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Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall - Dawn of Civilization' started by Linkman226, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Linkman226

    Linkman226 #anarchy

    Sep 14, 2007
    Project Synthesis


    Now in the Dawn of Civilization Subforum

    The goal of this mod is to combine the greatest modmods of RFC and greatest mods of BTS into one, nice, mod. In the post below this one there is a list of items in the latest version, as well as a full change-log (not completely up to date) in the post below that.

    My inspiration for this mod comes from the fact from this funny feeling I get whenever I sit down to play RFC, a RFC modmod, or other BTS mods, that if only feeling: 'Ah, if only RFC: Civilizations in Abundance has an Italian rebirth of Rome like Dawn of Civilization', 'Ah, if only RFC has the Better Global Warming mod, or the features of BUG,' and so on and so forth. I'm sure you guys have felt this sensation yourselves, especially if you're devoted fans to more than one mod.

    What I wanted from you guys was assistance and feedback. Obviously to improve the mod I will require people to play it and advise me on its balance, fun level, etc.


    At this time the mod is English only. All requirements for regular BTS and RFC are also mandatory.


    This is basically a reference for myself of things I might want to eventually include in the mod. So have already been included; other haven't.


    • The basis of the mod is RFC: Marathon. So Epic and Marathon speeds will be available.
    • Features from Dawn of Civilization- far too many for me to list; the core of this game is built around DoC. DoC is a modmod for RFC by Leoreth. I am instead going to redirect you to his page rather than running the risk of having his hard work be attributed to me.

    • Varietas Dialectat for RFC
    • Inquisitor for RFC
    • Revised CityNameManager by ScienceRules, usi, myself, and others
    • Revised American UP: Immigrants can bring their religion by Panopticon (Probability of religion spread higher for Protestantism, Catholicism, and in American cities with fewer religions.
    • Great General spawns for:
      Spoiler :
      • Some of the more millitaristic, quickly expanding civs with later starts get great generals. I was thinking:
        • Genghis Khan of Mongolia
        • Osman I of the Ottoman Empire
        • George Washington of America
      • To simulate wars of independence, perhaps great general and (more) unit spawns for reborn civs/ vassalized civs freeing themselves from masters, resulting in war (this one's a maybe)
    • Panopticon's Dynamic Terrain Mod
    • Merjin_v1's Second UU, UB (A BIG maybe)
    • Great Depression change(s). Ideas discussed here.
    • From non-RFC Mods:
      Spoiler :

    • From my own brain/ suggestions of others:
      Spoiler :
      • American UHV requires Empire State Building as well.
      • Spread of religion automatically to new cities founded by colonial powers/ minor colonial powers (see above for those two lists)
      • More religions (made possible by >7 religions screen above):
        • Sunni/ Shi'ite split (also in SoI)
        • Orthodoxy (also in RFC:Europe)
        • Hellenism (also in RFCC)
        • Reintro of Judaism as a minor religion like in RFCE (maybe)
        • Reintro of Confucianism (maybe)
        • Possibly paganism?
      • Possibly a reworking of Russian UP (thread discussing this here)
      • Canals
        • Can be built on any level, barren terrain (grasslands, plains, deserts]
        • Building them requires a large sum money- let's say 150 gold on grassland and plains and 300 on deserts.
        • Teaching AI's how to use this would be difficult with my programming skill. Help would be appreciated.
      • Attrition (maybe)
        • Causes a certain amount of damage every turn spent in enemy territory



    However, it is possible to play the game prior to the next release via the usage of a tool known as the SVN. What it the SVN, you ask? Click the spoiler to find out:

    Spoiler :

    SVN or Subversion is a software that provides an online repository for data which can be connected to a folder in one's Explorer. From then on, I can commit recent changes to this repository and you can update your version of it. The Synthesis repository is available HERE. The easiest way to access it under Windows is to download and install Tortoise SVN. After that, you can right-click on your Beyond the Sword\Mods\ folder and the new option "SVN Checkout" will appear. This will open a prompt where you enter Synthesis's SVN URL (https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/projectsynthesis/). This will create a new folder "Project_Synthesis" in your Mods folder. You will have to rename it to "RFC Synthesis" for the modmod to work. Afterwards, you only have to right-click on that folder and select "SVN Update" to get my most recent updates.

