.
    66 Minor Fixes related to the last update.
    As of January 20
    68 Expanded Ancient, Classical, and Medieval eras out to be 4 techs wide. This increases the tree width by 5 techs, allowing for much needed expansion in the early eras. Techs to fill those spaces will follow in the coming weeks.
    69 More icons courtesy of Feuteupool. :)
    As of January 20
    70 8 New Techs: Ceremonial Burial, Bureaucracy, Enlightenment, Trading, Division of Labor, Trade Fairs, Agricultural Revolution, and Bonds.
    71 6 New Buildings: Burial Mound(Burial Tomb now replaces), National Academy, Regional Fair, Mill, Town Hall, and Bond Market.
    72 Massive science changes. Due to instabilities with techs that cost 200k+ beakers, combined with the addition of 5 tech widths to the tree(increasing end cost 1k%), I had to make major adjustments to the tech costs and generation. Most noticeably, you will see that you are making 1 Sci per pop starting out, but the techs are 10-20 beakers each. My hope is that the tech pace stays roughly the same or better than it was before. Given the changes though, not guaranteed. Let me know of any issues you run into or balance suggestions you have.
    As of January 21
    73 Tech loops fixed. There were actually 2, both related to Chiv/DoL.
    74 Updated with FiresForever's patch. I think this helped greatly with the game load time, though it is still slightly slow. Let me know how it treats you.
    75 Added Feuteupool's new art.
    76 Minor fixes(Whale Food, Trireme to Cog Update, and put a block in front a of an early beeline).
    As of January 22
    77 Various minor bug fixes that have been mentioned in the past week or so.
    78 Various small balance changes and tech tree optimizations.
    79 Update to Tech Pages mod by FiresForever focusing on performance and tech pipe fixes.
    As of January 24
    80 7 New Techs: Mega Engineering, Evangelism, Televangelism, Consumerism, Conservationism, Extreme Sports, Social Networks,
    81 8 New Buildings: Interstate Highway System, Missionary Church, Megachurch, Crystal Cathedral, Shopping Mall, National Park Service, X Games, Facebook,
    82 New Tile Yield Graphic fix. Each little Food/Gold/Hammer icon now represents 5 units. The big icon represents 25 units, instead of 5. Also, values between 30 and 55 will be displayed by number, and 60+ displayed using the star icon. At a later date, when the system can handle the art, I hope to get the number system displaying up to 95. Thank Sneaks for the contribution.
    As of January 27
    83 Fishing Boats graphic now shows in non-resource tiles. Thank Sneaks! In addition, Fishing Boat cost fixed.
    As of January 28
    84 Fishing Boats should now really show in non-resource tiles.
    85 Various minor fixes and balance changes.
    86 Multiple Social Pages are here! :) 10 new Government Ideologies implemented. Known Issue: Branches are out of order, and you may or may not see policies policies appearing under the wrong branch. Expected to be fixed in the next day or so. Until then, test away!
    87 Policy culture cost lowered. It won't be immediately apparent, but over time you should find yourself with more policies than usual(pre-governments) Let me know if it is enough, too much, or not enough.
    As of January 30
    88 Optimizations to the recent social policy additions. Mainly; the branches are now in order, and most broken pipes have been fixed. Still some issues here and there which will be resolved soon.
    As of January 31
    89 Government Systems implemented! 55 new policies in total.
    90 Various fixes made to policies.
    91 Various balance improvements made to policies.
    92 AI strengthened. Looking for more AI buildings, leading to more AI culture.
    As of February 2
    93 Gov Systems era availability fixed.
    94 Flavors added to the policy branches. Offense, Gold, Production, Growth, and Happiness. Monarchy and Fascism are Offense, Theocracy and Corporate are Gold, Communism and Technocracy are Production, Republic and Ecotopia are Growth, and Democracy and Virtual Democracy are Happiness. These flavor pairings are not as much about the name of the flavor, as they are about tying the AI to specific policy paths. The Gov Systems and Gov Ideologies were similarly flavored, with an emphasis on compatibility. My intent is to keep the AI out of needless anarchies and to keep them focused on a single line of policies throughout the eras. This will be hard to gauge, but any info you can provide regarding AI and the number of policies they gain will be helpful.
    95 Leader flavors modified to suit the new policy flavors. Ghandi should be going for Democracy, Ghenghis Khan Communism, Bismark Fascism, etc.
    96 When an AI has recently gained a Government, the diplomacy text may tell you what government that is. For instance, they will be introduced as "Fascist Bismark the Wise of Germany" if Bismark recently took Fascism. This actually seemed to be a bug when it first appeared, but I am trying to make the most of it, and having the diplomacy introduction tell you what government they are in should both give the player a good bit of info for gameplay purposes, as well as give you info that you can pass on to me regarding what kinds of governments the AI are taking, which should tell me if my flavors are working. One problem is that if the AI picks a policy in gov systems or ideologies, it won't show the Government they are in. Hopefully this can be expanded upon more in the future.
    97 Happiness modified. Population now generates 1.25 unhappiness per population instead of 1, and cities now produce 4 unhappiness each instead of 2. This may make things tougher starting out, but the slowdown in expansion is likely a good thing, and more importantly, it will make certain policy choices more worthwhile.
    98 A few minor bug fixes.
    As of February 3
    99 Fixed some 1 way policy disables. (If 1 policy disables another, it should work both ways)
    100 Cog and Galleon now show icons in game.
    101 Various other minor fixes.
    As of February 5
    102 Fixed some incorrect unit icons and text strings.
    103 Applied FiresForever's latest updates to the pages mods(slight art change on the policy buttons for one)
    104 Fixed Plantation Bug(Thanks TanisX)
    105 Fixed Ranch
    106 Lowered Gold Across the board starting mainly around medieval and onward. This is just an initial step in the gold balancing direction.
    107 Policies that lower unhappiness per pop have been generally lowered and balanced.
    108 General tweaks here and there to various buildings and policies.

