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Proposition: Nuclear Strike Authorization

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Oct 3, 2001
What are we going to do when we get nukes?

I think we need to set up some sort of system where, to use nukes, the president has to cast a poll, which would have to get at least 25 votes total to be valid, asking whether or not to drop the nukes. A majority of at least 75% would be required to allow the president to use them. Each successive nuke would require at least 15 votes total to be valid and recieve a majority of at least 66%.

NOTE: The numbers here are just guesses, and we'll need to revise them if we use this plan.
I see myself in you so much... :) its amazing... wanna by my mini-me?

anyways, I may as well say it, instead of hainvg someone come in here and saying it rudley, as they tend to do with good ideas like this

"Skywalker, this isent the real world, we dont need to... blah blah blah the NY yankees blah blah blah carbon atoms blah blah blah sienfield blah blah blah and THATS why we dont like your proposal"

I agree, this would be a cool idea, but would lower it to 15 votes and 66.66%+1 for each vote, except the very first nuke {if WE are the ones dropping it} which would then require more people to agree.
Yea, between our pariah status with Cornmaster and our game suggestions, we really are pretty much the same.:p
let's wait until we get em ok?;)
I don't like to try and solve problems that we don't have yet!
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