Question about custom map / performance


Apr 13, 2009
Years ago Ive spend lots of time creating my own custom maps / civs. This was mainly in Civ 4 and to some extend in Civ 5. The maps I most liked where the huge earth maps with 32+ civs on Marathon. But... both in Civ 4 and Civ 5 we never got to finish one of those games in a multiplayer setting. At a certain point in late / end game the game would always crash / desync. This wasn't caused by the mod itself, but by civ somehow not being able to handle to much cities / units in end game. Maybe the save game got too big. I never found a solution to make it more stable.

My question is... Does this ring a bell to somebody and are these issues still present in Civ VI? (Or even better solved in Civ 5). I'd love to dive into Civ map / mod creation again, but only If I know it will result in a game I'd like to play myself kinda. So huge map on marathon with tons of civs.
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