    This is a list of CtP features that made it stand out from previous civilization games. These are the features that I would like to bring to Civ 5. At least in Spirit. Some are on the indefinite wait list because they are so difficult to implement, but as soon as they are possible will make it on the list above.

    1. Stack limits of 10 with stacked combat. DLL Required. Lua/C++ Programmer needed.

    2. Sea and Space cities/improvements. Work is being put into some of the space city concepts. Sea cities and new sea improvements will take some additional work.DLL Required. Will need artists and Lua/C++ programmer.

    3. Trade Monopolies. The biggest snag in this department as of right now, is the inability to require a building to use 2, 3, or 4 of the same resource found within city limits. How this would work, would be that if you have 3 worked Spices in city limits, then you can build a building that produces substantially more gold than the building that requires 2 Spices. The limit would be 4 Spices in city limits.

    The second part of this system is that you get to use up to 4 more Spices found within your empire and send them to the city with the most spices in the city limits. The city that can build a building using up to 8 Spices(up to 4 in city limits, and up to 4 others found throughout the empire), would be a major economic hub of your empire. Now obviously, this method of implementing Trade Monopolies could produce quite a lot of buildings, so it would likely be streamlined down to 4. 1 Building uses 1 local and 1 national resource, 1 uses 2 and 2, 3 and 3, and 4 and 4.

    Until then, it is possible that I could create a system that just requires 1 of a local resource and then up to 5 total could be uses in the monopoly buildings. So 1 local plus up to 4 national. 4 buildings total. They would have names such as Alluminum Mill, Alluminum Hub, Alluminum Sector, and Alluminum Capital. It would be a chain of buildings, each requiring the last, and each requiring 1 additional resource.

    I would also like for there to be pillageable trade route lines snaking across the map. This could be very tough, even if we had DLL access and a capable C++ Programmer. DLL Required. Need lua and C++ programmer eventually.

    4. Ultra Huge Maps. Huge maps in Civ 5 are decent. Gigantic would be better. However, a huge map on Civ 5 taxes even the best of CPU's by late game, so this simply may not be feasible.

    5. 32 Civilizations. Halfway there. Given the bonuses that Civilizations get, and the changes to the yield system I have made, I am going to have to do a significant amount of work integrating and updating various Vanilla and User added Civs.

    6. Mountain Mining. Need the ability to have workers move on mountains and build mines. I need the cities to be able to draw yields from the mined mountains(currently not doable). And of course we need the mined mountain to be graphically represented.DLL Required. Need Terrain Artist, and a Lua/C++ Programmer.

