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Quest: what they should do better

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by Lord Tirian, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Lord Tirian

    Lord Tirian Erratic Poster

    Nov 30, 2007
    Liverpool, UK
    So, after reading and mulling over the Pandora thread a bit, I notice something that Pandora did a little bit - providing little interludes the first time you step on certain tiles and when some events happen. While these aren't that great, they actually remind me a lot of SMAC's interludes and Endless Legends little guiding quests (which were overly important, though, I feel). At the same time, people have complained a lot about atmosphere and the importance of tech for affinities. Making we wonder: why not expand on a very solid foundation that's already in the game?

    The game really needs a new type of quests in addition to the random quests and the building quests, it needs a main quest.

    This could be a chain of quests that informs and reacts to your faction throughout the game, closely tied to your affinity progress. In fact, it should start on turn 1 with something like this:

    Beneath Alien Skies
    After centuries in the void between stars, we have finally made planetfall and now walk beneath an alien sky, holding promise and terror alike. As leader of our expedition, our people look to you, <insert leader name>, for guidance. What will your first speech be about?
    • Stress that this is the next chapter for humanity and that we will be worthy of the heritage of Old Earth. (Purity; triggers "Remembrance Day")
    • Stress that this is a new beginning, a new world and a chance to renounce the mistakes of Old Earth. (Harmony, Supremacy; triggers "A New Dawn")

    Remembrance Day
    Prerequisite: Purity choice for Beneath Alien Skies
    Trigger: Completing an Old Earth Relic
    After centuries of service, our colony craft has now been dismantled and leftover hull elements have been used to fashion a somber memorial for Old Earth and the arduous journey we have taken. How should we admit the public to this monument?
    • Allow free public access so we will never forget (+5 Purity, +1 culture/turn for OER)
    • Sequester it in a museum, it's too valuable to risk damage (+5 Purity XP, +25 instant culture and no maintenance)

    A New Dawn
    Prerequisite: Harmony/Supremacy choice for Beneath Alien Skies
    Trigger: Discovering a new branch technology
    Our scientists have re-established a research infrastructure on the planet and are keen on making your vision of a better mankind come true. Some say we could much like the seed ships were our salvation, we need to create better, more efficient machines to survive. Others say that this planet's thriving biosphere will bring us unprecedented insights.
    Focus on understanding our new home, so we can live in harmony with it for everybody's benefit (+5 Harmony, +1 food/turn in capital)
    Focus on machines, we owe technology our life, it is the way forward without a doubt (+5 Supremacy, +1 energy/turn in capital)

    ...and so forth. Ideally, we'd see quests that introduce/react to:
    • First alien life sighted
    • First alien life killed
    • First alien nest exterminated
    • First alien nest pacified in own borders
    • Finding the affinity resources
    • Fulfilling prerequisites for victory conditions
    • First diplomatic meeting
    • First war
    • First city lost to conquest
    • First city gained by conquest

    By doing so, we could actually get some insight into pivotal events in a way Civ hasn't provided before, get a lot more interesting decisions regarding affinities and, best of all, work within the system the game already provides.

    Unrelated: the UI for quest decision needs to change, who thought radio buttons for the choice selection would work well!? You know what uses radio buttons? Forms and settings! That's not what you want to think of in a game!
  2. Galgus

    Galgus Emperor

    Aug 22, 2012
    I do love the idea of a main quest of sorts that branches into affinities and sub-affinities to show a colony's advancement.

    To remove some randomness from side quests, I'd design a system where secondary quests are unlocked by Intel points, generated by completing other quests.

    Quests would be selected as field reports, with basic information on what led to them and basic information on what is required to complete them. (Military Action, Research, ect.)

    I would also expand existing quests and add in new ones, listed below, to both provide unique bonuses based on your decisions and to develop affinity.

    Expanding quests in this way would make the game more mechanically interesting with unique bonuses to choose from and more immersive with better, and more interactive, storytelling.

    These quests could be geared to emphasize important events, like discovering derelict settlements or progenitor ruins.



    Native fauna research has shown that the Aliens react strangely to certain Ultrasonic frequencies, seeming pained or disoriented with different signals. Seismic readings also showed increased Worm activity during a larger scale test.

    Replaces the Ultrasonic Fence building.



    1. Choose to research ultrasonics to make Aliens more docile.

    2. Construct a special ultrasonic node improvement for testing. *Warning - early testing attracts Aliens.*

    3. Defend the node against hostile small Aliens swarming it until the research is complete.


    Though the test initially appeared to backfire, the aliens appear to have become more docile when the appropriate frequency was found. This may be the beginnings of a peaceful co-existence between man and alien.

    One time Culture boost. + Harmony affinity points.

    Instantly become Friendly with Aliens. Alien relations recover 30% faster. Alien relation recovery will continue past neutral status.


    1. Choose to weaponize ultrasonics for small-scale weapons use.

    2. Test the new ultrasonic weapon subsystem prototypes by destroying an Alien Nest.


    Data collected from the field has allowed our scientists to finalize our ultrasonic subweapon systems. Our soldiers gratefully welcome this new edge against the alien menace.

    One time Food boost. + Purity affinity points.

    +15% Combat Strength against Aliens, energy reward from capturing Alien Nests tripled.


    1. Choose to research large-scale city repellent ultrasonics. *Warning - early testing attracts a Siege Worm.*

    2. A Siege Worm spawns near your capital, seeking to destroy it and any nearby units. Defeat it so that the test may be completed.


