Proposition towards the watcher's guild: Reviving state history recording by press


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May 21, 2001
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This is a proposition toward's the watcher's guild.What if each member of the watcher's guild would become a sort of reporter ,givving small report's of important thing's that go around in the nation ,and give their objective oppinion about it.
It would be a sort of history recording ,and there would be a media form that is free of speech.Since the watcher's guild has some member's it shouldn't be much of work for you to once and awhile write a small report on a important event in the nation.

It could also give the watcher's guild more form and bring it to the private sector.
A good idea really but not sure whether we have the numbers for it. Not sure where've the Watchers gone. :o

Originally at the very beginning of the game, have wanted to set up a newspaper to be run by us, in which we make reports, commentaries etc. But someone said no to newspapers; won't do (can't remember who).

And I can't do it in an objective manner. My views will probably lean on the militant side. :p
I guess that the writers will have to have the previous saved games. It's going to be difficult because so much has happened since and hindsight is more of a hinderance in this case.

We live in hope... Maybe we could continue the story as of now.. If only we could find a writer of two.
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Well, I could do a Science Journal, introducing people to new technologies, giving our Tech position, future technologies etc.
I think the citizens will find a normal newspaper more interesting than a technical journal, as in real life. :p But you can have a technical column if you like. If there's ever a newspaper....
I think a newspaper would be a GREAT idea. FANTASTIC!!!

Why was there a no vote on this? If a group of citizens wants to start a newspaper I don't see how a democratic society could block that.

Of course, it shouldn't be called "The Daily Flamer" or anything and just kill people. I do think that those involved would act responsibly, however, and could just be "folded" if they get out of hand and break any forum flaming laws.

Hey, just about any newspaper has a "lean" to it, so if it tends to the left or the right so be it.

The publisher could send out reporters, and they could do interviews with various cabinet members and publish them (perhaps even through the "chat"). I would think that editorials could be written as well as "Letters to the Editor".

I totally encourage a group - be it The Watchers or someone else - to get one started ASAP!!! Are they not the watchdogs of a democratic society????
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Didn't we have jumbo2002 as our official historian? I wonder what'd happened to him.
What did happen to him. I enjoyed reading his posts. I supose it would be a lot of work to catch up now
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