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Proposition D03: Moving settler allocation to the national level.


the fish collecter
May 21, 2001
pond 59
originaly posted by me:
Another suggestion wich may interrest you as gouvernor ,what about a settler allocation thread?Basicly one thread for discussion's to keep it simple ,and because settler allocation is more of a national matter rather than a regional matter.Our alternative would be to hold a seperate poll on every settler.holding a poll about it in one thread include's a nifty polling system.one we need to invent ,or negoiate in a negoitation thread.

originaly reply'd by Acm:
Great idea, organizing the settlers allocation would take a lot of burden out of the governor's polls. Maybe the internal affairs minister could do that ?

Again ,further discussion onto this matter is advisable IMO ,so everybody give it youre thought's.Again i will elaborate when sufficiant discussion has taken place.
this is a good idea, but lets say if THDP supports three settlers, then atleast one of those should be used to improve that city, the rest could be on "empire duty"?

and what about a "atleast one settler per city law"? meaning that evrey city pas the size of three? should have to support atleats on settler, say THDP supports 2 settlers, he could move one to say olympia wich supports none, and home it to that city?
I like the idea since it should spread the workload more evnly between all the departments rather than the city governors having to do most of the polling...
Settler allocation was discussed in some of the governors' threads. This seemed to work because the governors are allowed to download the game and can see where each settler was and what they were doing.

This could be something that falls under the Interior Ministry - as suggested by ACM - if you would all like. With a list of settlers and where they are a poll could be posted about general settler activity or even on a settler-by-settler basis if we wish to get very detailed.

The Ministry, however, would need to have some details before it could post anything in detail. This leads to the question of downloading and if we should allow other cabinet members to do so. It would almost be necessary if we plan to do specific settler polls.

Perhaps our naerly-seen Internal Minister Hippo should "weigh in" on this. :)
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