    7. Public works tile improvement system. We don't need the CtP system per se, but there are quite a lot of improvements that need to come over. Airfields, listening posts, radar towers, scaled farms/mines/trading posts, sonar buoys, undersea tunnels, undersea mines, maglev, etc, etc. DLL Required. Need Artists and lua/C++ Programmer.

    8. Subversive Units. First, we need the ability to make units invisible, similar to the submarines. Should not be a huge problem. Second, we need our subversives to have special abilities. Siphon production, siphon gold, poison water supplies, destroy buildings, spread plagues, create corporate franchises, create religious footholds, etc. DLL Required. Need Artists and lua/C++ Programmer.

    9. Vast 100+ city empires. This is partly tied up with #4 and the fact that larger and larger maps are progressively more unstable. Currently empires of 30-40 seem to be the average large empire, with perhaps an upper limit of 60 cities if you spread cities 3-4 tiles apart instead of 5-6.

    10. Uniformity/Diversity slider. Basically this is a slider in the advanced setup menu that would allow you to tweak terrain randomness as desired. Slider on the diversity side of the scale would basically make a map where desert is next to jungle is next to grassland is next to swamp. Slider on the uniform side of the scale would create a map where vast open plains, swamps, mountain ranges, etc would all be found. You might find yourself starting in a swamp that stretches for days. Or maybe in an endless jungle. Or jammed up against a mountain range the size of a duel map.

    The slider lets you choose the level of diversity or uniformity, and would allow all kinds of map conditions. Personally, I always played max uniformity as that always seemed to produce enjoyable maps as opposed to jumbled masses of randomized terrain types. If I had to rate Civ 5's map diversity, I would say it would be a 4-5, with 1 being most diverse and 10 being most uniform.Map scripter required.

    11. Choice of End Era. While this is technically possible now, it requires a separate mod to be enabled in addition to the CtP Project. What I would like to see is an Advanced Setup option where you can simply select the End Era just as you select the Start Era. Default End Era would be Diamond, with the choice of any era inbetween. Lua/UI Programmer required.

    12. The ability to remove any unit/building/wonder from the game in the create game screen. Essentially, this would be an Advanced Setup option that would allow you to turn off any unit or building that you do not want in the game. Nukes for instance. Or Settlers was always a fun one in CtP, but then you could start CtP with 9 settlers if you wanted. I believe this will be similar, yet significantly more difficult than adding the Choice of End Era to the Advanced Setup.Lua/UI Programmer required.

    13. Empire wide food, production, and gold sliders. In CtP this was basically setting the workday of your citizens. 6 hours, 8, 10, or 12 hours a day? Or setting how much food they get to eat. Do they eat 5 food a turn, 10, 15, 20? Or setting how much they get paid for their work. 5 gold, 10 gold, 15, 20? If you work your citizens 12 hours a day, they are not going to be happy but you get lots of production out of them. And you can make up for the long hours by feeding(lower city growth rates) or paying them more. DLL might be required. Lua/UI Programmer needed.

    15. Awesome city management system. We need the ability to set production on all of our cities at the same time. Also the ability to save Queue's and load them in other cities. I have seen some mods that address this area somewhat, but we need it to go much further. Lua/UI Programmer needed.

    As you can see, some of these things are already good to go in Civ 5/Mods. Some require the DLL. Some of these things are just extremely difficult to mod in. Some take more work creating graphics than anything else. Altogether, it is a lot of work.

    If anyone would like to help with any of these features, especially in the lua/C++art/graphics departments, I think we can make something great. Where possible, I will probably try to compile as much quality work as I can from other sources.
  3. rikkia

    rikkia Chieftain

    Sep 29, 2010
    Been playing with this a bit and love it so far.

    Social Policies are outdated but possibly not in your immediate focus of things to do.
    City States seem to be building wonders, not sure if its just your additions or all wonders.

    As I play longer I'll let you know if i find anymore oddities and give feedback on possible ideas for balance.
  4. Doubleplusgood3

    Doubleplusgood3 Chieftain

    Aug 6, 2009
    Finally! Hooray .
  5. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Yeah I have been getting reports of this as well.

    I don't necessarily mind it, but find it odd. There could be some hardcoded thngs about the Civ 5 wonders that modded wonders don't get to join in on.

    Or, I hear the city states have their own tech trees? It could be that they get all my added techs somehow.

    Glad you like it. :)
  6. Tssha

    Tssha Warlord

    Dec 20, 2007
    Minor Civs list every world wonder as unbuildable in the <Civilizations_BuildingOverrides> element in the Civ5Civilizations.xml file. Likely any new wonders would be unlisted in that list.

