Pure Pwnage


Dec 27, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
Anyone else ever watch these episodes? I thought it was pretty funny right up until the MMORPG episode where it got hilarious (if you play World of Warcraft it makes it even better).

Pure Pwnage

I recomend starting at episode one and working your way up if you're interested.
I figured it might. It's all about computer games and gamers. If I put it in off topic or the other games forums i'm sure it would have been moved.
Link to what you consider the best episode as I would like to watch one.

Is it anything like Red vs Blue ???
No idea what Red vs Blue is. But...
The episodes you find funniest will probably relate to what games you play. But for me, i'd watch #1 so you get an idea as to what it's all about, then watch #3.

FPS Doug is the man :p
O_o everyone has watched red vs blue
Ita machnime using halo.

I watch one or two.

Someguy in the town asked me to do something for him and I said I would do it, I just cant not do it like. = roflmao
Yes, I admit to watching those. But my favorite is the start of episode 3 where they are mocking in-game characters from C&C generals. It's some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard.
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