Quests' artwork could be more interesting and informative

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  1. Liex

    Liex King

    Feb 27, 2012
    I know CivBE has worst problems, but I was quite disappointed that most quests don't have a unique artwork of their own. They present us with a short story, which is nice, but unique artworks would not only help with the immersion, but would be useful and informative even if you don't care more about the lore after your 100th playthrough.

    For instance, instead of the same generic green building, why don't the building related quests use their respective building's icon?

    How it is:

    How it could be:
  2. Lanth

    Lanth Warlord

    Sep 16, 2007
    Make the building icon green. But yes, this would help.

    Basically quests come in different flavours, which have their own icons with their own colours. Building quests are always the green building icon. Spy quests are the red 'spyscope' icons, starting quests are the yellow telescopes, station quests are the blue shaking hands, etc.

    Be nice if they could have some paragraph breaks in their quest descriptions, too, since they're generally pretty wall-of-texty.

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