    If you intend to use this feature, please mind that I don't guarantee stability, bug-freeness or balance of the not officially released versions. If you wish to comment on features in the SVN, please put these comments in spoilers with the spoiler name set as SVN, like this:
    Spoiler SVN :
    You put =SVN after 'Spoiler'
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  2. Linkman226

    Linkman226 #anarchy

    Sep 14, 2007
    VERSION .25
    • Removed Decaying Resources (for now)
    • Phoenician floating unit bug fixed
    • Added back diplomatic victory; removed cultural victory
    • Added Empire State Building- +1 commerce per pop point in the city it's built in
    • Manhattan project now enables nukes ONLY for civs that have built the wonder themselves
    • This mod now has an icon/ official logo, artwork by me.
    • Misc. bugfixes/ text fixes

    Spoiler Previous Versions :

    VERSION .2
    • Fixed the bug where certain civs somehow won the game via UHV.
    • In order to do that, I had to remove the Diplomatic Victory.

    VERSION .1
    • Everything from DoC v1.71 unless otherwise indicated
    • Jeckel/ Roamty More Religions screen (what religions will be included is still undecided)
    • Plantations connect resources
    • Bananas spawn on Canary islands, sugar on Azores
    • The "colonial civs" (Portugal, Spain, England, France, Japan) get a halved stability penalty for owning cities out of their settler maps. Only out of Europe and the Mediterranean. The penalty for number of cities for them is also halved. Certain minor colonial civs (Netherlands, Vikings, Germany, Rome/ Italy, Russia) get a 1/5th stability penalty for settling out of stability maps, along with the penalty for number of cities being halved.
    • Decaying resources
    • Can now convert 100% of production to espionage in a 4:1 hammer:espionage ratio.
    • Can now set city production as idle (don't know why would want to, but you can)
    • Inquisitors/ holy city relocation
    • New Wonder- Witch's Hammer (Malleus Maleficarum)
    • NEW VICTORY TYPE: Religious victory
    • Revised American UP: Immigrants can now bring their religions
    • New resources- timber, coffee, tea, tobacco, and potatoes (preplaced only in 600AD for now; spawns in both maps)
    • Cities no longer remove flood plains


    Spoiler :

    New religion screen (more religions are going to be added, hence the space to the right)

    New resources (from RFCE)

    Inquisition/ holy city relocation/ religious victory settings

    Flood plains under a city
  3. Linkman226

    Linkman226 #anarchy

    Sep 14, 2007
    Complete List of Changes from RFC

    Complete List of Features (as of version .025 and latest SVN version- may be missing some DoC stuff)

    Spoiler :
    The modmod is based on RFC Epic/Marathon 1.21 and therefore includes all features of RFC v1.187 for BtS unless otherwise noted.

    # enabled Epic/Marathon speeds (RFCMarathon modmod by embryodead)
    # Plague can only reduce units to 50% health, never kill them
    # The Temple of Solomon spawns with Yerushalayim
    # Added civ specific great people names (for all civs except Portugal, Khmer, Maya)
    # Dynamic civilization names adapted to the new civics
    # added a civic-specific leader switch mechanic:
    # Germany and Spain switch to Hitler and Franco when fascist, respectively
    # China and Russia switch to Mao and Stalin when communist, respectively
    # Cixi and Nicholas II added as non-communist leaders
    # Added the "rebirth" mechanism: some dead civs respawn as another civilization at a certain date (e.g. Rome as Italy), if the civ is still alive, no rebirth happens
    # civilizations are more likely to collapse after a certain historical date (e.g. Rome after 476 AD)
    # adapted the civic requirement mechanic for buildings and units from Sword of Islam
    # all civilizations have their core areas revealed at spawn
    # modified the AI to be more likely to adopt historical civics
    (basically the "favourite civic" feature per civ and per era)
    # added a war on spawn between Turkey and Arabia
    # doubled the chance of war on spawn between Arabia and Egypt
    # removed continent boundaries to help the AI
    # some civilizations (Arabia, Mongolia, Turkey) fight their initial spawn wars longer
    # conqueror events automatically trigger war
    # AI conquerors now made to attack native cities immediately
    # civilizations cannot be vassals of too far away civs until the discovery of Astronomy
    # Fascist names now also with (Autocracy or Totalitarism) and no Parliament
    # New total wars on spawn: Rome on Greece, Persia on Babylonia and Phoenicia
    # Implemented the "birth in capital" mechanics, where certain civilization flip the city on their spawn plot on spawn (currently only used for Byzantium)
    # reduced the intervals between early AI wars
    # New victory type: Religious Victory
    # Removed diplomatic victory
    # Manhattan project now enables nukes only for civs that have built it
    # Inquisitions-
    1. To build an inquisitor: You must have researched Theology, have a state religion and have produced a “Holy Office” building in at least one city.

    2. To use an inquisitor in a city: You must have your state religion previously established in a city and there must be at least one non-state religion established in the same city.

