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Feb 18, 2002
Help!! How do you get to colonize on Alpha centauri. I've landed my spaceship 3 times now, and nothing seems to happen. First time I thought it was just that I was in the original , so I started again in the Extended, game. Next time I thought I'd not sent enough life support ( bare minimum) so I loaded up the third time and still nothing. I can see the full map of the alien landscape, I've researched everything it will let me except future technology 21+, but I must be missing something. i think the game's great but may gather dust from now on as I was hoping to 'interact'with aliens. (i.e shoot them). What have I done wrong?
You definately playing the extended game?

Is there an alien civ in the game? It should show they have tried to build at least one or two wonders and they should be on the power graph.

Alpha centauri is on a second map which you may have to take a turn before viewing

Have you get a life support system? Or are any parts mssing?

If you can see the alien landscape then it may be the map you chose. I think both Alpha centauri and Earth maps have to be the same if they are a custom map.

Also it may just be that game because I have one or two games where the computer has started in the sea and never built anything.

Do you have any units on Alpha Centauri?

Finally have you checked the whole map for any cities because they may have a tiny empire...
This is a known bug. It doesn't always manifest itself but it is a problem. Have you downloaded the patch? It doesn't completely solve the matter (although the read me alleges it does) but does make the occurrence less likely. Try saving just before the landing, then reloading while doing a few things differently.

Best of luck!
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