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[R&F] PS4 Trading with Civs- Rise and Fall

Discussion in 'Civ 6 - Consoles' started by Ghenghis Jason, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. Ghenghis Jason

    Ghenghis Jason Chieftain

    Feb 19, 2021
    So after doing several standard games, I started my first Rise and Fall game and find the trading is broken.
    In standard it was real easy to select a surplus resource, push “what will you give me”, get an offer, get a few more gold and then finalize the trade. If I wanted open borders with a declared friend, I put it in both sides and usually accepted.

    Now in my first Rise and Fall game, not a single Civ (declared friends with 5) will ever respond in any way to the “what will you give me?”. They all say not interested to everything over hundreds of years. Thinking that was weird, I tried putting in their offer for them and got a deal I was used to in standard game- 5 per turn and 25 flat. But they just said they were not interested with the offer button!
    In standard it was easy to find the best offer, they offer near their max and move a bit but some civs offered way better deals for the same thing.
    With this Rise and Fall, it’s just broken to manually enter values over and over to find the best value in a deal.
    So is this normal for R&F? What is going on?
    PS4 with latest version- again it works great in standard games.

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