    3. To use an inquisitor in a foreign city: The foreign civilization must have the same state religion as you, the foreign civilization must have an open borders agreement with you and the foreign city must also meet the requirements of prerequisite 2 above.
    # Holy City Relocation
    # Can now convert 100% of production to espionage in a 4:1 hammer:espionage ratio.
    # Can now set city production as idle (don't know why would want to, but you can)
    # The "colonial civs" (Portugal, Spain, England, France, Japan) get a halved stability penalty for owning cities out of their settler maps.
    Only out of Europe and the Mediterranean. The penalty for number of cities for them is also halved. Certain minor colonial civs
    (Netherlands, Vikings, Germany, Rome/ Italy, Russia) get a 1/5th stability penalty for settling out of stability maps, along with the penalty for number of cities being halved.
    # Plantations now act like cities

    # more Keshiks for Mongolia on spawn
    # Phoenicia spawns a settler in Qart-Hadasht 820 BC (AI only)
    # England receives an extra settler to make up for the lost Inverness
    # lowered China's research costs in the ancient and classical era
    # increased "switch civic" and "switch religion" espionage mission costs
    # increased the Dutch tech speed by roughly 15%
    # removed the Dutch war on spawn with the Vikings
    # increase aggressiveness of Rome, Greece and Persia
    # Rome starts with Mathematics and has a larger starting army
    # less Barbarians in Europe before 300 AD, but more afterwards
    # Rome and Greece receive research penalties from the Renaissance onward

    # Great people births are displayed again
    # added individual "Dawn of Man" texts for each civilization
    # the mouseover info box now displays tile stability in five categories:
    # Core Area (dark green): no penalty, enemy cities here give a stability hit
    # Historical Area (light green): no penalty
    # Contested Area (yellow): no direct penalty, but indirect because this tile is part of the core of another civ
    # Foreign Area (orange): penalty if number of controlled tiles exceeds a certain tolerance
    # Foreign Core Area (red): like foreign area, but also indirect penalties because this tile is part of the core of another civ
    # removed embassies and corporation headquarters from the wonders civilopedia
    # added a message when the Roman or Mongol UPs trigger
    # slave revolts are now referred to as peasant revolts
    # Expanded religions screen

    # China has a light yellow color now (Zulu from BtS)
    # Germany has the color and coat of arms of Holy Rome
    # Arabia's coat of arms changed to the shahada
    # England's secondary color changed to yellow
    # Byzantium's color changed to dark purple (Rome in Civ)
    # Phoenicia's color changed to a lighter purple

    # Moved some food resources out of Inverness' radius
    # Changed peaks to hills/plains in China, Spain, Turkey, Bohemia, Cuba
    # Cyprus is now a copper hill
    # moved resources to make certain locations more appealing, including Oslo, Hamburg and Barcelona
    # added gems in Namibia and Afghanistan
    # Added ivory near Carthage and wheat near Tripolis
    # changed marble in China to stone
    # added improvements to many Byzantine resources in the 600 AD map
    # redistributed the dye resources in the Mediterranean for Phoenicia's UHV
    # removed preplaced Inverness from the map
    # Sicily is excluded from the Roman spawn area
    # opened up a way to reach Vinland/Newfoundland with galleys
    # blocked several coast tiles for coastal sailing (cape feature)
    # Cape Hoorn
    # Northern Chile
    # Cape of Good Hope
    # around Newfoundland to deny access to the rest of America
    # added swamp in Newfoundland to deny access to the rest of America
    # excluded Detroit from America's spawn area
    # independent Kyiv spawns in 900 AD with 2 longbowmen
    # Theodosian Walls are prebuilt in Constantinople in the 600 AD scenario
    # The Pantheon is prebuilt in Rome in the 600 AD scenario
    # moved Massilia one tile west, Venice one tile east in the 600 AD scenario
    # wine and clams spawn in Savoy in 1100 AD
    # placed Adur Farnbag and a Zoroastrian temple in Sirajis in the 600 AD scenario
    # removed preplaced cities from Anatolia in the 3000 BC scenario, replaced them with more Barbarian spawns
    # many small terrain changes (grass to plains, plains to desert, etc.)
    # added tea, coffee, tobacco, timber, and potatoes from RFC:E, along with spreading spawns at different dates
    # cities no longer remove flood plains on construction
    # bananas spawn on Canary islands, sugar on Azores

    # Updated UP for Egypt: it now enables Monarchy, Serfdom and Pantheon
    # Updated UP for America: Immigrants can now bring their religions; Protestants and Catholics are more likely to do so.
    # New UP for Japan: The Power of Honor - unit promotions are available 50% faster
    # New UP for England: The Power of Indirect Rule - city distance maintenance halved
    # New UP for Mongolia: The Power of the Horde - every captured city spawns Keshiks according to its size
    # New UP for Rome: The Power of Mandate Armies - the first declaration of war against a mediterranean civ spawns an army near one of their cities
    # The Vikings now spawn at Oslo instead of Nidaros/Trondheim
    # The Viking dynamic civilization names now change to Sweden after the Renaissance
    # The Khmer spawn with Angkor at the coast
    # The Khmer are referred to as Siam after the Renaissance
    # The Germans now spawn at Wien/Vienna
    # The Dutch now spawn in 1500 AD with appropriate techs and an adapted UHV
    # German dynamic names: "Free Socialist Republic of Germany" when communist, "German Democratic Republic" when vassal of Russia
    # The Turks now spawn with 3 missionaries and 0 settlers, but get 3 settlers later with their workers
    # The Mali now spawn with an Islamic missionary
    # The Mali are now much more reluctant to peacefully vassalize