    Their tag is CIVILIZATION_MINOR . You'll likely have to write exclusion clauses into an xml file and load it to prevent minor civs from building the new world wonders.
  7. apotheoser

    apotheoser Prince

    Apr 15, 2006
    To me, the way CtP organized the early/mid game around slaver civilizations versus abolitionist civilizations was awesome. It'd be great if you could get that whole thing in there. Should be possible with scripting.
  8. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Ah, didn't know that. Thanks for the info. :)

    I still don't mind city states building wonders, since it gives a good reason to kill one if he has a wonder you want. The AI kind of kills city states religiously, which is kind of ridiculous, but the player has all the incentives to keep them alive. Perhaps if I went in and unlocked all the rest of the wonders for city states, it would give another reason to fight over them. What do you guys think?

    It is hard to say how I will be able to organize it at this point, but subversives are definitely on my list, with Slavers being near the top. I think the slavers are feasible, but it is going to take some fancy lua work to combine a few game mechanics from other areas.

    After I finish the future techs, buildings, units, and add alternate tech pages, governments, and religions, I will take a shot at the subversive system. Kind of long term right now, but it is on the radar. :)
  9. JSnider

    JSnider Prince

    Nov 9, 2001
    Concur with Minors blding wonders ... never understood why they couldn't.
  10. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    This is great stuff, but what if you want to add era's like, The Stone Age and in-between Modern and Future have TransHuman? How would you do this, If its to long or you know how to, just PM me, i tried like four hours to no avail.
  11. Buddha2723

    Buddha2723 Warlord

    Oct 9, 2010
    Have you played Master of Orion 2? Many techs from that game could be adapted into nano and other future eras. Also, taking workers with military units is a rough approximation of slavery. If pre-democracy nations could trade workers for gold or units it might be able to simulate the triangle trade.
  12. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    I spent a few hours trying to figure out eras as well.

    What I finally ended up doing, because it was the only thing that worked, was that I had to rename the future era the Digital Era, and then I added the NanoTech era after the Digital era.

    There is something about the eras that doesn't want to move. Almost as if they are pinned in place.

    Basically just leave all the FUTURE_ERA tags alone, but change the Text for the future era to the era of your choice.

    Then, later on you can even add the future era back at the end of your tree(with a different tag of course).

    If you want to add in eras between the earlier times, I am pretty sure you are going to have to rename all your eras to bump one in.

    It would be real annoying in your XMLs but whoever plays it won't notice a thing.

    I played 3, and plenty of other 4X space games anyway. Many of the techs from those games don't quite fit Civ, even for instance my NanoTech era. I even looked at Alpha Centauri, and found that many of those techs are beyond even what I am going for.

    In CtP, the techs go out to the point where you have low orbital cities and some orbital warfare.

    Most techs in those types of games involve things that are interstellar in scale, techs that we may not have for a thousand years.

    As future as CtP is, it really doesn't go more than 100-200 years into the future which I think works pretty well for the game.

    I would compare the end situation to that of Ghost in the Shell. By the end of Nanotech era of course we will be beyond that, but the idea of how it all fits together is rather similar to that anime.
  13. Buddha2723

    Buddha2723 Warlord

    Oct 9, 2010
    I'll post some of the MOO2 tree that I feel will translate and suggest buildings, troops, and effects for each tech. You can decide how many research points, and which eras to place them;

    power tree- nuclear fusion -> advanced fusion -> cold fusion
    rocketry tree- ballistics -> anti missile rockets
    laser tree- laser -> combat lasers -> laser rifles -> laser pistols
    economy tree- globalization -> Automated Factories -> robotic workers
    robotics tree- robotics -> advanced robotics -> nano robotics
    mining tree- dynamite -> advanced mining -> tectonic engineering
    education tree- computers -> artificial intelligence -> intech-grated education
    particle tree- particle physics -> energy fields -> anti-gravity field
    media tree- mass media -> mega plasma screens -> virtual reality

