Quick question on setting alliances in Conquests

Ed O'War

Dec 11, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
It's been a while since I've done any scenario making, and I recently got the bug again. I haven't worked with the Conquests editor yet and I have a quick question on setting up alliances.

The scenario I'm working on will have 7 playable factions and 7 non-player factions. I want to set it up so that just one of the non-player factions is at war with the other 13 factions. However, I'd like the other 13 factions to be able to make war/form alliances with one another as in a normal game.

From what I've seen in the editor, this might not be possible. Just wondering if I was missing something, or if anyone had some suggestions.

Thanks for any help/input anyone can give.
if you are using the same editor I am ( I get confused as to version, as I have the CivGold3Pack) there are check boxes (flags) for "flavor"

Click flavor 1 for the Civ at war with everyone, then click flavor 2 for everyone else...
in the diplomatic screen, you can set alliances based on these flavors...so make evryone at war with #1 and they will play normally among themselves
My experience it is that you can only have four alliances. Best you could do would be to have three sub alliances that are always at war with the fourth. I'm not sure if this happenes all the time (I noticed,but didn't really care to investigate) but when a peace treaty is signed with any two civs within warring alliances, the whole alliance is effected and everyone's at peace. Hopefully someone has more insight on that last bit. :)

@Spacer One what are you talking about with the diplomatic screen? You have a diplomatic screen in your editor? :confused:
I know you can only have four alliances, but that flaver thing you talked about sounds like it would work.
in my Civ3ConquestsEditor, there is a menu for Diplomatic Relations

Scenario > scenario properties :
then a pop up opens with 4 tabs on the top..the 3rd one is "locked alliance" where you can set Civs to be in alliances based on the "flavors" I mentioned earlier.
I have used it for making changes to scenarios, and it isnt "Permenant" meaning that the civs involved can make peace after a while.

[edit] there ARE only 4 alliances, but once you add in the flavors(found under the Civs tab in the rules edit), its easy to figure out
Well, I tried using the Flavors but I don't see an option to set up the Flavors in alliances/at war in the scenario properties/locked alliances tab. Even after setting the flavors for each faction, the locked alliances tab still only gives the option to set factions into alliances, no flavors.

According to the help menu of the editor, it says flavors are used to influence how certain civs follow the tech tree or which improvements they construct. But nothing about alliances or war. Am I missing something?

I'm using CivConquestsEdit Version 1.03. Is this the most recent version of the editor?

I know nothing of version #s sorry...but I know that I used the Fantasy Mod Mystara, and edited a locked alliance between the elves, and the dwarves(4 civs total) so that they hated both the evil races using the flavors (they are numbered and you can rename them, I used the names Elves as Flavor 1, Dwarves as #2, and Evil as #3...then an alliance between "flavor 1" and "flavor 2" against "flavor 3")

I never thought about them being "skill traits" like seafaring, expansionist etc...but it does more or less what you want it to...it just isnt a permenant locked alliance, just a tendancy towrd each other, and an alliance at the start, which can be broken.
I set the one warring faction to Flavor 1, then I set the other 13 factions to Flavor 2. I go to the Scenario Properties and click on the tab for locked alliances. All I see under that are the 14 individual factions...nothing for Flavor 1 or 2.

Not sure what I'm missing, but it looks like I may have to think of something else. Thank you for the assistance though; I still appreciate the help. :)
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