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Quick Game 7 - spoiler thread

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Quick Games' started by Theoden, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Theoden

    Theoden Deity GOTM Staff

    Sep 17, 2003
    This is the spoiler thread for Quick Game 7. To view this thread you must have submitted the game.

    Did you put emphasis on trade, research or extortion? Was there any troubles with aggressive neighboors?
  2. Andronicus

    Andronicus Emperor

    Feb 18, 2005
    Had a fun time with this till Korea sneak attacked me :eek: . Payed them back by buying a dogpile against them :p

    Emphasis on trade buying AI gold for gpt when able, selling non used resources (salt), waited to start research until had libs in core, then researched Theol -> Astronomy ASAP, trading for bottom half techs, then researched physics

    Ran heavy deficit spending but getting all worlds gold (there was a lot of it) when I had techs to trade
    Initial trades for Feud, Engineering and Republic
    Revolt fot 9 turn anarchy :sad:
    270BC research Theology -> Edu
    - complete FP in Shak...
    Korea break rop and sneak attack -> capture Kandahar
    MA Ch v K for 42gpt, buy Chem from Persia for 126gpt and MA India v K for Chem
    -> no other Korean units get to my territory :cool:
    110BC Education -> Astronomy (mass pre builds switch to unis)
    Trade Edu to Persia for MA v K, 97gpt + 220g just to be sure K dont buy Persia against me
    90BC Astronomy -> Physics
    Trade Theol to Arabs for 129gpt + 13g
    50AD Recapture Kandahar and peace with Arabs breaking my gpt payments to other AI - kept fingers crossed that now very cheesed off AI didnt attack me, fortunately they were still busy with Korea
    110AD Physics

    I felt I was very late to start my research - would be interested if others found a quicker way, not sure if courts were the way to go - I built them anywhere I could get an extra 3 science per turn.
    Built no military (disbanded most to speed libs and courts) - watched the mighty Chinese army marching across my territory throughout the game (made sure I always paid them gpt
    I wonder if more emphasis on irrigating to boost pop quicker and maybe settle more towns for scientists would be quicker, but I thought the payoff might not come till later.
    Built no temples, but 5 markets to get size 12 cities (I think this was a mistake having only 3 lux), hiring a couple of scientists was probably the better approach.

    Thanks Theoden :goodjob:
  3. PrinceMyshkin

    PrinceMyshkin King

    Jan 26, 2007
    Asheville, NC
    I also researched theology-education-astronomy and traded for techs in the bottom half of the tech tree.
    I founded 3 extra cities, 6 extra workers and built libraries in my core. I kept the ma agreements against Arabia until they ran out. I had to make peace with them one turn before theology was researched when they threatened an undefended city, so feudalism, engineering, and republic cost me more than I wanted. I then revolted to Republic with a 7-turn anarchy, then researched education and traded for invention and gunpowder. Only the Chinese had chemistry when Astronomy was researched in 90AD. They wanted so much gpt for it that it was quicker for me to research it myself and then physics was researched in 300AD.
    Getting roads connected to other civs earlier would have helped with getting extra luxuries. At times I had to bump the lux-slider up. I should have also bought more gold from the ai's since my treasury didn't always allow research at max. I think a little more irrigation would have helped as well, since a few more scientists could have speeded up a few techs. I was extorted once by Persia, but the ai's were all polite or gracious at the end. I would be interested in seeing a different approach to this as well.
    Nice game, I can use more practice at deity. Thanks.:)

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