Proportional List MP Quits OK Boomer!!


Nov 16, 2003
Dunedin, New Zealand
The why
Here we have had a Green list MP quit.

Or different source.


Basically she was calling a fellow MP a crybaby and was facing allegations of bullying and toxic behavior while playing the race card (anyonewho disagrees with me is racist).

The NP she insisted is the only Green MP to win an electorate seat. If they fall underv5% supportvwithout a seat they're gone burger.

The way list MPs are chosen by the Greens us tge patty membshio which leans a it more towards the activist side of things. The MPs tend to be a bit mire pragmatic.

They also have sone odd rules eg one of the co leaders has to be a women and a Maori. Their most popular member is a white women white thrir most effective MP is a male Co leader. He was targeted by the activist wing due to a low turnout at one of their neet8ngs and only 25% is required for a leadership challenge. He won that vs no one standing against them.

If @Kyriakos girlfriend becomes a party co leader (the only one with electorate seat) the other leader nees to be a Maori which means James Shaw the other co leader is out. The other co leader was somewhat recently caught on film saying some racist comments oops. But she's Maori.

Bit of back ground politics on the NZ Greens this year. They're polling fine in most polls an 10% with an outlier poll on 12%. Before the current fun and games though.

Anyway what do you think? The number in question has resigned but is an "independent " but she's a list MP. Her spot on the list was chosen by party members under the assumption she's a member of the Green party and elected by the NZ public on proportional voting. There's no by election for her to fight.

Bit more context. A Labour MP also recently resigned and joined the Maori Party (TPM). She has an electorate seat though and is going to fave her electorate in 6 months for the general election.

So CFCs thoughts should a list MP that resigns from their party be allowed to stay in parliament? More context we had a party explode in the 90's with rogue MPs propping up a right wing government. And another list defector back the from the Alluance (New Labour, Greens, Democrats + others).
Can you just make a mega thread for these things
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