Proposal of patch for Dark Panda ...and other genius ...


Mar 2, 2007

Do you think it would be possible to add infos on the "City ressource" part of the City screen ?
Some exemples :
Arrows : no changes for the arrows from the cities tiles, and an other color (green ?) for arrows from the trade. And better if possible (?) inlay display of the number of each category ... (y/c the number for black arrows from corruption)
Coins, jewels and bulbs : no change for those from the répartition "tax, lux, ressearch", and other colors for the fraction produced by market, library, etc ... . And idem for the inlay of the number ...
Shields : idem for initial production and improvements production
It would greatly help to visualise importance of trade and of building some improvements to manage the empire !

Black Panda I realy love your Cived utility. I essentially use those who help for the initial settings (no_quiz, pregame setup, custom settings, ...). What is missing is the possibility to change the values of the units, improvement, ... in the civ.exe file (not in the civil.sve files). Some utility do that, but can only be run on 32 bits system (or on a virtual machine)

Thank you again for you job !

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