Question on legal civic and best capital

Nov 11, 2009
I'd like to ask if you could offer some help with what is best for my current game: I am pondering between Bureaucracy (coupled with not that good of a capital for it) or Free Speech (with me having not so many cottages, although I do have them around in 4 of my cities as mains and a few more in other cities as filler ups)

The three cities I'm pondering about for capital are:

Thebes (starting city)

Athens (named it so because I thought I was going to make it cap)

... and Mycenae, which is terrible with hammers, so building palace would be annoying, but is rather good with the cottages and growing more of them

Athens is on the west side of the continent and Thebes and Mycenae are on the east side. If I make Athens cap, I could build FP in Rhodes (my east coast production + wonder dumpster), or, of course, if Thebes stays as cap, I could build FP in Athens.

The situation at the moment is that I was first to Liberalism (huge surprise there, got it in the 14th or 13th century, I was surprised no AIs had it first and even more surprised when I met them and saw their backwardness), only one with Optics or Astro (which is why I agreed to go to war with Charlemagne, in order to +rep with Incans and Spanish), first to go round the globe, good enough research.

The problem is that Incans might win domination, although they're only half way there, but they did start on the 3 nation continent. As for my plans... I might erase Cyrus, since he's backwards, and I can probably win fast, after which, depending on how the other continent fares, I might attack the largest of them or go for space vicky, which I like for some strange reason. :)

I'm playing this on noble, so it's not that big of a deal, but...
And... I'm very close to the moment when I can build Oxford University, and I don't know where it would sit best.

Thanks :D
Apr 8, 2009
At the moment Free Speech wouldn't do much for you regarding extra commerce. Switch to Bureau, mature the cottages to towns and only then switch to Free Speech.
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