    After a nearly disastrous start, we've managed to solve the Worm problem with our ultrasonics system. Because of this sacrifice, our cities will be safe behind an invisible line of defense.

    One time Science boost. + Supremacy affinity points.

    Aliens adjacent to your cities receive a -30% combat penalty. (Particularly useful against any more Siege Worms.)

    New World Archaeology

    First dismissed as baseless rumors, a large number of Progenitor Ruins have been recently confirmed to the world. We must secure them to uncover their secrets. At last, we know that we are not alone in the stars!

    Worldwide event, triggers at a semi-random time for all colonies.

    Choice of rewards, not objectives.

    Replaces current Progenitor Ruins.


    Construct Expedition improvements on as many Progenitor ruins as possible, which give a large Science yield with no workers or cities required.

    Hold four Progenitor Ruins for 50 turns.


    Huge one time Science boost. Receive points in an Affinity of your choosing.

    Those That Came Before

    Our scouts have detected ruins of previous, failed colonies on this planet. It would seem that attempted settlements began long before we arrived. We should investigate these ruins to learn their history and origins, and what we can learn from their failure.

    Triggers upon sighting a Derelict Settlement.

    Common Objectives

    1. Construct an expedition on a Derelict Settlement.

    2. Communication logs revealed the locations of other failed colonies. Construct expeditions on them as well. *Warning - logs suggest elevated Alien hostility among the ruins. It would appear that a failed Ultrasonic Fence system drove the Aliens into a frenzy, dooming the colonies they were constructed to protect.*

    3. After fighting through hostile natives near the other Derelict Settlements and finishing your expeditions, choose how to deal with them.


    Choose to quickly disassemble the colony to put an immediate end to the still-active Ultrasonic Fence.


    The Ultrasonic Fences made the colonies a threat to everyone, but their salvage will provide our colony with invaluable resources. Let this be a lesson to all that we must cautiously respect the local lifeforms.

    A free Settler and Worker appear in your capital city. Workers may now remove and salvage Derelict Settlements for a one time Production boost.

    Gain large one time Production boost in your capitol. + Harmony affinity points.


    Choose to memorialize the Derelict Settlements to ensure their brave, though unsuccessful colonization efforts are not forgotten.


    It is a great tragedy that these colonies failed, but they will live on in our memory. Study of their records has also revealed some useful practices that can be adopted in our own colonization efforts.

    Workers may now construct Colonial Memorials on Derelict Settlements, granting +10 Culture and -3 Energy.

    Adopt three free Virtues. + Purity affinity points.


    Choose to commission a thorough and intensive study on the technology and research efforts of the Derelict Settlements.


    These colonies may have failed to endure on this hostile world, but their admirable efforts led to technological breakthroughs. Though they are gone, their progress will live on through us.

    Gain two random ring 1 Technologies. Workers may now remove and salvage Derelict Settlements for a one time Production boost.

    Gain a large one-time Science boost. + Supremacy affinity points.

    Affinity Wars

    In the spirit of contraversy, quests will begin to appear asking members of one affinity to declare war on and capture a city of a strong member of another affinity.

    If such a war begins, colonies sharing an affinity with the attacked colony will receive a quest to defend them.

    These quests give fairly generic energy, science, and culture rewards, but are meant to stir the pot and encourage Affinity wars.

    This is the list of quasi-news reports that announce the Affinity war quests:

    Harmony vs Purity

    Harmonist protests escalate against the Alien ranching business centered in [Purity city], describing it as inhumane against such intelligent creatures. Purists defend the industry, claiming that the Harmonists are foolishly humanizing simple beasts. Harmonist and Purist tensions escalate.

    Harmony vs Supremacy

    Recent ecological reports over the [Supremacy city] industrial site have stirred a wave of outrage from Harmonists, who decry it as ecologically devastating and demand that harsh regulations be adopted. Supremacists claim that the Harmonists are overstating the ecological impact, and describe it as a small sacrifice in the name of progress. Harmonist and Supremacist tensions escalate.

    Purity vs Harmony

    An unexpected wind recently blew large swaths of miasma originating from the territory of [Harmony city] into a Purist settlement, causing an epidemic of miasma poisoning. Purists demand that the city take steps to thin its miasma clouds to prevent this from happening again, while Harmonists claim that the miasma is essential to the local ecosystem and should be adapted to. Purist and Harmonist tensions escalate.

    Purity vs Supremacy

    [Supremacy city]'s mandatory augmentations program has sparked protests from Purists, who claim that children should not be augmented at least until they can make the decision on their own. Supremacists defend the child augmentation program as minor and purely benign, ensuring that their vital organs remain healthy and arguing that it would be cruel to allow anyone to deny them these augmentations. Purist and Supremacist tensions escalate.

    Supremacy vs Harmony

    After an incident where aliens from a wildlife preserve near [Harmony city] wandered into and damaged Supremacy infrastructure, Supremacists call for a heavily reinforced border to the preserve. Harmonists claim that it would be harmful to the local ecosystem, and that the aliens are no threat when treated properly with infrastructure properly safeguarded against them. Supremacist and Harmonist tensions escalate.

    Supremacy vs Purity

    A new wave of locally unpopular augmentation bans and regulations in [Purity city] spurred a wave of Supremacist protests. They describe the laws as backwards and draconian, while Purists defend them as important for public safety and health against dangerous augmentations. Supremacist and Purist tensions escalate.

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