Promised Land Victory on Watery Planet


Oct 21, 2004
Chelsea, MI
I'm thinking about trying for a Purity / Promised Land victory with either NSA or Chungsu. Both of those can make planetfall on the water, so that's an option. That raises some questions about this victory condition.

First, the Earthling settlers need to make their home on land, at least 3 hexes away from cities, correct? Is land required, or could they make a "colony" in shallow / coastal water?

Can the gate be built in the water? If it is, are the Earthling settlers embarked when they come through the gate? Giving that some more thought, the gate would be much easier to defend if I built it on land, further inland.

How often do y'all go for a Promised Land victory?


Jul 14, 2015
Both the gate and the earthling cities can be in water although not recommended since settlers only have 1 movement
No idea if they come already embarked in water but would make sense anyways otherwise they would be unable to move the turn they spawn.
For that victory I recommend leaving some spaces between your cities so that you can plan 4 cities relatively close to your capital or another high production city. Build the gate there and connect the future settler cities spot with mag rail. If done correctly you should be able to settle 1 settler per turn on average.


Mar 3, 2021
It's easier in a way, because there's no terrain slowing the settlers down. As I recall, they travel at two tiles per turn in the water. They aren't as fast as they would be on a magrail network, but you have to research and build that. Of course, it can be even easier for enemy navies to navigate. But if your capital is an ARK, the "recruit defectors" covert operation gives you naval units, so you'll probably be able to fight the AI's bloated navies. If you can't, your coastal cities and ARKs are in danger anyway.
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