    # First Chinese goal requires Confucian Academies (University UB) and Taoist Pagodas
    # First Dutch goal changed to: settle three merchants in Amsterdam by 1745 AD
    # The Phoenician goal requires 4 dye resources
    # Removed the circumnavigation goal for Greece, Phoenicia and England
    # Removed the "allow no French, English and Dutch cities in the Americas in 1700" goal for Spain
    # Removed the "no cities lost to Barbarians and Mongols" goal for China
    # New Greek goal: control Egypt, Phoenicia, Babylonia and Persia by 330 BC
    # New Phoenician goal: have the largest map of the world in 200 AD
    # New English goal: have a larger navy than the following two European nations combined in 1800 AD
    # New Spanish goal: have the largest empire of the world in 1760 AD
    # New Chinese goal: have four golden ages by 1850 AD
    # Modified Spanish goal: control Aztecs and Inca in 1700 AD

    # Replaced Carthage with Phoenicia
    # Spawn 1200 BC at Sur
    # The Power of Seafaring - +50% trade route yield
    # Unique Building: Glassmith (Forge): no engineer slot, +1 trade route
    # Unique Unit: Bireme (Galley): +50% against Trireme, can enter rival territory
    # changed version of Carthage's UHV (see "UHVs")
    # added Italy as a Roman "rebirth"
    # Rebirth in 1167 AD in Lombardy
    # Leaderhead: Victor Emmanuel
    # Coat of Arms: Lion of Mark
    # distinctive city names and dynamic civ names
    # own overlay maps (settler, stability, AI wars)
    # Unique Unit: Bersagliere (Infantry with movement 2)
    # Unique Building: Art Studio (Forge with +1 happiness from marble and dye, one artist slot)
    # Unique Power: The Power of Renaissance - Every city gets a free specialist for each of its wonders
    # Unique Historical Victory:
    # Be the first to discover Banking, Education, Radio and Fascism
    # Build three universities by 1570 AD
    # Control Greece, Libya and Ethiopia in 1930 AD
    # added Iran as a Persian "rebirth"
    # Rebirth in 1501 AD in Esfahan
    # Leaderhead: Abbas I; switches to Ruhollah Khomeini in 1900
    # Coat of Arms: [currently using old Persian one]
    # distinctive city names and dynamic civ names
    # own overlay maps (settler, stability, AI wars)
    # Unique Unit: Qizilbash (Longswordman with City Raider I, 10 less hammers than regular longswordsman,
    ignores terrain cost, 1 more attack than longswordsman)
    # Unique Building: Caravanserai (Market with regular market bonuses and +5% commerce from silk, cotton, horses, spice, coffee, and sugar)
    # Unique Power: [NOT YET ADDED]The Power of Trade - +2 trade routes in all cities
    # Unique Historical Victory: [NOT YET ADDED]
    # Have Open Borders with 6 European Nations in 1650 AD
    # Make Shi'ite Islam the only Religion in Iran in 1700 AD
    # Found Oil Company and Spread it to 70% of the World
    # added playable Byzantium
    # spawn in 330 AD in Constantinople (or from the start in the 600 AD scenario)
    # Leaderhead: Justinian I (removed from Rome)
    # city names and overlay maps adapted from Rome and Greece
    # Unique Unit: Cataphract (Knight with +2 strength)
    # Unique Building: Hippodrome (Theatre with more happiness from culture and horses)
    # Unique Power: The Power of Byzantine Diplomacy - every city creates +2 espionage points per culture level
    # Unique Historical Victory:
    # Own 5000 gold in 1000 AD
    # Make Constantinople the world's largest and most cultured city in 1200 AD
    # Control three cities in the Balkans, Northern Africa and the Near East in 1450 AD

