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Question on combat,protecting Corlindale and mana nodes

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Slobbarian, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Slobbarian

    Slobbarian Chieftain

    Nov 3, 2009
    Hello all and thx to all who helped me with my last question. First off, this is a sick mod and hats off to the creators. I'm a little confused by how the combat works in this game. I am playing my first game on Noble, and I have a stack of 3 hill giants, 2 monks, an adept, Corlindale, Valin (sp?) and Sephern (sp? the angel hero). My question is, if an enemy stack attacks me will they attack Corlindale first being as he has the weakest combat strength? How does combat work in that regard? Also, how does harvesting mana nodes work? What Elohim units benefit from that? So far I'm in the lead culturally and financially, wiping out one civilization before the dwarves (who I had good relations with and open borders) decided to pull a pearl harbor job and declared war on me. I decided to cast Sanctuary to avoid dealing with a huge enemy stack and now realize how woefully unprepared I am militarily. Any help for this noob would be appreciated.
  2. xalien

    xalien Prince

    Jul 18, 2005
    Generally combat works like in vanilla Civ, the strongest unit defends first. Things change if the attacker has a marksman promotion (usually assassin) which works in reverse order by picking off weakest units in the stack. Chanelling promotions reduce the units chance to to be chosen as defender which again, in case of marksmen works the other way around making them more likely victims to assassins. So adepts and Corlindale being quite weak and having chanelling would be the first ones to go if you're attacked by asassins.

    To counter marksmen you need either expendable units that are even weaker (like scouts), or have some strong melee units promoted with guardsman.
  3. xalien

    xalien Prince

    Jul 18, 2005
    Mana source is required for your arcane units to learn spells. Spells are learned like all promotions by spending xp. E.g you have adept that has enough xp to buy a promotion and you decide that you want enchantment 1 to give all your melee units enchanted blade. If your palace doesn't have this mana you go and build a node and voila - you select your adept and notice a new - enchantment 1 - icon glowing among other promotions that you can take. Once you take the promotion you no longer need that mana source in order to use it, it was only necessary to learn it.

    Things get more interesting if you have multiple mana sources of the same type. With 2 sources all your newly built or upgraded arcane units will gain 1st level spell from that sphere for free, with 3 sources - 1st and 2nd spells and with 4 sources you'll get all 3 spells. It's still tied to the units chanelling abilities however - adept with chanelling 1 can only ever learn 1st spell. One advice when building nodes - nodes are permanent, so unless you're playing Amurites reserve your last raw node for metamagic mana. Once you have a mage with metamagic II you'll be able to reset any of your nodes back to raw mana should you need something else.

    As for your specific situation, without knowing all the details I can only suggest some spells that are good for military use:

    rust (entropy 1) - removes metal weapon promotions from enemy units and -10% strength. An overall big strength reduction, must have if enemy uses melee units or chariots.
    enchanted blade (enchantment 1) - gives enchanted blade promotion to melee units for (permanent +20% strength)
    flaming arrows (enchantment 2) - flaming arrows promotion for archery units (permanent +1 fire combat)
    haste (body 1) - adds +1 movement point to your living units for 1 turn
    regeneration (body 2) - increased healing rate, healing while moving (works just like march)
    dancing blades (chaos 1) - gives your units 1 first strike for 1 turn
    blur (shadow 1) - makes your units immune to first strikes
    shadowwalk (shadow 2) - allows to bypass city building defense bonus when attacking cities
    fireball (fire 2) - bombard city defences, does collateral damage to enemy stacks.
    blinding light (sun 2) - immobilizes hostile units for 1 turn (it says for 2 turns but AI will be able to move again on their 2nd turn)
    maelstrom (air 2) - up to 30% damage to all units around caster within 2 tiles. Unlike collateral damage spells that can only affect up to 4 units at the time this one damages all units at once. Prone to friendly fire.
  4. Emptiness

    Emptiness []

    Jan 7, 2009
    Units with no defense value cannot defend, so Corlindale will never defend in combat (normal or involving units with the marksman promotion) unless you do something to give him a defense value. If any enemy unit enters the tile of one or more units without defense (because there are no units present to defend, perhaps because all such units have been defeated or perhaps because no defenders were in the stack to begin with) then the defenseless units are automatically defeated.


    Mana from nodes works just like any other strategic resource. The tile of the node must be connected to your trade network to be available.

    Spoiler xalien already said this :
    Having mana available benefits arcane units, because it allows those units to take the corresponding casting promotion. For example, access to Air mana allows arcane units to take the Air I promotion, which allows them to cast Fair Winds. This also unlocks access to Air II and Air III, which can be taken by higher-tier arcane units; incidentally, access to Air mana is not required at the time Air II or III would be taken - it is only required when the unit learns Air I.

    Having multiples of the same type of mana is also beneficial to arcane units, because this will grant newly built or promoted arcane units corresponding casting promotions for free. For example, if you have access to 2 (or more) Air mana then all Adepts you build will start with Air I. If you have 3 (or more) Air mana then all Mages you produce (Mobius Witches) or upgrade to will gain Air I & Air II automatically. If you have 4 (or more) Air mana then all Archmages you produce (heroes) or upgrade to will gain Air I, II, & III for free.
    Units with mana affinity also benefit from the mana you have available. These are usually summoned units, be there are some permanent units with affinity. The affinity is noted in the unit's description. Affinity makes the unit stronger for each source of the correct type of mana you have available. For example, if you summon a Water Elemental it will have an extra +1 attack and defense for each Water mana in your trade network.
  5. orgonebox

    orgonebox Squidtastic

    Feb 10, 2006
    Don't forget slow, from Ice mana. It's a level one spell, and only requires letum frigus and an adept. Two to three adepts can halt an entire stack-of-doom - like when the Balseraphs decide to throw 70+ archers at one city around turn 150, if not before. Granted, you're not always going to get ice mana, but it makes it a valuable tactical consideration if LF is anywhere nearby.

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