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Question to land mass/map tiles


Mar 7, 2017
Hello, maybe someone can help me.
If I create a continents map/middle sea level, is there fixed/exact number of map tiles every time?
I was generating some continent maps and I have the feeling sometimes I get 2 big continents,
and sometimes 2 not so big continents? So the land mass/land tiles varies. Or Iam wrong?

Is there a method to see how many land tiles are on a map?

Thanks, Matthias
Moving mouse over [(whatever you playing) Empire] in right corner and checking line "xxx from land (number/bigger number)" - that bigger number will be total number of land tiles on map.
Wouldn't have occurred to me to check the scoreboard; great idea.

Most of the map scripts assign a randomized height value to each tile and set a height threshold that determines which tiles will become land. The threshold is set according to the target water ratio, i.e. 75% at Medium sea level for Continents. This way, the total amount of land should pretty much always be the same. Small lakes are placed separately, so that could be a (minor) source of variance.
Just remember if you make you own map in WB and add/remove landtiles, then the total number of landtiles doesn't change. Not before you save the game as a WB-file and then reload it in WB - then exit WB and save it as a normal savegame.... That little operation will update the total number.

However, the correct number of land tiles is only interesting if you're going for a DominationVictory. Otherwise, it hardly has any significance - at least not one, that I know of.....
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