    # The Greek unique unit was renamed from Phalanx to Hoplite
    # The Ethiopian unique unit as renamed from Oromo Warrior to Askari
    # The Viking unique unit was renamed from Berserker to Huscarl
    # The Arabian unique unit, the Camel Archer, now has +25% against mounted units
    # The French unique unit was changed from Musketeer to Culverin, a Cannon with +25% against gunpowder and siege units
    # The German unique unit, the Panzer, now requires Oil and starts with Mobility instead of Commando
    # Airships now require Combustion
    # Replaced Macemen with Longswordsmen (same stats)
    # New unit: Levy (strength 6, +25% against mounted units, produced with food, requires Feudalism and Vassalage)
    # Knights now require Feudalism and Vassalage
    # Camel Archers and Keshiks now require Feudalism, but not Vassalage
    # Cataphracts still require Machinery and no Vassalage
    # Longbowmen now require Guilds
    # Legions now receive +25% against axemen

    # Monument was renamed Pagan Temple, expires with Divine Right and gives +1 happiness with the Pantheon civic (see "civics")
    # China's Pavillion was replaced with Confucian Academy, a University with +20% research, +1 happiness and a priest slot, available with Paper
    # Persia's Apothecary is now called Bazaar and replaces Market
    # The Viking Trading Post now also offers a merchant slot
    # France's Salon is now a Theatre instead of an Observatory and as +20% great people birth
    # Germany's Assembly plant now adds a free engineer instead of additional engineer slots

    # Added special prerequisites to enforce a more historical placement of wonders
    # Catholic wonders: Hagia Sophia, Sistine Chapel, Apostolic Palace, Notre Dame, Cristo Redentor, Theodosian Walls
    # Muslim wonders: University of Sankore, Spiral Minaret, La Mezquita, Dome of the Rock, Topkapi Palace
    # Buddhist wonders: Shwedagon Paya, Wat Preah Pisnulok
    # Hinduist wonders: Taj Mahal
    # Taoist wonders: Great Wall, Terracotta Army
    # Classical wonders (require the Pantheon civic): Parthenon, Oracle, Colossus, Mausoleum, Statue of Zeus, Temple of Artemis, Great Library, Great Cothon*, Pantheon*, Pyramids, Sphinx*, Hanging Gardens, Ishtar Gate
    # New World wonders (require Corn): Temple of Kukulkan
    # wonders marked with an asterisk are renamed/added
    # The Apostolic Palace requires state religion and moves the Holy City to where it is built
    # The Leaning Tower was replaced with the Pantheon
    # Stonehenge was replaced with the Great Sphinx
    # Moai Statues were replaced with the Great Cothon
    # Renamed Kremlin to St. Basil's Cathedral
    # Channel Tunnel was replaced with CERN Research Complex (Fission)
    # Masjid al-Haram, the Muslim shrine, now has appropriate graphics
    # Added All Saint's Church as Protestant Shrine
    # Added Adur Farnbag as Zoroastrian Shrine
    # Added the Temple of Solomon (Monotheism): doubled shrine revenue limit)
    # Added Ishtar Gate (Monarchy): +100% enemy war weariness
    # Added Theodosian Walls (Construction): -100% bombard damage pre gunpowder
    # Added Terracotta Army (Pottery): +50% great general rate
    # Added La Mezquita (Theology): +2 research per specialist
    # Added Dome of the Rock (Divine Right): -50% war weariness
    # Added Topkapi Palace (Printing Press): works as government center
    # Added Brandenburg Gate (Nationalism): +100% great general rate within cultural borders
    # Added Westminster Palace (Industrialism): -33% hurry costs
    # Added Empire State Building: +1 gold per population in the city
    # Added Witches Hammmer: free state religion temple in every city
    # Changed the effect of Statue of Zeus: free pagan temples
    # Changed the effect of Pyramids: -33% hurry costs
    # Changed the effect of the Great Sphinx: adds 5 artist slots
    # Changed the effect of the Parthenon: allows all government civics
    # Changed the effect of Hagia Sophia: +50% great people birth in all cities
    # Changed the effect of St. Basil's Cathedral: +2 espionage per specialist
    # The Parthenon now expires with Theology

    # China: added Cixi
    # Egypt: added Cleopatra (Hatshepsut)
    # Babylonia: renamed Gilgamesh to Sargon (of Akkad)
    # India: added Akbar
    # Phoenicia: added Elishat/Dido
    # Japan: added Jimmu and Meiji
    # Ethiopia: added Haile selassie
    # Arabia: added Abu Bakr
    # Vikings: added Gustav Adolph
    # Spain: added Philip II
    # France: added Charlemagne (Otto I removed from Germany)
    # England: added Alfred the Great (Brennus)
    # Germany: added Charles V
    # Russia: added Yaroslav the Wise and Nicholas II
    # Portugal: added Afonso Henriques and Maria II
    # Turkey: added Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

    # Reformation modmod by Panopticon
    # Judaism replaced with Protestantism
    # Christianity replaced with Catholicism
    # Reformation triggered by the first Catholic civ to discover Printing Press
    # If the player is Catholic, he is asked to convert, which yields 500 gold
    # AI civilizations convert based on their historical inclination (high chance for Netherlands, low chance for Spain)
    # Confucianism replaced with Zoroastrianism (founded with Monarchy, Persia spawns with it)

