[GS] Protecting my own Governor from neutralize

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by KaptainK714, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. KaptainK714

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    Oct 19, 2005
    ive had terrible time keeping the Gov n my Capital Safe. I have Pingala in Capital for Sci and Culture boost.
    And a spy in Capital counter spying. And Pingala gets booted every 10 turns.

    Any help on this. it hurts losing the extra Science & Culture
  2. Pfeffersack

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    May 10, 2003
    In case you have the Ethiopia DLC, you could built the Diplomatic Quarter in your capital. The district itself might help, if placed adjacent to the city center (assuming that the Governor is "located" there, enemy spies would act with -2 levels), but at least the Consulate (-1 lvl for enemy spies targetting the city) should help.
  3. slavaskii

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    Mar 2, 2018
    Once you get to the later eras, you can swap in some policy cards that reduce spy effectiveness on your territory. If I recall, there's one in particular that reduces it by 2 points. Additionally, you can always send your first spy out to foreign powers and level him up there - there's a few promotions that deal directly with counterspying, once you get one of those I'd suggest cycling that spy back to your capital and sending a fresh one back into enemy territory.
  4. Aurelesk

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    Oct 26, 2017
    This is all I can remember that allows to reduce the effectiveness of enemy Spies. I might miss something, but here the list:

    • (Ethiopiak Pack) Have a Diplomatic Quarter next to the City-Center you want to protect (-2 levels).
      • If you have the Consulate building built: have an Encampment in your city(-1 level).
    • Have a Spy doing counter-espionage inside your City-Center, or on a district next to your City-Center. The following promotions might helps:
      • (Gathering Storm) Polygraph: Reduces by 1 level the effectiveness of enemy Spies inside your territory when this Spy is inside your territory (-1 level).
      • Quartermaster: Increases by 1 level the effectiveness of your Spies when this Spy is inside your territory (+1 level at counter-espionnage).
      • Seduction: Increases by 2 level the effective of counterspying (+2 level)
      • (Gathering Storm) Surveillance: Extends the counter-espionnage mission to all districts in the city. +1 level at counterspying to adjacent districts (+1 level).
    • (Rise and Fall) Have the Intelligence Agency building inside your Government Plaza (+1 level).
    • Slot spy-related policy cards:
      • Police State (Ideology): -2 levels to enemy spies but -2 Loyalty.
      • Cryptography (Cold War): -2 levels to enemy spies and +1 level to spies for offensive operations.
      • (Gathering Storm) Non-State Actors (Cultural Hegemony): Your spy units can choose any possible Promotion.
    • (Gathering Storm) In the Word Congress, make unavailable the "Neutralize the Governor" when the Espionage Pact is discussed.
    • Have an Alliance: since the last update, you can't spy an ally.
    • Wipe out the civilization: they can't send a Spy if the civilization is no more there!

    A Spy can have:
    • +1 level per Promotion, so +3 at level 3.
    • +2 level with the "License to Kill" promotion.
    • +1 level with Cryptography card sloted
    • +1 level for each Spy with Quartermaster.
    • +2 levels for the chosen operation with Espionage Pact in the World Congress.

    So you might face a really powerful Spy. In the end, I can only give the following advices: build the Diplomatic Quarter next to your city-center. If not possible, build it somewhere and have the Consulate building in it. Now, build an Encampment in your city so you can enjoy at least a -1 level.
    If available, slot the Police State or the Cryptography policies. Also, train a Spy into a defensive one. It is easier to do it with the Non-State Actors, but I tend to throw and level up 2 or 3 Spies first, avoid the defensive promotions, and then when I am training the third/forth one, I am going to take all the defensive one (promotions are not showing fully randomly: already picked one are less likey to come, and not picked one are more likey to come).
    If you know which civilization is psying on you, do an Alliance or wipe them out.
  5. HiRezAudio

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    Dec 29, 2007
    Is Poundmaker in your game? He is an absolute Sod for spying on friends/allies (well, he was on the latter before the patch, anyway)

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