    Tech effects:
    advanced fusion- new building:Fusion plant(+50% nuclear plant cost and maint, +30% to production)
    cold fusion- new unit; Fusion infantry(80 Str, 2 moves, + 80% cost of mech inf. )
    anti missile rockets- new promotion for air units/mobile sam (+50% vs missiles used by jet fighters and mobile sam)
    combat lasers- unlocks your strategic laser unit
    laser rifles- unlocks laser infantry(60 Str, 2 moves, equal cost of mech inf.)
    laser pistols- +15 happiness(empire, not per city)
    Automated Factories- new building: Missile factory(generates a guided missile every x turns, or a hypersonic every x*2 turns)
    robotic workers- new building: Robotics Inc.(+3 food, 5 maint{frees citizens from menial labor, giving larger specialist force, or more worked tiles})
    advanced robotics- new unit: armored troops(100 str, 3 moves, same penalties as armored units{weak attack on city/defense}, +40% cost of modern armor)
    nano robotics- new promotion: nano repair(available to naval units with supply{heals 2 damage in unfriendly territory} changing bonus to 4 points/turn)
    advanced mining- new effect:allows workers to move like choppers, new mine improvement available on mountain terrain
    tectonic engineering- new buildings: Molten core garbage dump(no prerequisite building, +5 happiness, 8 maint); Subterranean farms(+6 food, 8 maint)
    artificial intelligence- new effect: +1 science per citizen(a virtual tutor for every child); new building: hydroponic farm(+4 food, 6 maint, triple cost of granary)
    intech-grated education- new building:Tech University(+1 production from rough terrain, +1 food from flat terrain, +1 gold per specialist, double the cost of research lab, 7 maint)
    energy fields- new building:Deflector shields(+20 defense, 10 maint, double cost of the military base)
    anti-gravity field- New units:Jump Troops(90 Str, 5 moves, same ability as paratroopers)
    mega plasma screens- new building: Super Imax(requires theatre, +6 happiness, 6 maint)
    virtual reality- New building: VR Center(+7 happiness, 9 maint, +30 exp for all unit types)

    In cases where I reference another building's cost,(i.e. 3 times cost of granary) I believe that building should be the prerequisite.
  14. Buddha2723

    Buddha2723 Warlord

    Oct 9, 2010
    And btw, MOO2 still to this day kicks MOO 3's )*^%( out of the water. Give it a try someday, all these techs are straight from it.
  15. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Some good ideas, many of which I already have semi-planned.

    I definitely can't pull full trees out of those games and implant them in, but I can take ideas from them and use a tech here or there.

    Things like going so far as to differentiate between a laser rifle and a laser pistol tech is way too detailed, and would clutter things up real quick.

    I am already putting in new techs to expand out the fusion line a bit more. :)

    Robotics will reappear here and there in the tree as certain other advances become apparent. For instance Exoskeletons, and later nanites and whatnot.

    Advanced mining is a little generic. There are things like Advanced flight, but that at least gives Helicopters and Jet engines. I would probably increase mining through some other tech such as exoskeletons and others.

    Much of my digital age is about computers really. Optical and quantum computers are both invented in that age, and a few other computer age techs as a result.

    For anti-gravity fields, I won't go quite that far. However, I do have the unified field theory tech which is going to lead to some force fields and limited hovering ability later in the nanotech era.

    Also going to add virtual reality late in the digital, or early in the nanotech era.

    Lots more to come in the last 2 eras. :)
  16. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006

    I believe some of the era's stuff are in the core dll also.

    Take a look at "my" Prehistoric mod(see sig) for techs, it has way over 290 techs and actually if pretty good.;)
  17. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Yeah I am sure it is. At least there are workarounds. :)

    I doubt I will go into prehistory unless I complete 90-100% of the things on my list and then find myself bored enough to throw it in. :)

    290 techs though? All prior to agriculture? That sounds a little insane. Does each tech have a unit or building in it?

    I am considering pumping the ancient and classical eras out to be 3 techs wide though. That is likely after I finish the future eras and some other stuff though.
  18. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    No, all techs , not prior to agriculture, all techs, included from Stone Age to Future, come to think of it i believe there is over 300 TOTAL.

    Still haven't figure out how to add, dang.:(
  19. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Ah. :) I have added 60 techs, plus whatever the normal game has.

    V4 is live. See the OP for patch notes. Enjoy! :)
  20. Daft73

    Daft73 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Jan 23, 2008
    Baba Yaga's Hut
    This is quite the project. I am curious to see what develops with the adding /changing of the 'Tech Tree eras'. :yeah:

    Good luck with the project!

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