    # Complete rework of the civic system (except the expansion category)
    # New five categories: Government, Organization, Society, Economy, Religion
    # Government:
    1. Tyranny (standard)
    2. Monarchy (Monarchy): +1 happiness per military unit
    3. Theocracy (Theology): +2 experience and +1 happiness with state religion, no foreign religion spread
    4. Autocracy (Nationalism): +2 happiness with barracks, can draft military units
    5. Republic (Philosophy): +100% cottage growth, +50% great people birth
    # Organization:
    1. Direct Rule (standard)
    2. Vassalage (Feudalism): +50% worker speed, can train Knights and Levies
    3. Absolutism (Civil Service): +33% production and commerce in the capital city
    4. Representation (Constitution): +3 research per specialist, +2 happiness in biggest cities
    5. Parliamentarism (Democracy): +1 hammer in towns, unhappiness in all civs without Parliament
    # Society:
    1. Tribalism (standard)
    2. Aristocracy (Code of Laws): Lower unit maintenance, +2 unit experience
    3. Capitalism (Liberalism): +1 commerce in towns and villages, can spend gold to finish production, chance to trigger economic crisises
    4. Totalitarianism (Fascism): +25% military unit production, -50% war weariness, +25% espionage
    5. Socialism (Communism): Unlimited scientists, merchants, engineers and artists
    # Economy:
    1. Self-sufficiency (standard)
    2. Serfdom (Masonry): can sacrifice population to finish production
    3. Mercantilism (Banking): +1 free specialist, +1 commerce in cottages and workshops, no foreign trade routes, no foreign corporations, less impact of foreign economic crisises
    4. State Property (Socialism): +10% production, +1 food and hammer in workshops and watermills, no number of cities maintenance, no corporations, immune to foreign economic crisises
    5. Free Market (Economics): +1 trade routes, +50% trade route yield
    # Religion:
    1. Animism (standard)
    2. Pantheon (Polytheism): +1 happiness from monument, no state religion, can build classical wonders
    3. Patriarchate (Monotheism): +25% building production with state religion, missionaries without moasteries
    4. State Church (Divine Right): unlimited priests, +50% great people birth with state religion
    5. Secularism (Liberalism): +10% research, +1 happiness per religion, no state religion

    # Redesign of corporations:
    1. Cereal Industry (GM): Wheat, Rice, Corn -> Food
    2. Fishing Industry (GM): Rice, Fish, Crab, Clam -> Food
    3. Oil Industry (GM): Oil -> Gold
    4. Computer Industry (GS): Oil, Copper, Aluminum -> Gold & Research
    5. Textile Industry (GE): Coal, Sheep, Cotton, Silk, Dye -> Gold & Production
    6. Steel Industry (GE): Coal, Copper, Iron, Aluminum -> Production
    7. Luxury Industry (GA): Gems, Gold, Silver -> Gold & Culture
  4. Linkman226

    Linkman226 #anarchy

    Sep 14, 2007

    Playtester for W. Europe- linkman226- (America, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Netherlands, Italy)
    E. Europe-Gruekiller- (Germany, Vikings, Russia)
    Classical Old World- SouthernKing- (Phoenicia, Babylon, Achaemenid ("old") Persia, Egypt, Rome, Greece)
    M. East-J. Pride- (Safavid ("new") Persia, Arabia, Turkey, Byzantines)
    SubSahar. Africa-Yoshiegg737-(Mali, Ethiopia)
    E. Asia-Debulm-(India, Mongolia, China, Khmer, Japan)
    New World-hoplitejoe-(Inca, Aztec, Maya)


    The very nature of this mod is that many, many people's work, ideas, and help into making this mod. There's a chance I forgot you in this credits list, so if I've used your work and you're not included, please accept my apologies and PM me so I can add you to the credits list.

    Thanks to:

