Question on editing corruption..


Dec 7, 2001
I am attempting to play military-conquest-style on very large Earth-map mod. :)
I am Russia, and cannot take over China because corruption is disabling -- all but one shield! Yet China is in a great position for future campaign against India as well as providing base for expansion into NorthEast as well as good position for conquering Japan -- which, in turn, gives me a way to the resources of Australia and then South America.
How may I turn off distance-corruption? I have tried setting, in the editor, for the wonder of 'Pyramids' to give, in addition to 'all ciities on continent get grainary', 'give all cities Palace' -- yet this changes nothing.
I have made changes to both civmod.bic as well as the .bic of the mod itself.
I am using 1.17f. I have tried letting a few turns go by -- still no change in shields. Without getting these shields, there is no reason to take China. I do not understand how this corruption is supposed to make the game more fun.
Thank you very much for your help!

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Also, I have tried the governments of Despotism and Monarchy, neither doing any better at the distance -- though, other places not so far, Monarchy helps.
well for one thing you can only have 1 palace. im surprised having a bunch dint crash the game;

the best way to do it is to set more improvements to lower corruption; or add/change an existing improvement to have the same effects as forbidden palace (small wonder flag lowers corruption), and build that in your main city of occupation (the one yer planning on keeping)
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