Quick speed games behind on tech?


Aug 2, 2017
Played a few games on both 3.7.12 and 3.8+, all on Quick speed, Communitu_79a, Warlord and Prince, Huge, 12 civs, abundant luxuries, with and without Enlightenment Era - all of them I am the leading civ, but I'm reaching Renaissance at 1600-1700, Enlightenment around 1800, and Industrial at 1900. Played to finish once, diplo victory on turn 350 in year 2070. Anyone else play on Quick? Any idea what's wrong/what I can do about this?
It's probably not balanced for correct years, because it doesn't really matter outside flavor. You could reduce tech costs.
Yeah I suspect that's the case, any idea of how to reduce tech costs? Found this thread but not sure how relevant it still is.
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