    • Sid Meier and Soren Johnson for the game
    • Thunderfall for the forums
    • Rhye for the awesome mod
    • Leoreth, for his awesome mod Dawn of Civilization, and the many questions of mine he was patient enough to answer.
    • Baldyr, for helping me with the python of the mod.
    • Asaf, for his help with C++ and his guide to compiling the DLL, as well as his gamefont.tga editor.
    • Jarkov, for his guide to adding civs to RFC
    • LunarMongoose for the fix in his Mongoose SDK that stops the removal of flood plains when cities are founded on them
    • Jeckel and Roamty for their More Religions screen
    • EmbryoDead for RFC: Marathon/ Epic (imported via DoC), SoI, which I got much fun out of while waiting for my DLL to compile, and for pieces of code adapted into this mod such as:
      • Civics requirement mechanic (imported via DoC)
      • Conditional spawns (imported via DoC)
      • UHV progress meter (imported via DoC)
      • Safavid art- Caravanserai, Abbas I LH
    • 3Miro for RFC:E, which I also played while waiting for the DLL to compile, and also for the resources potatoes, tea, coffee, tobacco, and timber (imported via RFCM:BWS)
    • JediClemente for the features adapted from RFCM:BWS
    • Panopticon for his Dynamic Terrain mod and American immigrants can bring religion modcomp
    • Orion's Inquisition and Holy City relocation modcomp
    • Moctezuma for Influence Driven War
    • Jooyo for Espionage Process (which inspired the Idle City Process)
    • Danrell and Bakuel for their Qizilbash art
    • All the posters in this thread and players of this mod, but special thanks to:
      • J. Pride for his prolific posting and suggestions, especially with the Middle East
      • Gruekiller, SouthernKing, Yoshiegg737, Hoplitejoe, and Tyo for particularly involved posting, and stories in the S&T forum, indirectly advertising this mod.
  5. Leoreth

    Leoreth 心の怪盗団 Moderator

    Aug 23, 2009
    Ambitious. If you have any questions regarding DoC, feel free to ask.
  6. Wessel V1

    Wessel V1 Emperor

    Sep 10, 2007
    Hamlet south of Amsterdam
    Is it going to be based on the latest version of RFC:Marathon?
  7. great.taurus

    great.taurus Warlord

    Nov 9, 2010
    Fantastic idea - I eagerly await it's completion :D
  8. srpt

    srpt Deist

    May 10, 2010
    I agree great idea.
  9. hoplitejoe

    hoplitejoe Top fun-poster

    Mar 22, 2010
    please have dot maps, they help noobs like me
  10. Krug

    Krug Warlord

    May 5, 2008
    Oh my god yes. I've wanted to do something like this for a really long time now, if you need help, simply ask.

    But can I ask what Mods we're considering here so far?
  11. Linkman226

    Linkman226 #anarchy

    Sep 14, 2007
    Guys the original post is being edited frequently. I'm adding stuff from mods constantly, because there's a lot of sources I'm drawing from, and it will take a lot of time, so every now and then I save it so you guys can see my work. Check back periodically.
  12. Krug

    Krug Warlord

    May 5, 2008
    Heck yes, this looks amazingly awesome. I'm a history buff, so when it comes to New/Rebirth Civs and their Spawning/UHVs/UUs I can help you out as much as I can.
  13. Linkman226

    Linkman226 #anarchy

    Sep 14, 2007
    Excellent, thanks a bunch.
  14. JiimBV

    JiimBV Afro Samurai

    May 11, 2009
    Wow... this is awesome. Truly, truly awesome. Thank you, good sir, for taking on such a grand project.

    Persia's rebirth as Iran.. they would start as the Safavids, correct? Not modern Iran? The Safavid dynasty would be the most appropriate rebirth for Persia. India could do with a Mughal rebirth, and if they change from Islam to either Hindu or Free Religion their dynamic name could change to reflect a modern India.

    My biggest beef is the Carthage rebirth as Tunisia is they would make a far better Moorish rebirth, as al-Andalus. Tunisia itself didn't gain independence until the 50s. Al-Andalus would be harder to pull off of course (requiring the mixing up of Iberia in its entirety) but it would yield far greater results than Tunisia.

    I also believe that the Incas would make for a better Argentinian rebirth, even though they are in slightly different parts of the world. Argentina was a far more economically powerful nation (being the second wealthiest in the world in the 1900s for a while, behind the US) as well as being a bigger player in global politics. We COULD just add Argentina as a nation, and have Peru as the rebirth, but the more nations there are the slower the game gets. The western Southern American nations (Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Columbia) could easily be represented by colonies of the Conquistador nation or as independents.

    So my perfect list of rebirths would be:

    Rome as Italy
    Carthage as al-Andalus
    Persia as the Safavid Empire
    Babylon as modern Iraq
    (Abbasid and Mamluk don't make all too much sense, though Mamluk makes more sense)
    India as the Mughal Empire
    Aztec as Mexico
    Inca as Argentina
    Vikings as Sweden
    (I know their dynamic name already changes to that, but the Vikings, with their capital in OSLO, are very different from Sweden)

    Of course, not all these rebirths would take place every 600AD game, only Italy, al-Andalus, Safavid, Mughal and Iraq would. Argentina, Mexico and Sweden would depend upon the collapses of their "mother" nation (though the likelihood of collapse should increase, really). In 3000BC games... fewer of these would take place.

