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Feb 27, 2012
Hi Folks,

based on the idea of vetiarvind and his idea of production modifier / bonus for worker which are specialists in a similar profession


I have thought about this in more detail. I like this idea very much and I think it would be realistic if a specialist gets a more or less extensive bonus if he works in a similar profession.

However, this could have a massive impact of the economic balance of the game so that we should handle this with care.

My first impressions are as follows:

- Specialists with a profession related to production within the city will get a bonus if they work in a similar profession or group of professions (as described by vetiarvind), e.g.:

Blacksmiths +25%
Gunsmiths +20%
Bladesmith +20%

Due to the fact that this should have the effect of a higher production output in the city and that specialists can be appointed better in the city, we need a compensation for that:

This could be handled by lowering the output of specialists related to a profession within city (weaver, smith, dyer, tanner etc.) when working on the fields as a planter (finalley they are manufacturer and no farmer :D ). The same could be done with planters the other way around (lowering the output in city professions).

Doing this would finally enhance the meaning of the professions although they get a bonus when working in similar professions.

This could also enhance the meaning of native converts, slaves and native slaves if they get a slightly higher bonus when working as planter. Currently my colonies have nearly no native converts. Therefore I suggest to lock the possibility for native converts to be educated in native villages.

This would also enhance the meaning of servants (currently predominantly used as soldiers due to their low production output).

Altogether the idea of vetiarvind is a very interesting approach for the improvement of the economy of RaR and should make the game more interesting. What dou you think?



Commander Bello

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Sep 3, 2003
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At first glance, the idea seems intriguing. Nevertheless, percentages are something not to be meddled with lightheadedly.

You already get 10% bonus on each and everything by healers. You get 50% on each and everything by revolutionary mind. You may get additional percentage rates from a founding father (depending on the respective profession, but Adams and Paine come to mind in any case). And you may get additional modifiers due to higher level buildings or the infamous auto-improved tile improvements.
And all of this you get in the later part of the game, when actually your production should be skyrocketing anyway.

On the other hand, due to Firaxis' obsession with integers, in the early game you don't get anything from this, or at least, almost nothing.
Say you're putting a weaponsmith in the blacksmith's house (don't recall the exact English term for the lowest level at the moment).
As not being the right specialist, the weaponsmith will only produce 3 tools.
Say he's got 20% bonus on production due to similar profession. This makes 3*1.2 = 3.6 Since we're talking in integers, this will be rounded down to 3.

In other words: in the beginning, you won't notice any difference, but in the end your production may explode.
Actually, even now I often spare upgrading buildings after turn ~180, just because there isn't any need anymore. I am facing problems then in transporting all the goods back to Europe, anyway. All I am doing then is clicking "next turn", "next turn", "next turn", waiting for my 20th ship of the line to leave the docks. In other words, the game then just has become boring.

As far as I see it, it would be much better to give a fixed value as a bonus, say +1 - if at all.
This will help you in the beginning, and of course it will still be affected by all the "standard" modifiers in the end, too, but the effect may not be as drastic as by your proposal, when you even don't need the right master or experienced units anymore.


Jan 26, 2006
I agree with Bello. If it is going to be usefull set it up so that you have a wider use for those proffesions that emigrate early game from Europe and give them bonuses that matter early game. Late game it tends to be all about farmer, lumberjacks, carpenters, rancher, miner, blacksmith, gunsmith, statesmen, soldiers ayway.

A good +2 integer bonus for industry workers in related industries makes them usefull early on, and then less when your industry is up.

By the way, can industry workers use integer bonuses? How does that function in that case?


Jun 30, 2011
Therefore I suggest to lock the possibility for native converts to be educated in native villages.

This would be a good idea even without the changes you suggest. It never made sense to me that you often would send converts back to their home villages to learn professions the moment you acquired them.
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