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Questions about Barbarian Clans


Apr 19, 2013
I always avoided the Special Game Modes as they make the game feel less real (I'm playing Civ to build the Pyramids, not fight Zombies), but I actually started getting into the Barbarian Clans mode which seems very real world plausible and adds some new facets. I ended up having quite a few questions that I wonder if people can answer. Any input is greatly appreciated!

1. How long does it take for a Barbarian Clan to civilize on its own?
I read somewhere it was related to food, but I can't seem to find the actual formula

2. What triggers the camps ability to offer unique units?
If for example the unique unit is a Horseman Replacement, do they become available when the World Era reaches Classical, or when the barbarians "discover" Horseback Riding? Or maybe when any player discovers Horseback Riding? Related to this, I had a game whee a clan was selling Warriors and then a couple turns later was selling Eagle Warriors, which seemed odd since they should be available at the very start...

3. Are Barbarian Clans "assigned" an exclusive City State they can turn into as soon as they spawn, or do they roll for one once they reach "civilized" status?
The reason I ask is I was wondering if each available City State only gets one chance to appear. For example, let's say a barbarian clan gets "assigned" Kumasi when it spawns. If City States can only be assigned once, that would mean if someone clears the camp Kumasi is gone from the game. But, if they only roll once they civilize themselves, it wouldn't matter.

4. Why are are some Barbarian Clans locked out of transforming (the bar will say city state conversion disabled)?
I experimented with this by choosing all 18 city states in a map. In this case, all of the Barbarian Clans I met had their progress disabled. I assume this is because there are no valid options left since I specified 18 and chose all 18. But, then I tried leaving the city states at 18 but pumping the options to 24. I revealed the map on T5 and counted 10 Barbarian Clans. Nine had progress bars and one was disabled. This was interesting because there were only 6 options. Thus, I assume either they did not each have a unique future CS ID assigned or that some were "competing" for the same ID. I assume if 6 of them civilized, the other 3 would become progress disabled. But, I wonder why the one had progress disabled from the start then.
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