    Other changes I would include would be splitting the HRE and Germany, upping the militaristic power and aggressiveness of Arabia and rebalancing Italy and the Byzantines, both of which I find too strong at the moment. For Arabia, perhaps give the AI Arabia Camel Archers throughout the Middle East to encourage early and rapid expansion, as well as weakening the military prowess of the Byzantines. Also, give them fewer Settlers, at the beginning they don't need a bunch of useless desert cities dragging down their economy.

    Late HRE could be dynamic-name-changed to Austria or Austria-Hungary. That would be rather nice.

    As for extra nations on top of the rebirth ones previously mentioned, the list would be:

    1. Korea (far above the rest)
    2. Zulu/South Africa
    3s. Canada, Brazil, Australia
    4. Prussia OR Poland (I don't find this as urgent as others seem to, I think a strong independent or a minor civ would do, especially with a split HRE and Germany)

    EDIT: I just want you to know, these are simply suggestions, haha. If you ignored all of them, I would still love you for taking the time to start such a grand project.
  15. Krug

    Krug Warlord

    May 5, 2008
    Why Carthage as Al-Andalus? I think Carthage spawning as the Almohads would be much more in line, seeing as they controlled Tunis as some point. Al-Andalus only had control up to Morocco. Also how about Babylon as the Timurids?

    Either way, I'll start up a New Civ form for planning new nations tomorrow.
  16. JiimBV

    JiimBV Afro Samurai

    May 11, 2009
    For the same reason I suggested Argentina as opposed to Peru; however, looking at their respective Wikipedia pages (I'm less of a history buff than you, Mr. Krug, though for my mere age of 15 I'm far more history-buffy than anyone else I know), I think their difference in terms of gameplay, significance, longevity, etc. is minimal enough it would make little difference either way. However, the Almohads' base in Africa is stronger than al-Andalus', and they DO have control of Tunis. I think you may be right, good sir. I think, I think, I think, of course... :crazyeye:
  17. Linkman226

    Linkman226 #anarchy

    Sep 14, 2007
    Haha, you're welcome.


    The Mughals were a different civilization, barbarian invaders as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a barbarian wave could be scripted (with Islamic missionaries). I agree with the dynamic name change thing though.

    Meh. Carthage->Tunisia is a stretch in and of itself. Carthage->al-Andalus is too much of a stretch. And that'll mess up the Portugal-Spain dynamic.

    Actually, since I'm using Phoenicia, not Carthage, I might do a Phoenicia-> Lebanon rebirth. Although Lebanon is kinda insignificant, so I might just make this a dynamic name change.

    Maybe... I'd have to make it so when they're reborn they start in Buenos Aires (they'd have to flip that city on spawn if someone controls it).

    If there's one new Latin American country I'd add, it'd be Brazil, but as a minor civ with conditional spawn. Depends, I'll have to see speed and what not.

    Indies or minors works. If we even implement this. Balance testing will be necessary.

    This is feasible.


    All things Leoreth is contemplating for DoC which I will probably do too.

    Yup. I suggested this on the DoC forums.

    First two are in RFC: Civilizations in Abundance which I plan on incorporating. Balancing, especially of speed, would be necessary.

    Didn't ignore them, as you cans see ;)

    Those respawns are too much of a stretch... maybe, would have to think about it.
  18. Krug

    Krug Warlord

    May 5, 2008
    While Babylon->Timurid is a bit of a Stretch, I agree. I think that if you count Carthage as Carthage then the way to go are the Almohads for the respawn methinks, their Territory was quite respectable, so they weren't some small time empire.

    As far as a Phonecia Respawn goes...wait for it...

    Spoiler It's Krug's favorite country (Excluding his current residence, the USA) :
    Spoiler I want to go there some day :
    Spoiler It had control over South Lebanon in the 80s :
    Spoiler You know who I'm talking about :
    Yes, what contry would be more fun to play as than Israel? I don't care if Judaism isn't in DoC it needs to be put back in just so I can finally do an Israel run and conquer the entire Arabian Peninsula. They're an important nation, with a lot of power, and is in the Phonecian-ish area. Okay is it a stretch? Yes. But is it the best Stretch? HECK YES
  19. Linkman226

    Linkman226 #anarchy

    Sep 14, 2007
    When I'm done with this mod I might consider doing that. (I'm an anti-Zionist by the way :mischief::mischief:)

    Oh, and as for the Almohads... MAYBE. But it is a stretch. Let's just say this: if slowness is a problem, they're the first being tossed aside.
  20. Krug

    Krug Warlord

    May 5, 2008
    WHAT NO WAY AM I GOING TO WORK ON THIS MO-Well, so long as we stray from the topics of Politics and Religion we should be good.

    Alright, either way, I'll get a little mini-form for each new civ and their UU/UB/UP/UHV up tomorrow.

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